New 7th Pay Commission Pension Calculator As Per Order Date 12.05.2017

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  1. I was retired from defence w.e.f. 31.01.2007

    The details of my pay as per the latest updated PPO as on 2011, after 6th CPC my BP is fixed at 8970 , Grade pay 2800. Classification pay 300 ic and pension sanctioned per month for life 7035 and commutation 3135, Residual pension 3870.

    Kindly guide me what is my exact Basic Pay and Pension for month as on 01,01,2016 as per the revised table of OROP. and consequent change after 7th CPC.

  2. I retired on 31-8-2005 and last pay drawn is 8500. In scale 6500 – 10500. What is present pension on enhancing my grade pay to 4600.

    • You have to contact your ex-employer or complaint in site they only solve your problem to increase the basis Pension from 1/1/2006 to 31/12/2015 & until your settlement in matrix level 7 (GP 4600).

  3. I retired from DGAIR on 29.2 2004 in the scal og 55500_9000.and gettin basis pay 7950 with gard pay 420what will bt my yotal pension as on dat
    Santosh sharma

  4. Have a nice day.
    I was entering permanent postman in postal department on 01-02-1996.
    And promote postal assistant on 17-01-2004.And retired on 14610+gradepay rupeeRs.2800.I was get gradepay Rs.2800/-from 17/01/2014.I was not get first MACP.,but postal department say the order 17/01/2014 is Second MACP.
    I was twenty year and one month permanent service.Hence I request Second MACP.grade pay RS.4200/-and refused by our department.Please give your opinion.inform me what is my eligible grade pay.

  5. Sir pl get me briefly about my pension as per 7th CPC my particular is under dob 30nov1955 date of rtirement 31dec1998 total service 24years rank Hon nbsub now I am getting Rs21653(basic) and also the arrear detail Army no 1361322l name Vasudevan Nair KS

  6. As mentioned Concordance Table 24 in the 7th CPC is correct, I will explain as follows Sir:-

    Your last basic pay in 4th CPC is Rs.2120/-, in the 5th CPC it was fixed as Rs.6500/-multiple by 1.86 = 12,090,, in the 6th CPC GRADE PAY 4200 added total Rs.16,290, in 7th CPC it was multiple by 2.57 formula as Rs.41,865.30/- & than it was fixed in the MATRIX TABLE LEVEL 6 as Rs.42,300/- 50% of NOTIONAL PENSION as Rs.21,150/- plus D.R. as applicable time to time from 1/1/2016. Now D.R. is 9% from 1/7/18 & awaiting D.R. 12% from 1/1/2019 (Cabinet approved).

    Further glad news that as per O.M.No.38/33/12-P&PW(9) DT.4/1/2019 revision of pension from 1/1/2006 of pre-2006 pensioners who retired from 4th CPC 2000-3200/3500 & in 5th CPC scale of Rs.6500-10500/-PB 2 GRADE PAY 4200 to 4600 increased, In view of this your pension of Rs.200 plus D.A.for this amount from 1/1/2006 will be increased and also level 7 in the 7th CPC from 1/1/2016.. Due to this you may get arrears more than 14 months as on 2/2019 & till the settlement. It is under process, so you can contact your ex-employer/PAO.

  7. Sir,
    The pension calculator provided for the benefit of calculation of pay and accordingly pension from 4th to 7th CPC appears to contain a bug.
    Applying my own details I found that my pension under 7th CPC was shown fixed at 23880/- based on following personal data.
    Date of Birth 15.04.1949
    Date of Retirement 31.08.1991
    CPC during which retired 4th
    Scale of pay 2000-60-2300-75-3200/3500
    Pay at the time of Retirement Rs 2120/-
    Pension as on 31.12.2015= Rs 8145/-
    Results of Pension calculation shown= Rs 21447/- (under 7th CPC)
    Family pension= Rs 9000/-
    Pay fixation under Intermittent CPCs
    5th CPC = Rs 6418/-
    6th CPC pay/pension calculated as per programme and total arrived after adding =
    Basic Pay= Rs 6418/-
    Basic after Multiplication factor= Rs 11938/-
    Grade Pay = Rs 4200/-
    Total = Rs 16138/-
    Pay fixed in 6th CPC Rs 18460/-*
    Based on 18460/- in 7th CPC pay was fixed at= Rs 47600/-

    *How in 6th CPC when the total worked out to 16138/- the pay was fixed at Rs 18460/- is not understood.

    As per fitment table No 24, vide F. No. 38/37/2016-P&PW(A) dt 5th July, 2017 the pay fixed shown as Rs 42300/- for basic drawn in 4th CPC of Rs 2120/- and pension of RS 21150/- Kindly clarify the correctness of pension calculated as per calculator.

    1-233, C-4 DAYALNAGAR,
    CELL NO 9440971745

  8. Sir i retired as asst librarian central library in ksdsu darbhanga in 31 december 1996 as ob basic penssion on that time was 1600 rupees 0n 1st january 2017 i am 80 years old please calculate my family penssion and arrear on current financial year

  9. now that the govt.has issued om stating those who are in the scale pay of 6500-10500 are eligible to get their grade pay re fixed from 01-01 2006at rs 4600
    i retired as sub post master in hsg1 cadre having put in 6 years in that cadre and was drawing pay rs 7700 and eitirement on 2002 my pension was fixed at rs 3850/ and with gp at rs 4200/
    kindly intimate how increase i would get by way this new om issued on 4-1-19 raising gp to rs 4600/from rs 4200 and the gross pension and gp i would be benifitted by way arrears from 1-1-2006

  10. Sir,
    I have drawn 15 increments in the scale of pay of the post ie. Rs.5500-9000 and the last pay at the time of retirement was Rs.8125/= ie I have earned 15 increments in the scale (175 x 15 = 26 2 5/= and this is how my pay at the time of retirement was Rs.5500 +2625= 8125 /= Now I notice My pay in the above calculation has been arrived at Rs.15113 by multiplying me pay by 1.86. the amount calculated s Rs. 21500/= This amount should have been taken as Basic pay for arriving at the Pension in 7 th CPC instead of Rs. 19320-00. It is not known how the amount of Rs.19320/= was TAKEN AND MULTPLIED BY 2.57 WHICH APPEARS TO BE WRONG. THE 15 INCREMENTS EARNED IN THE 5 TH CPC SCALE IS OF NO USE FOR CALUCLATING THE PENSION FOR 7 TH CPC. KINDLY IT HAS TO BE CLARIFIED. It seems that the calculation arrived at with in minimum pay of the scale ie. Rs.9300/= but I retired after earning 15 increments in the scale and how the new entrant pay could be compared with those who put in 15 years of service and earned 15 increments. Can it be explained please.

    • Calculation : 8125 × 1.86 = 15,112.5 plus 6th CPC Grade Pay 4200 = 19313× 2.57 = 49632 in 7th CPC basic pay fixed in the Matrix level 6 as ₹ 50,500/- 50% as notional Pension is ₹ 25,250/- from 1/1/2016. If the same is not contract ex-employer/PAO.

  11. Dear Sir,

    I was retired on 31st Dec 1993 at the rank of L/Nk (T) after completion of 15 yrs normal tenure nad eligible for D grade pension. from 1st Jan 1994 onwards and getting Rs. 19487/- as pension.

    I would like to request to send me the complete pension charts or let me know how can I check my present pesnsion.

  12. Sir I retired as on 3j Jan 2004 my commutation pension instalment finish on 01 Feb 2019 amout Rs 687 category 7 now my basic 18427 how increase after Feb 2019 Ex no 13752709k nk Vinod Kumar Dob 5 apr 1970

    • No change from your basic pension it will continue but in your total it will increase Rs.687/- from the month of March, 19. For that amount you are already getting D.R. On attains the age 80 you will get addition basic pension from 20% plus as applicable D.R. for that amount.

  13. sir, Retired on voluntary basis after 17years of service as HAV GP Y, my last Pay was 4600/- After OROP fixed As 7598/- Now it is 19527/- but what i not clear about the arrears kindly guide please. My birth date is 8/10/1970 and Retirement is on 28/02/2004.

  14. I was retired on 31.1.17. My basic was 20810 and grade pay 4600.My basic pen soon was fix on 10405 02.02 2013.
    Sir their is a huge discrepancy occurred. Earlier we went to court . Our case was in favour of us. But my officer suit that case to supreme court. Every getting 5000-5500-6500-7450 all are availing this benefit but only 4 offices did not get their actual salary. Pl. Let me know I’m in a worries. Thanks

  15. Hi Sir,

    Just require some clarification with my father’s pension. As per letter received from Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Allahabad) as per 7th pay commission recommendations:

    Revised pension as on 01-01-2016: 26,800
    Actual pension received in 2016: 18,661

    Last pay drawn is 8,700
    Retired on 15-01-1945
    Type of pension: Retiring

    Is my father eligible for arrears since 2016? Since there is a difference of more than 8,000 Rs between revised pension on 01-01-2016 and actual amount received in 2016. Please clarify.

    • As per his last pay is NOTIONAL PENSION FROM 1/1/2016 ₹ 26,800/-. Please check after 8/16 he might have been received arrears as per formula of previous Pension × 2.57 and after 7/17 arrears received on fixing matrix level pension as per his level. Also he is coming under income tax payee, due to the arrears in the month of March Pension he might have been recovered as tax. You may check up this month Pension if it is not received the same amount you can contact Pension paying bank/his ex-employer/PAO.

  16. Sir I ex fm army in sep rank I join 17 mar 1982 & leave 31 mar 1995 my d o b 12 may 1963 I get basic pen 17130/- fm 01 jan 2016 is this right ? because govt announced that there is no less than 18000/-

    • I retired on May2008 and my pension in the 6cpc was fixed @₹11760/pm.what will my revised pension from 1-1-2016 wrt govt letter dt.12-05-2017.

      • It depends upon your grade pay of Pension changes. Mention your basic pay & Grade pay. So far your pension not revised contract your ex-employer/PAO.

  17. my father retired from MES 31 jan.2007 his dob is 05 jan.1947
    Pay band /pay scale 09300 grade pay 4200
    Pay scale 12300
    Average pay 16500
    my father is died in 2014 april.
    Now family pension is Rs.14359(march 2018).
    Please tell me how to calculate it?

  18. Sir,
    My grand father retired from railways on 1994 june. His last pay was 1850 and pay scale 1400- 2300. His DOB is june 1936. What would be the revised pension for him now.

    • His NOTIONAL PENSION was fixed from 1/1/2016 is ₹ 19,350, from 6/16 atanined age of 80 additional pension of 20% ₹ 3,870= ₹23220/- plus Dearness relief now 5%, from 1/1/2018 it will be 7%..

        • It seems as per your figures submitted, as per basic pay others are 20% of basic pay and for that total amount 14706 + 20% of basic pay 2942 for that D.R 883/., MA is medical fixed allowanceof ₹ 1000/-.. His Pension was given only first announced basic pay × 2.57 formula, from 1/1/2016 later it was fixed in matrix levels amount 14706 to be fixed asa19350, that was not done. He has to contact with his ex-employer/PAO/CPAO. to revise his pension.

  19. I am teacher in kendriya vidyalaya sangathan and my retirement is due on 30-06-2018. Please let me know whether i should send my all pension papers based on calculation as per 6th cpc or 7th cpc (which i am already getting) for the purpose of fixation of pension and getting all other benefits.

    • There is no difference in submitting Pension papers. They require your family & bank details,. According to their latest 7th CPC they will calculate your pension.

  20. Hi,m Dinesh Kumar ex L/S Indian navy.retaired on 31st Jan 2007,withdrawing pension 18300 as on date 2018 feb.wanted to know that is it correct what am getting.because person who has retained on 2009 of same rank r withdrawing help me.

    • Yes surely, because difference of 2 years, they will gain 100% of pay with D.A & (2 increments, for their pay with D,A.,, but Pensioners are eligible,Pension of pay for that DR only 50%. Due to this the difference may arise.

  21. Hello Sir,
    My father Retired on 31-07-2003
    Date of Birth is 1st August 1945
    Last Pay Drawn was 7425
    And Basic Pay was 3150 in 2003 in the Pay scale of 5500-175-9000
    I lost my father in 10-09-2008
    Know My mom is receiving family Pension 11883 per month.(in Jan. 2016 pension was 10725) Calculator shows that after 7pay commision the Pension will be 27564 is it correct? Please tell me how to calculate it

    • As per your father’s last pay of ₹ 7425 his pension was ₹ 23800, after death or completion o his of 67th years your mum will get as amily PENSION of ₹ 14280 + DEAFNESS DELIF as applicable rates, now 5% from 7/17 of her family pension will be ₹ 714 total ₹ 14994.. If she is not getting approach your father’s ex-employer/PAO/CPAO. to revise from 1/1/2016.

      • Ok. Got revised pension. But what about 40 percent commuted before revision of pension? Where is the effect in new pension revision amount ?

      • My mother working in Ministry of Telecom, Department of Telecom, expired on 4th Aug 2018, at the age of 55, Her DOB is 05-Feb-1963. Her Basic Pay was 70,000 in the pay band Level 08 (47600-151100). I want to know

        1.How much of family pension is my father eligible to receive ? Please let me know whether my father is eligible for double family pension as my mother was still working when she died.

        2. Rate of Normal Family pension and Rate of Enhanced Family Pension ( Dates beginning till end)

        • Answer to Gayathri Ganesh : As per the 7th CPC, your father will get 50% of her salary as ENHANCED PENSION basic of Rs.35,000/- plus applicable dearness relief (now 7%) up to 7 years. Then he will get 60% of his enhanced basic pension of. Rs.21.000/- plus D.R. applicable as FAMILY PENSION until his life time. After the life time of your father if any dependents are eligible they can also get it as above pensions. As per the 8th CPC from 2026 the amount may be revised as per rules.

  22. Hello Sir, I am getting family pension in 6th pay Rs 11883
    (5th Pay scale: 5500-175-9000)
    Can you tell me how much pension I will recieve after Implementation of 7th pay Commission

    • Your family pension seems to be included with DR. Mention without DR and which month.? Also mention your spouse drawn last pay, birth,death month &, year.


    • 90% of pensioners got the revised Pension with arrears as per the CPAO. If you are not got the revised NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/2016, approach with your records of pension with your ex-employer/PAO/Bank.

  24. Sir. I am retired from c r p f from the post of sub inspector on 01/03/1993 that time my pension is 750/ now I am getting total pension 15284 what is my 7cpc pension kindly get me detail your Sumer Bux singh

  25. SirI retired from INDIAN NAVY as Civilian LDC on 2.6.1979 after 10 yrs service as Pro-rata Pensioon. My last BP- 314+DA-168=482 in the scale of Rs.260-6-400 and my Pension was revised to Rs.3890 in the scale of Rs.950-1500 and GP 1900. What will be my Notional Pay as on 1.1.2016? Thanks.

    • As per your last pay & 6th CPC Pension of ₹ 3890 your NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/2016 is ₹ 10,250/- plus applicable dearness relief.

      • Sir,
        Thank you for the reply. But as I drew 9 increments in the scale I retired, the Notional Pay should be Rs.27600 after fixing my Last BP:314 + DA 168 in every later CPCs i.e. 4th, 5th and 6th CPC.. Hence, Please clarify.

        • Now there is no increments basis that (formula 1) was rejected by Govt. As per your 6th CPC pension Rs.3890 x 2.57 (Formula 2 of 7th CPC)= 9895 x2 =was your last pay treated as Rs.19,790 it will be fixed at your Level 2 of GP 1900 MATRIX TABLE at Rs.20,500, divided by 50% of last pay as NOTIONAL PENSION is Rs.10,250. only. For that pension amount of Rs.10,250/- plus D.R. @ 2% from 1/7/16, 4% from 1/1/17 & 5% from 1/7/17 until the settlement month eligible to get as arrears.

  26. Hi sir,mymother is getting pension of 7990………..till 2015 onward. How much she will get in 7 pay commission… My mother is widow pensioner.

    • It depends as per your father’s last pay with his scale of pay in that CPC. FROM 1/1/2016 onwards minimum pension is ₹ 9000/- plus D.R. as applicable rates.

      • I retired in 12th December 1987 on basic pay of 2525. my starting pension was 1263. office has fixed my 7th CPC pension as 24, 500. But would it be the same or fixed on notional way? what would be my pension finally? Please–

        • Yes, correct it was fixed as per the 7th CPC NOTIONAL REVISED PENSION w.e.f. 1/1/2016 onward is Rs.24,500/- plus applicable rates and Fixed Medical Allowance Rs.1000/- from 1/7/2017 ( if available to you).

          • Sir, the 7th CPC latest tables say other than this! it multiplies 24, 500 X 2.57 = 49, 059: Which is correct.? my Baic pension at 2006 was 8484/- Could you kindly recheck it and let me know? regards 12/23/2017

          • Sir, further, I wish to say that I retired on 12-16-1987 on 2525 Basic pay at pay band on 2325-? my pension was fixed at 1263. commutation completed on 2002. Kindly tell me where they fix it.

            • D.A.RAO – 24/12

              OK., You are in the 4th CPC scales Rs.2375-75-3200/3750 in S-12 or S13 as per your last pay of Rs.2525/- the fixation of revised NOTIONAL PENSION Rs.24,500/- is correct. It seems you might have been retired (16/12/1987) voluntarily. Please check up on attaining the age from 80 years you should get usual pension and 20% of additional pension with dearness relief for BOTH THE PENSION. If it is not added you can contact your ex-employer/Pension Paying Authority i.e PAO/Nodal Officer of your pension paying Bank officer with your age proof details.

  27. Sir, I was retired in a Superintendent,CW&PRS,Khadakwasla, PUNE-411024 Ministry of Water Resources, New Delhi. At time of rettirement of B.Pay Rs.21700/- Sccale 9300_34800(Grade Pay Rs.4600/-) At the time of retirement my pension was fixed at Rs.10700/-In the 7th cpc my B Pension was fixe at 27600 as per order issued in Aug.2016.As the Pension of pre 2016 retirees has again revised D/O Pensions & Pension Welfare vide their OM dt.12/5/2017. My Pension is revised to 27600/- from 27499/- which is meager increase of Rs.105/-only. In this calculation self confused from website calcutor Pay fixed on notional Basis on 1/1/2016(7th cpc) shows 28450/-Please brief shether is fixe as per pay fixation method or only by using multiplication factor 2.57 ? If so Why Which table No for fixation is used to fix my Pay..

    • As per your last basic pay was Rs.21,700 your pension may be Rs.10350 only not Rs.10700 as you mentioned) then in the beginning of 7th CPC in 7/2016 by multiply by 2.57 + 26599 rounded to 26600, it was fixed as the O,M. dated 12/5/2017 in matrix table 7, your stage 8 was your basic pay is Rs.56,900/2 + 28,450 as your Notional Pension from 1/1/2016.Also you can see in concordance table 26, level7 as in your last basic pay Rs.21,700 it was Rs.28,450 is correct.

  28. Sir my 6 cpc basic pension is Rs. 10565/- and my last pay was Rs. 21130/- what will be my latest 7cpc basic pension. Please give reply. Thank u sir.

    • Revised NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/2016 is ₹ 27,300/- plus D.R as applicable rates from 2% from 1/7/16, 4% from 1/1/17 & 5% from 1/7/17.

  29. Dear Sir,

    We are Railway family pension holder. My mother receiving family pension, presently my mother receiving pension of Rs.37240/- per month. Dad Retired from railways in march 2010, Scale : 9300-34800, grade pay:4200, last pay drawn Rs.27600, at that time pension is Rs.13800/- and I lost dad in February 2014 as per 6th pay commission. Before 7th pay commission at december 2015 pension drawn Rs.31050, present pension drawn in october 2017 Rs.37240/-. Now as per 12.05.2017 dated order, as per notional pay basis, what will be the new revised family pension + arrears. So far we have not received new pension, when we are going to get new revised family pension. Still how many years we are going to get full family pension. We are South Western Railway, Bangalore City.

    Kindly do the needful for me.

    Thanking you Sir,


    • Hi, as you have submitted your father”s basic pension up to 31/12/15 is correct after that you might have been added allowances. Now your mother will get enhanced family basic pension of Rs.36,050/- in the 7th CPC from 1/1/2016 plus D.R.2% from 7/16, 4% from 1/17 and 5% from 7/17 for the basic pension and( if medical allowance of Rs.500/- up to 6/17 from 7/17 onward Rs.1000/-)..The enhanced family basic pension of Rs.36,050/- plus applicable allowances will be up to your father attained age of 67 ( superannuation 60 years) from 3/11 to 2/18 after that she will get as family pension of Rs.21,630/-only plus allowances applicable at that time. If any discriminates happened in pension calculation. you contact your father’s ex-employer or his pension paying authority.

  30. sir, my mother is family pension in BSNL .my father is expired on 11-01-2011 at the age of 55 mother is getting pension basic 8500+DA , so any revision in pension due to 7 th pay commssion

  31. Sir joined Indian army 29/01/2002. Now my basic pay 38700/- (ACP nb Sub)wef 01/08/2017. I decide to VRS Shortly. What is my pension fix

    • If your pension is eligible as per your service rules, it may be from 1/1/2006 Notional pay rules 50% of your basic pay is eligible as pension

  32. Thank you very much. Sir my friend Mrs. Chella Krishnamoorthy was retired as TSO. DOT on 1.4.1985. Her last pay was 530 in pay scale starts from 470..Her date of birth is 15.03 .1939. . From January 87 she received 1626. What will be her notional pension in vii cpc. We never use to get letters for any pay commission. Awaiting for your reply. Thanks

    • Say to your friend take xerox copy of her PENSION documents and prepare a letter addressed to The Offer of her ex-employer,/PAO/CPAO, NEW DELHI regarding her fixation of pension arrears 6 & 7 Central Pay Commissions
      Since she has completed 78 years she will get usual Pension and 25% of additional Pension including Dearness relief, FIXED MEDICAL ALLOWANCE of ARREARS she is eligible as per the rules.
      The difficulty is to trace out her records, so better to enclose all her ex-employer’s letter with Last Pay Certificate & PPO.

      • Further this is to inform you that the minimum pension from 1/1/2006 is ₹ 3,500 + applicable Dearness relief in 6 CPC & from 1/1/2016 is ₹ 9000/- + applicable Dearness relief in 7 CPC as per the rules. Additional pension from 20% attaining the age.70 & 25% attaining age of 75 onwards. Since you are worked in the same office you should help for her. Fist approach your ex-employer and your Pay & Account Officer.

        • Sorry sir. Only after 80 only we will get 20% I think. Are sure it is by completing 70 years. Even I am not getting. We have no records for any pay commission. They never sent so far.. Thanks for your help. T.N.Indira

          • Yes you are correct. Sorry for my mistake. Now a days they are not sending papers, they are uploading in site only. We should have to approach our demands are not fulfilled.. We should contact with our records only. If any thing is not available with the Bank Pass Book in our details of of receiving old pennsion only.

  33. Sir I am T.N.Indira retired TSO from DOT. My d/b. is 20.July 1941. Retired voluntarily on 30.June 1989 Last pay drawn RS.1640/_ pay scale 1400-40-1800-50-2300. Last basic pension before VII cpc 5202/_ First my pension in vii cpc was fixed as 13370/- But later that revised as Re.14354/- and arrears RS.77466/- was given. But according to revised notional pension my pension should be 15950 . But so far as on today 13.11.2017 I didn’t receive latest pension. What will be my pension and what can I do. Kindly help me. T.N.Indira

    • Yes your revised PENSION should be fixed from. 1/1/2016 ₹15950/-. Approach your ex-employer/Pay Accounts Officer. Since you voluntarily retired your service may not count for less than 33 years of completion of your pension calculations.50% of minimum pay of pension comes from 1/1/2006 onwards as NOTIONAL PENSION. As per your 6th CPC your pension was ₹5202 so your last pay treated as ₹ 10,404/2 = 5202.5202×2.57=13,370 is correct.

      • You check up your 10 months average last pay. 5th CPC retires calculation is last average pay × 1.86 + your grade pay (₹ 2800). × 2.57 fixed at matrix level 5 at maximum fixation amount divided by 2 is your revised NOTIONAL PENSION w.e.f. 1/1/2016. Actually it should not as you mentioned fractions amount.. Approch I said above or login and register your grievances in or mailed to

        • Sorry sir. Not able to follow. In v cpc my pension fixed was 2301. You mean I have to calculate that’ & not VI cpc amount . In IV cpc I retired with RS.755. in V cpc my pension was 2301. And in VI cpc it was 5202. In VII cpc first fixed as 13370 and later because of some reason may be some court orders to fix notional during V cpc it was revised as 14354. I got some arrears from 2006. I am in confusion what is my notional pension in VII cpc. PL clarify. Indira

  34. When wil we get payment of arrears of pension as per VI CPC alculator shoe an the pension as per same VIICPC Calculator in hand > EVEN WE ARE NOT GETTING our NEW PPO. SINCE 1st SEPEMBER THERE IS NO ENTRY IN OUR OLD PASS BOOK WHICH I HAVE PENSION ACCOUNT IN ANUSHAKTI NAGAR PNB BRANCH . PL.TEL ME WILL I GET NEW UPDATED PPO?

    • If your records are might have not readily available from your office it was not processed. Please contact your Office/PAO. Most of them have got the revised NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/2016 with arrears. Regarding PPO you register and.login and take a print out copy.

  35. my father is getting his pension according to the 2.57 multiplication factor scale :1640 -2900 ,basic 2000, date of birth 2/1/1936, date of retirement 31/1/1994. his pension overall is 23143 but according to notational fitment table basic should be 20550 instead of 18453 at present .when can he expect this change in pension to take place ?pls reply

    • SUJIT on 29/10

      Your father’s PENSION ₹ 20550 + (20% of ₹ 4040 for his attaining the age of 80 years as on 1/1/2016) total ₹ 24,560 from 1/1/2016 and applicable Dearness relief for the total PENSIONfrom July,16 2%, from January, 2017 4% and from July,2017 5% will get as arrears. Most of the pensioners are got the revised NOTIONAL PENSION, so you can contact his exemplyer.. May be his records are not available at his office are you can contact his Pay & Accounts Officer.

  36. Am ACP Nb sub tk suresh kumar retd on 30 Apr 17. Am vetting a pension 17500 as of now after deduction of commutation recovery. How much amt will be my pension as per 7CPC after deduction of commutation.. When will the arrears of pay., commutation. Gratuity.. Encashment will be released. Pl clarify

  37. Sir,
    I have retired on 30.09.2003 after completion of 20 years 08 months from civil service, at the time of my basic pay Rs. 4050/-(pay scale 3200-85-4900)
    My basic pension was fixed 6th CPC Rs. 3502/-. How much will be get revised pension and arrears.
    with regards.

        • My father retired on 1..7.2004. His basic was 11100 (Not sure about the exact pay band but may be 7400-11500). He completed 37 years of job. How much would be his pension now? Also how much arrears will he get approximately from 2006 to 2017?

          • If your father’s last pay RS.11500 in 5 the CPC scale of RS.7450-11500 then his NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/2016 is RS.34000/- with applicable Dearness relief.

  38. Sir,

    My self Ex Hav/CLk Binaya Kumar Dash, Joined Army on 29 Aug 1986 and retired on 2003 after completion on 16Years 10 Months. Please confirmed my pension on 07th pay commission.

  39. My self Binaya Kumar Dash Ex Hav/Clk, Joined Army on 29 Aug 1986, Retired on 30 Jun 2003 after competition of 16 years 10 Months. Please confirm my pension as per 07th CPC.

  40. Hello m a BANERJEE
    My retirement July 2015
    At that time my basic pay 8780
    Now I get 19000 +dr

    What is my revised pension??

  41. Sir i am s.banerjee age 79 year i am retired post held on OS/1 DY.CME (C ) pay scale 6500-10500 retired 31.01.97 last pay 6700 average emoluments 6600 qualified service 33 year 03 months originally santioned 3300 last revised basic 8145 and 7 cpc basic pension 20933 plus d.a now what is my actual pension

    • As per your last pay RS.6700, 7th CPC MATRIX REVISED NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/2016 is RS.21,800 and Dearness relief applicable rates as the periods. .At the commencing 80 years additional 20% of pension+ Dearness relief.

  42. Krishnaji Gopal Khot Retired on 31/12/2003, present pension getting Rs. 26300 . Whart will be my VII CPC Pension /

  43. Sir, my father retired on 31/12/1985 and according to 6th cpc his basic pension was 10890, grade pay 5400 in PB-II, and the family pension was fixed 6300.

    I saw a circular issued by cpao regarding calculation of revised pension there it was illustrated that basic pay plus grade pay whole multiply by fitment factor 2.57. Then the 50% of that amount would be revised pension and 30% would be the family pension.

    While i use your calculator, according to concordance table, it comes the revised pension is 27988 and family pension is 16191.

    Naturally the amount is lower under concordance table formula comparing to (basic pay gp) x 2.57= Amount/2= revised pension.

    There is no pension parity who retired before 4th cpc….


      Concordance tables are used as per the last pay &, pay scales of the pensioners in the CPC.Not as per PENSION calculations.That to 4 & 5 CPC Pensioners pension calculations are not as per 50% of their pay.

  44. In the concordance tables and the pension calculator, the revised pension is calculated without considering the upgradations granted by 6th cpc though the concerned rules clearly specified separate pay fixation method for upgraded cases. The om dated 12-5-2017 clearly states that notional pay and revised pension should be determined strictly in accordance with the rules and instructions issued under each pc. In other words the fixation has to be done as if the pensioners were in service on 1-1-2016. I think some clarification is needed in this regard.

  45. MANOJ MOHAPATRA – on 27/8

    As per your last basic pay Rs.18764 your NOTIONAL PENSION Rs.24500 from 1/1/2016 from this amount you can minus your commutation amount as usual.In additional arrears of pension, you will get 2% D.R. from 1/7/17 and 4% D.R.from 1/1/16 onwards up to the settlement.

  46. Sir, Please clarify my presently getting pension. This package showing differs to my presently getting pension. DOB. 19 Feb 1966. Basic as per 6th CPC is 9382. DO retirement 01 September 2010. Grade pay 4200. Pay for pen 21350, Band pay 10880. Residual pension 4691. Please clarify and confirm. Please.

  47. Please confirm whether the following allowances are added while finalizing 7th CPC ???
    1. Military Service Pay
    2. X Group Pay
    3. Grade pay

    How can the retiree opt for Option No. 1 ???

  48. Administrator

    It seems only 6th CPC retires only getting arrears. But 4 & 5 the CPC are not getting arrears, please clarify.. Government gazette is from 1/1/2016, so it applies to all.



  50. Sir I will be retired from postal service as a Garmin Dak savage when I will relieve from my duty what’s my retirement amount and pension amount my appointment date on 23/2/1974 my basic pay scale 4750 I want to know my update pension

  51. sir
    I am regd from army as hav on 31 Aug 1997 that time my basic was 4020 class pay 120 so sir my service is 17 yrs 2month now I want to know my update pension

    • Sir,

      I am retired from Army as Hav on 01 Aug 2007 that time my basic pension was 2659 class pay 150 so I want to know my update pension.

      thank you sir.

      Subhash Karne

      • NOTE– Corresponding 6thCPC pay band 5200-20200 fixed by CDA(P) Allahabad , But while filling up Data in above 7th CPC Pension calculation Table not showing the same, so pl clarify which one is correct. and also what will be my normal pension on 1/1/2016.


  52. CPL A.M.JENA on 20/8

    Govt. have issued orders, it dependents upon your ex-employer/Department/Pay & Accounts Office only.

  53. what about our new pension 2016 which the notification and gadget is out and which we have not received arrears or new basic far.

  54. KVR KRISHNA RAO 18/8

    It is presumed that she is getting the family pension only. In the case of a pensioner is no more than only family pension arises and also the 20% of the additional pension.As per last pay of her husband of Rs.3050 in the scale of 2375=3500 in the 4th CPC, now she will get Rs.33,585/- as the family pension.Sorry to inform you that you mentioned as a family pension on that basis only the calculations.If he is alive it is good with blessing to me and he will get the pension as I mentioned previously only.Once again SORRY.

    • Dear Kumar, I am still alive drawing my pension. The point I raised is 4th CPC scale of pay 2375-3500. Equivalent 5th, CPC is (S-13)7450-11500. 30% family pension is 2235. But my wife family pension is fixed 2250 .(S-14) 5th CPC pay scale of 7500-1200 Pay band 4800. . Her family pension fixed 5,085. In 6th CPC. and my pension is 10386.Now on 7th CPC my pension to be ffixed Index 9 and leval 8. 3200 and additional 20% 6040 and family pension 18120.

      • OK. Good you are alive, sorry for it please sir, then don’t mention as “family pension” if the person alive it is called as “Notional Pension”. You might have been retired in the 5th CPC,{comes in level 8} your wife may be retired in after 1/1/2006 i.e. in the 6th CPC.{comes in level 9}. Both are in same scale but the scale was upgraded in the 6th CPC as Grade Pay Rs.4800/-only those retired before 1/1/2006 they are only in Grade Pay of Rs.4600/-as per the rules. Due to this the NOTIONAL PENSION differs in the matrix levels. You will get additional 20% of NOTIONAL in level 8 only.

  55. It is my anguish; suppose a employee retired in 1986/1987. How do you expect full records from him with regards to his pay band, pay scale etc? basing upon his PPO he can produce or be able to check himself the in comings. It is up to gove. office to do judiciously so that pensioner does not get harmed by wrong calculations. Do they have that much patience? May God save the pensioner.

  56. Addressed to Kumar, sir with reference to your reply to day to me. I n5th CPC family pension of my wife fixed 30% of 7500-250-12000, 5th, CPC of chief Editor films divisionasRs. 2250. (S-14)Not as suppose to beS-13.. Rs. 7450-225-11500. Subsequently the family pension fixed on 1-1-2006 Rs. 5085. It is clear that caliculating and refining of my pension as on 1-1-1016 to be grade pay to be considered 4800 and not 4600 as you mentioned and Index 9 and Leval 8. Accordingly the pension to be fixed as Rs. 30,200 plus 20 % extra pension from 1-6-2016. and family pensionRs.18120

  57. K.V.R.KRISHNA RAO – 18/8

    This is to once again inform you that your 4th CPC scale was 2375-3500 in S-12 only not 2500-4000 in S-13, you come under Level 7 GP 4600 only. so your NOTIONAL Pension from 1/1/16 Rs.28450 and 1/6/16 onwards 20% of an additional pension attaining the age of 80 years as 28450 + 5680 = 34130 and applicable D.R. from 1/7/16 onwards for your total pension.

  58. I retired on 30-6-1994.Pay as Chief Editor , Films Division – Pay Scale 2375-75-3200-100-3500. Last pay drawn 3050. In 5th, pay commission the chief Editor, Films Division upgraded and fixed pay scale(S-14). i . e Rs. 7500-250-12000 instead of )S-13) pay scale. 7450-225-11500. In 6th CPC the pay scale comes PB. II. 9300-34800. Grade. 4800.Instead of grade 4,600. While fixing Pension as on 1-1-2016(7th, ) CPC. You have to calculate Notional pay of each pay commission. Accordingly my pension as on 1-1-2016 , Rs.30,200and family pension .18120.Pl. clarify

  59. stchari on 14/8

    Pay revision of employees of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan issued a letter on 3/8/2017 you can visit website < www/ your last pay or basic pension and scale of pay with GP only.Not any allowances.

  60. i retd as Principal from Kendryavidyalaya. on 1///2016 my basic Pension was rs 14733. I retd on 28/2/1999.iwas getting rs 500/ medical allowance. what wii be my basic pension .what will be total pension. as er 7 th Pay commission. when will i get them.

  61. B.K.TAHLIANI – on 13/8

    Yes, it should in GP 4200 only, As per your absorption pay as on 1/1/86 of Rs.2300 than your 7th CPC Notional revised pension is Rs.22450 + additional pension (attaining the age 85 years for 30 % )of Rs.6735 from 1/1/16 + D.R. as applicable and additional pension 40% of the pension Rs.8980 from 1/10/17 onwards will be from the age of 90.years.Arrears from 1/1/16 will be credited to your bank account.

  62. Kindly take action mto revise the pension factor from 2.57 to 2.75 for 1971 Indo -pak war attended living Ex-servicemen , of Infantry who were in frontage area for fight with PAKASTAN. Please give some mercy to we like old peoples for granting revised pension to 2.75 factor. Expecting your favourable action. And also not reduce our liquor quota pleasse

  63. Retd on 31/10/1985 on psu absorption. Notional pay on 1/1/1986 was 2300/- in Grp B Pay Scale 2000-60-2300-75-3200 . As per latest orders full pension to be restored.

    NOTE– Corresponding 6thCPC pay Scale is 9300-34800, GP 4200, But while filling up Data in above 7th CPC Pension calculation Table it takes GP as 4600, so pl clarify which one is correct. and also what will be my normal pension on 1/1/2016

  64. Rajay Sabha starred question 257 answered on 10.08.2017 may please be made available on this site . hanks J D Gupta

  65. Rajay Sabha starred question no. 257 answered on 10.08.2017 may please be made available on this site. Thanks J D Gupta

  66. PB KRISHNAIAH – on 12/8

    Further to my comments on your pay this is to inform you that your last has been fixed at Rs.52000 as on 1/1/16 so you will get the difference of pay (i.e. 52000 – (pay 19760 + D..A.RS.119% of Rs.23514 total Rs.43274) = Rs.8726 x 6 months = 52,356 (-) (if any subscription for CGHS, CGEIS) you will get as arrears from your office. From 1/7/16 on wards your revised pension as Rs.26,000/-.If your pension has been fixed as Rs.25906 you will get arrears as Rs.94 + applicable rates of D.R. as pension arrears from 1/7/16 until the settlement from your bank.

  67. KL KUMAR – on 12/8

    As per your last pay your 7th CPC NOTIONAL REVISED PENSION Rs.26,800 from 1/1/2016 + 2% D.R. from 1/7/16 and Rs.26800 + 20% addition pension of Rs.5360 + D.R.w,e,r,1/10/16 attaining the age of 80 years.The difference pension arrears will be settled within a couple of months.

  68. PB KRISHNAIAH – on 12/8

    As per your last pay 19760 including GP 4200 you will be getting 7th CPC NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/7/16 Rs.26,000/- + 2% D.R.up to 12/16 from 1/1/17 4% D.R. onwards.No change in your pension so will not get any arrears.

  69. i have retired on as senior passenger guard 30. 6. 16 bt pension table or hw much i get the 7th pay pension still i did not know,so plz pay as soon as possible, my basic pay on retired 19760, pay band 2-4200, plz give proper solution, n whatz my new pension n arrears dob 1. 7. 1956

  70. M.R.SATYANARAYANA -on 10/8

    Message from NFIR No.IV/NFIR/7CPC(imp)/2016/RB-Part I still.8/8/2017 Fitment factor a pay fixation @14.29% for running staff. Orders will be issued shortly.

  71. Pension fitment tables for running staff retired prior to 2016 are so far not given upto 10/8/2017. , in absence of which revision of pension to drivers and guards is not possible. Please issue pension fitment tables immediately.

  72. We become confused,there are so many formulas,openions.I think recomendations of 7th were perfect for the 3rd 4th n 5th pay comm. Reteries but only problem old records n man power for computing. At this stage we thing the last 6th pay comm.pension should be tkn for notional fiixation

  73. 7th cpc pension calculation is a mess. In spite of repeated reminder and orders for sue-moto action nothing is being done. There is no chances of early solution.


    As per your last total pay including GP 5400 = Rs.23810 in the pay scale 15600-39100 in level 10 or 11 is correct of Rs.30,650/. as per concordance tables 31 & 33. if you are in level 9 of pay scale 9300-34800 you may be Rs.30,750 as per concordance table 29.

  75. I was retired in March 2009. At the time of my retirement my pension was fixed at 11905. In the 7th cpc my pension was fixed at 30596 as per orders issued in August,2016. As the pension of pre-2016 retirees has again been revised vide D/O pensions and pension Welfare vide their O.M. dated 12.5.17,my pension is revised to 30650 from 30596 which is meager increase of Rs. 54 only.. Am I correct? Please clarify. My salary at the time of my retirement including grade pay of 5400 was Rs.23810.

  76. Grade pay of 4200 was enhanced to 4600 ( pay scale 6500-200-10500) on 01/01/2006 for working employees but this enhancement was not allowed to similar scale Pensioners. Please allow similar treatment for Pensioners. Govt.should consider this
    justified demand of Pensioners.

  77. Grade pay of 4200 had been enhanced to 4600 for working employees from 01/01/2006 but this enhancement has not been allowed to Pensioners. This needs urgent attention by the Govt.. Please look into this and help the helpless Pensioners. Thank you.

  78. Your pension calculator for 5th pay commission retired employee in scale 6500-10500, retired on 30-9-2002 is reckoning pension by taking grade pay of Rs. 4600 whereas concordance table is giving only grade pay of Ra. 4200 which is correct?

  79. My dad retired in 2006, he passed away. My mom gets his pension. But we haven’t received the new pension in July. Will the pensioners not get revised pension, as per the hike in July 2017.

  80. Then only they will accumulate arrears of previous financial year and current financial year so that income tax may be recovered from the pensioners. They will not give for interest instead of they will recover income tax over 3 lalhs in current financial year.

  81. Orders have been issued on 12 May 2017 to issue revised pension i.e. on fixation of notional pay. Two and half months have been elapsed but revised pension and arrears have been not received to pensioners. there are 80 % pensioners are more than 75 yrs old. Govt will pay revised pension when pensioners are their on pyre?

  82. BIPAT TARAN – on 26’7

    S-12 in 5th CPC scale 6500-200-10500 comes under in 6th CPC PB-2 9300-34900 GP 4200, Level 6 only.

  83. Self confused as:
    Pre 2006 pensioners of Pay band S-12 remain under Grade pay Rs. 4200 whereas your website calculator shows Grade pay Rs. 4600.
    For which level shall I be eligible in the notional basis on 1.1.2016- Level 6 or Level 7.
    Please focus on it.

  84. There is little confusion in calculating on your website’s calculator.
    My Retirement pre 1993
    Date of birth 19.01.1958
    Pension as on 1.1.2015 basic pay+gp= 7598
    What would be my revised pension as per 7th CPC july 2017

  85. NAND LAL – on 2 3/7

    As per your last pay 1050 itshould be in 4th CPC in the scale 800-15-1010-20-1150, Concordance table 4, level 1 your NOTIONAL PENSION RS.10,150 from 1/1/2016.

  86. There is little confusion in calculating on your website’s calculator.
    My Retirement pre 1993
    Date of birth 19.01.1958
    . Basic pay on retirement 1050
    Pension as on 1.1.2015 basic pay 7598
    What would be my revised pension as per 7th CPC as on 1.1.2016 ??

  87. There is little confusion in calculating on your website’s calculator.
    My Retirement pre 1996
    Date of birth 18.10.1936
    . Basic pay on retirement 2825
    Pay scale 2000-3500
    Pension as on 1.1.2016 is 24667
    What would be my revised pension as per 7th CPC as on 1.1.2016 ??

  88. Sir govt. Has declared to retain percentage basis for disability pension but pcda has not issued any circular on it iam a rtd sgt with 70% disability aggravated by service pls help in dis regard why is pcda not doing their work promptly

  89. P.Namboothari -on 19/7

    Basic pay ÷ 2 = Pension. Basic pay + 125% D.A merged =In the 7th CPC Basis pay at the time no D.A./D.A for pensioners and serving employees upto 30/6/16. So you feel pension as less, moreover commutation may also minus in pension. Commtation may be recovered in 15 years.. After 15 years you will get full pension. D.R. will be given for full pension always.

  90. Sir, before implementing 7cpc pension wef’ 1.1.2016, revise my pension as per OROP as I was retired in Nov 2014 with grade pay 4800/_ which was not given so for. my pension should be revised from 12265/_ to 12757/_(OROP) so that my pension be fixed wef’ 02JAn 2016 on 12757/-.Also give arrear of OROP wef’ 01 Dec 16 to till date and 7th CPC pension arrear accordingly. Thanks.

  91. C.RAMACHANDRA RAO – on 20/7

    As per your last pay 21676 as per the Concordance table your NOTIONAL PENSION FROM 1/1/2016 Rs.28450/- the difference will be getting as arrears within a couple of months.

  92. RAKESHKHARE – on 19/7

    As per your revised pension Rs.11300 x 2.57 =NEW NOTIONAL PENSION Rs.29041 + since your completing 85 years addition pension of 30% of 8712 total Rs.37,153 and + D.R.2% from 1/7/16, from 1/1/17 on completing 90 years adding 40% of your pension totally Rs.49,657 + D.R.4% will be getting as arrears within a couple of months.

  93. I have retired on 28-21996.the6thp.c pay band 9300-34800and grade I am getting date of appointment let me know the revised b.p and the amount of arrears.

  94. Sir my father in law retired as Asst. Post Master General in pay band 1100-50-1600. And was fixed on basic pay Rs.1300. Now in7th pay commission he has revised ppo showing basic pension as Rs 11300. What should be his total pension as on 1.1.2017 . His dt of birth is 1.1.1927 . What additional pension he is entitled to as on 1.1.2017 and in 8th pay commision what would be his basic pension plus additional pension.

  95. govt why counting six and five when you have not to pay more than 18427 either slab base or percentage base than why you not declare the same for 7th cpc pension

  96. I hv retired on 30.4.2016. I m getting basic pension of RS. 11365/-DA 14207/-. Commutted 4546/-.. Getting monthly pension of RS. 21206/-DA the office has prpared revised pension calculation sheet showing my pension after commutation is RS. 17580/- How it will be less than amt already drawing?

  97. ANJANA SHARMA – on 19/7

    As per your pay at the retirement RS.8825 without DP so your pay comes Concordance table level 9 in PB 2 your NEW NOTIONAL PENSION FROM 1/1/2016 is RS.29,000/-.

  98. Dear sir,

    I was retired on 9th October 2005.from DDA.
    My last pay is 13238 ( 8825+4413).
    My scale was 8000+275 new scale( 5th pay commission) as per the pension calculator which last pay I enter.
    How I calculate my new pension as per July 2017 order.

  99. To THE ADMINISTRATOR Mr.Rajasingh.

    Actually I don’t know you are administrator I think I have answered your questions also. Sir in the BHARAT SAMAJ portal they gave the formula for solving as examples. I learnt, so that I am doing.

    Once again thanks.

  100. KUMAR.R on 18/7

    I think I already informed 7th CPC minimum family PENSION RS.9000/- only from 1/1/2016 your mother had already got so no again revision and no arrears. Only D.R only changes every 6 months.

  101. Sir my mother got family pension 9000 basic.
    My father last pay drawn:2050
    grade pay:1600-50-2300-60-2660

    What is the new family pension and ARREARS.Pl let me know the revised pension sir.

  102. In the calculator there is a column stating pension drawn on 1/1/2016 before fixation what am shd I write in the column? Shall I write basic pay plus addl basic? PL. Reply.

  103. Sir i am retairment 28feb1994 Hav rank.After 16year .my total pension Rs.20300 sir what is my new pension after 7cpc thanks.

  104. Sir i am retieed on 30 Sep 2014 after complition of 30 years service as Sub/ Hony Capt. My ECHS subcriptin recovered as per basic and grade pay but card provided as per same other Jco catagory which is not true. Either card should provised acording subcrion amount catogary or mony must be recovered as per card catagory pl justfied it thanks and regards.

  105. I retired as Senior Section Officer Accounts on 30.06..1988 with qualifying service of 11 years due to absorption in IRCON. I opted for monthly pension, accordingly I was granted pro-rata pension of Rs 375 which was enhanced to Rs 1275 and subsequently 3500 in 6th cpc which was enhanced to Rs 8145. I think that my pension should be in grade pay of Rs 4800 and my pay on. Notional fixation should be that of a Sr. Section Officer Accounts as revised from time to time.
    Please let me know the notional pay and Pension with effect from 1.1.2016.

  106. I retierd from arrmy on 30-04 a naik after 16 yrs&4month service.In orop pension is fixed Rs 7170 Andalso get disability pension ie 2152 basic.What is my new pension as per 7th cpc ( revised).

  107. I am a psu absorbee got full comtn.and drawing 1/3rd restored pension from 3/12/97 (retired on 30/3/82 with bp RS..545)What will be my pension?

  108. R N VARDHAN – on 16/7

    At the time your retirement pay was Rs.33272 including your GP 6800 as per Concordance Table 34 your NEW NOTIONAL PENSION Rs.85800 from 1/1/2016 onwards.

  109. I was retired on August 2012 from Indian railways. My grade pay at the time of retirement was 6600/-. My retirement basic at the time of retirement was fixed at 16635.kindly tell me what will be my present basic as per the seventh cpc

  110. To

    In government portal also not made the additional persentag calculation. Moreover this time the calculation is different of pensioners of pay commissions retires formula. Comparing to sites this site to answer the questions and solve the problems very easy.

    THANKS for my settlement of all the problems you have published for public.


  111. Sir,I was retired from army on 30 Nov 2014 in the rank Sub(ACP 1) and my pension was fixed on basic pay I.e 12265.On the basis of OROP my pension should be 12757 but I am still getting old pension .7th CPC also implemented and my pension may please be fixed in 7th CPC on OROP I.e 12757(sub ACP 1)

  112. V.NAGABHUSHNAM – on 15/7

    As per your pension basic was 13230, then your 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE LEVEL 9, your NEW NOTIONAL PENSION is RS.32,600/- from 1/1/2016.There are 4 levels are in GP 5400, Please check your level in which your Matrix stage, othe wise it may more.

  113. I have mentioned three times before. I didn’t get any reply. I have retired in 2012 with basic of Rs. 13230. And grade pay was 5400. I am not getting the calculation . Please help me in this case.

  114. 1-on 01-2006 retirement basic pension was fixed Rs12802which onrevision01-01-2016 iscalculatedRs32280/==but I am not sure as percalculcalation12802*2.57=32901
    32901-32280=621which I have already reported through a representation letter but no reply has been received so for please clarify my basic pension32280/= on date 01-01-2016

  115. Sir i am RTS sub x gp,30yra service DT of birth 12/12/1963, DT of rtd 01/0602014, please tell me my pension after 7th pay commission

  116. Time frame for payment of revised pension and arrears is not given. Some pensioners will get revised pension and arrears earlier while others may not get due to pension fixation problem. That may be expedited.

  117. excellent job done by our appreciation to your team. However as for calculation of arrears, i must say that the software needs correction for pensioners above 80 years of age, The 20% additional pension is given to the pensioner from the first day of same month in which pensioner attains the age of 80 years irrespective of date of birth and not from next month as shown in calculation sheet of arrears. i retired on 30/4/1994, my birth date being 27/04/1936 and i got 20% additional pension for entire month of april 2016 from 1/4/16 under VI PC, whereas in your arrears calculation sheet, the additional pension is calculated only from 1/5/2016. this is not correct as per govt orders. please correct the software suitably,
    My appreciation and thanks again to your team for excellent job done. Balasundaram.

  118. Sir what the disability pension of defence personnel is upward revision FM 30 percent of last emolument to 50percent last emoluments for 100percent disability it is not clear pse clear this sir

  119. Sir I invalidate out FM service on 22/9/2011 with 80 percent disability at the time of invalidment my basic pay was 12290 (with 2800 grade pay) and sir I am directly appointed as a havaldar radio operator on 97 in para military Itbp. In this time my total pension is 25269 basic(two element service and disability component) .before 7th Cpc 6145 basic service element and 3687 disability component total 9832 basic pension was before 7th Cpc sir pse intimate me what will my pension after 7th Cpc complete report and cabinet approval pse sir any one who can want help me I will thankful him

  120. my juniors RO,who retired after me in CSMRS,MOWR, are drawing more then RS 10,000 in pension New revision will bring me in level & .I will be highly thankfull for the amendment of7th pay commission.

  121. Sir,

    I retired from Govt Service on 28.01.2002 as Supdt. of Customs Gr. (B) post
    dte of entry being 2.8.1962. My basic pension is 25906/- with commuted portion of 1700/- already mergrd with pension. Do I stand to get benefit out of C.G. Govt’s recent pension revision scheme enumerated in order No 38/37/2016 P&PW?


  122. The govt has not made any amendment to concordance table by giving grade pay of 4600 to retired employees in scale 6500-10500

  123. Sir I was retired from Indian army as a Sub Maj rank on 30 Nov 2013. That time my basic pension was fixed as Rupees 12365/-.. Please intimate me what will be my revised pension as per 7th cpc.

  124. Mr.SINGH – ON 8/7

    Since your last pay was Rs.5900 in the 5th CPC SCALE and your GP2400, not 2000 (as you mentioned) was fixed in the 6th CPC including your GP your last was Rs.13440 then you will be fixed 7TH CPC MATRIX Method as Rs.35330/2 = 17,650 as NEW NOTIONAL PENSION 1 /1/2016.

    • Sir
      I m s reddy retired from sevice on 01.8.14 pay 13860 pension 6930 with grade pay 2800 but
      According to concordance table 18 and level 5
      In which 17 concordance is getting higher pension so how and why plz

  125. P.VENKAT REDDY – 8/7

    Since you are retired on Jan,16 at the time your pay was not merged with 125% D.A. so your last pay was Rs.10990 + 2800 x 2.57 + 35646 it will be FIXED at 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE LEVEL 5, stage 8 as 35900/2 = NEW NOTIONAL PENSION Rs.17,950/-from 1/2/16. The differences of pension with D.R as Arrears will be settled within the couples of months.From your office the differences of your pay on the month of January 16 with applicable allowances also you will get arrears.

  126. ABDUL HAI – on 8/7

    Already informed you verify from the Concordance Table 25 your total pay including GP comes 19650 to 20230 is Rs26000.- the difference of your pension Rs.184/- only.


  128. Krishna ex sub Ian retirement on 31july &my pension have been20.948 &comuation 5985 tell me how much new pension

  129. I retired on 31 Oct 2001 in the pay scale12000-375- 16500 as Principal scientific officer in Min of Def, MSQAA C/ O DRDL HYDERABAD. IAM DRAWING A PENSION OF Rs 4

    43955 as on 30062017. What will be my revised pnsion for persons retiring prior to 2016. Can i have the letter and procedure andformula of calculation.

  130. Plz mention pay/ grade against each table so as one can check pension easily instead of checking every table. JD Gupta

  131. Dear sir iam retire 1.3.2015 my epf family pention rs.800 recvd.permonth wef 1.11.2015 7th commission how much my pension. Pl.tell me.

  132. I retired on 31-10-2000 at basic 25350,as per V cpc S32 scale.DOB is 17-10-1940. Basic pension on 1-1-16 was Rs 99930/.I find in concordance table 56, issued by DOPT on 6-7-17 that the pension will be Rs 107800/.But as per calculator of GOVTEMPDIARY the pension is Rs 102700/=Why is this difference?

  133. Do the pensioners get bunching benefit of 7th CPC .? Does one get benefit of bunching in the notional pay calculation used for determining pension?

  134. Sir, My date of birth 19-10-1955.I retired on 31-10-2015 and basic pension was Rs.10045 .and Pay Scale was Rs. 9300-34800. On 6th C.P.C my pension was Rs. 25816(Rs.10045×2.57=25816). What will be my basic pension on 7th C.P.C. and arrear.

  135. I retired on 4.3.2013 with pay band 50000 and AGP 9000.BASIC pension 30000 an commutation 12000 .what will be pension on 1.6.2017 and area rd.

  136. Sir
    I retired in 2/7/2008 and my scale was 4000-100-6000. I didnt got the benefits of 6 pay comission and i serviced for 38yrs.My last pay was 13440. My pension as on 1/1/2016 was 6540/-
    What will be my new pension after 12/5/2017 notification and plz clarify me.

  137. SATYANARAYANA – on 6/7

    Now the rules are changed that 50% of salary should get as PENSION previously it was average 10 months salary as PENSION.I In view of this rules for 4th & 5 the CPC retires are getting more amount.

  138. HELLO SIR,

  139. I have retired on 01-11-1994 . At the time of my retirement my basic pay was Rs: 3900/-. The scale of my pay was 2200-75-2800-100-4000. What will be my pension as per the 7th CPC.

  140. I understand that while fixing pay under 5th CPC scales for every 3 increments earned in previous scale, one extra increment has to be allowed while fixing in the revised scale( 5th CPC ) . It seems this aspect has not been considered in the PENSION CALCULATOR.. What is the reason ? Therefore we may await the official Calculator published by GOI.

  141. BHAGWAN SINGH – ON 6/7

    Sir, Yes you are correct, but 50% of D.A they have merged as the 6th CPC that was merged 1.86 formula and also introduced Grade Pay. So we have to separate basic pay only. This is to inform you that in the 4th CPC they gave 1st I.R.Rs.100, II 10% of pay and 40% of pay as fitment they merged in 5th CPC. The basic pay is separate.In the 7th CPC they merged D.A.119%+6%. Allways dearness allowances are merged in the next CPC only.

  142. Respected,
    I retired on 31/10/2004 (5th cpc) and at that time my last basic pay was 10250 , but because of order from central government effective from 01/04/2004 to 31/12/2005, dearness pay was introduced . And my dearness pay at the time of retirement was 5125.
    Since Dearness Pay is considered to be a pay for all purpose and also for pension benefits , so I wanted to know whether multiplication of 1.86 with my last pay on retirement for fixation of notional pay on 01/01/2006 (6th cpc) will include only the basic pay or the sum of both basic and dearness pay.
    All this doubt originated because of the pension calculator as per order date 12/05/17 , in which there is a common option for everyone to fill their last pay drawn on retirement , since for people retiring between 01/04/2004 – 31/12/2005 , there was dearness pay also being paid along with basic pay , so this fact has not been taken care of in this calculator.
    Please tell whether the last pay drawn on retirement for someone retiring between 01/04/2004 – 31/12/2005 will include dearness pay and basic pay both or only the basic pay.
    An early response will be appreciated.

  143. POOJA DWIVEDI – on 5/7

    Require your father’s last pay drawn with pay scale and his retirement can see in PPO Book.
    Anyhow this to inform you now minimum pension is Rs.9000/- from 1/1/2016, so she will get more than this.

  144. SADHNA – on 5/7

    As per you are submitted details of your husband now you will get family pension Rs.43,260/-P.M. from 1/1/16.The differences of the amount with D.R.from 1/7/16 as applicable rates until the settlement will be within a couple of months.

  145. In 5th cpc 18400-500-22400.last drawn in PPO 20400.
    37400-67000 &grade pay 10000 on 6th cpc.
    6th cpc mai mujhe 36145 /- mil rahe the.

  146. Sir,
    I retired with effect from 1st March.,.2002. My basic pay as per 7th c.p.c is 25,906. with commuted portion merged with my pension. Do I stand to get any benefit out of g.o.i order No. 38/37/2016-P&PW(A)..



  147. My mothers family pension is 11442(basic=5085).What is the new pension of my mother is according to 7th cpc.Pls guide us.

  148. PQUL RAJ – on 4/7

    Since your last pay was Rs.18,670 x 2,57 = 47982 it will be fixed at 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE level 6 (GP 4200), stage 12 as 49000/2 = Rs.24500/-.NEW NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/16: Rs.24,500/-.The differences of pension Rs.1018 from 1/1/16 and with D.R.from 1/7/16 as applicable rates for the difference of pension amount will get arrears until your settlement a couple of months.

  149. You can’t use this calculator as long as they don’t make filling up date of birth añd date of retirement. Try filling up 15 1 1931 or 31 1 1991. Auto filling of these should. Be delighted if programming is to work!!!!

  150. SADHNA

    Sorry, in the 7th CPC minimum pension is Rs.9000/- surely you will get more than Rs.9000/- from 1/1/16. You give your details I can calculate accurately. Once any Very sorry I mentioned no change for you.

  151. SADHNA – on 4/7

    Please tell your husband’s retirement date, month & year his last pay drawn in PPO and pay scale of 5th CPC. This is to inform you that PAY WITH GRADE PAY starts from 1/1/2006 6th CPC. you mentioned your husband has died in 20/9/2002.I think your family pension is Rs.4,274 in 2/16 it was already fixed as per the 7th CPC so there may not be any change.


    Since your basic pay including GP( it was pay not pension |)was Rs.24030 x 2.57 = 61757 it will be fixed level 6, stage 10 as per the 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE Rs.62200/2 = Rs.31,100/- your calculation is correct. Now you are getting pension from 1/1/16 as Rs.30,863, after fixation your pension from 1/1/16 Rs.31100/- The difference of pension amount Rs.237/- and D.R. for the difference amount from 1/7/16 until your settlement with in a couple of months you will get as arrears.

  153. My husband died on 20/09/2002 during service period after approx 22years service. My basic pension in 6cpc 16410 & grade pay is 10000/- .
    Pls help me to calculate family pension.
    42174 drawn by me on 01.02 2016

  154. Sir,I retaire on 31_10_2015 . My basic was Rs.10045 Pay Scale Rs. 9300_34800 Grade Pay Rs.4200. 6th C.P.C. on 1_1_2016 My Basic Pay Rs.25816 including grade pay (Rs.10045×2.57_- 25816) pension .. My pay would be fixed Rs.35400 (Level 6) on 7th C.P.C. Yes or not Thanks Sir.

  155. All the pay will be rounded off to nearest ten rupees. hence the basic pay mentioned by you wrote. Please indicate correct
    Basic pay

  156. Sir, I retired on 31-10-2010. My basic pay was 24030 including gde pay of Rs,4800 in the scale of 9000-34800 . As per the new pay matrix my basic pension shows 31100 for basic pay of Rs, 23560 whereas my basic pay was 24030. Could you please enlighten me whether my basic pension will be fixed to the next higher cell ie 24200 or 23560 which is less than my bp.. I am in great dilemma in this regard. Thanking you,

  157. My basic pension is 9335 as per 6th pay commission I retired on 31/7/2013 my last basic was 18670/including grade pay ofRs 4200/ in the pay scale of Rs 9300-34800 what wiill be my new matrix pension as recommended by 7th pay commission.–p.paulraj

  158. MRS.ARUNA BARUAH – on 3/7

    Madam not necessary to give any fresh application for your family pension if you are already receiving.Only you have to update your AADHAR, PAN, TELEPHONE NOS.IF EMAIL ID available and if your address changes.These details are to be submitted in your husband’s ex-employer.The NEW NOTIONAL FAMILY PENSION will be settled in a couple of months through your bank.

  159. ABDUL HAI – on 2 & 3./7

    Please try to understand your pension included grade pay was Rs.10045 then only your multiplication of 2.57 comes to Rs.25,816 ( now you are getting the pension from 1./1/16, before 31/12/15 that you got as pension Rs.10045 with 119% D.R instead 119% D.R. they merged 125% D.R. as multiplications by 2.57.There is no again multiplication of 2.57 after that only fixation as per the MATRIX TABLE as I have shown you, your NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/16 revised as Rs.26,000/- only.

  160. K.C.PANI – on 4/7

    As you are furnished your retirement pay including grade pay RS.27630 x 2.57 = 71009 fixed at MATRIX TABLE level 10, stage 9 is 71100/2 = RS.35,550/- from 1/1/16 as NEW NOTIONAL PENSION.The differences of your PENSION and as applicable for D.R. from 1/7/16 onwards still the settlement a couple of months you will get as arrears.

  161. Sir, I retired on 31st May 2015. At that time Pay including GP was Rs. .27360 PB III GP 5400.. What will be my pension once the new formula is implemented and what will be the arrears? Thanks

  162. Modification my message on 3_7_2017 at10.50 p.m. Please read basic pay scale Rs.9300_34800 instead of Rs.9309_34800. Thanks sir.

  163. Sir, Ref your message on 3rd July 2017 at5.59 p.m. Retired on 31 _10_2015 Basic Pay was Rs.10045 and Pay Scale Rs. 9309_34800 ,Grade pay Rs.4200..Now my Pension was added my grade pay (Rs.10045+4200). As 1_1_2016 my P ension with multiply by 2 . 5 7-_Rs.25816 ×2.57=66347 it will be fixed at 7th C. P. C. Matrix table Level 6 Stage 19. My pay was at Rs.60400 My National Pension from 1_1_2016 is Rs.30200. please conform it is correct or not.

  164. Sir/Madam

    I would be grateful if you could kindly guide me whether i am to submit any application to receive my revised family pension?

  165. HARIISG CHANDRA – on 3/7

    Since your last pay was Rs.12,600 as per the formula multiple by 1.86 = 23436 added your GP 6600 as total Rs.30036 in the 6th CPC than in the 7th CPC by multiply by 2,57 = 77193 it will be fixed MATRIX TABLE level 11, stage 6 as your pay Rs.78500/2 = 39,250 as your NEW NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/16,Differences of pension amount from 1/1/16 and D.R.from 1/7/16 as applicable until your settlement within a couple of months you will get as arrears.

  166. ABDUL HAI – ON 2 & 3/7

    Sir you mentioned as basic pay it is not pay it was ispension so that I am having dought whether it was added your GP or not. Now your pension was added your grade pay.As on1/1/16 your pension with multiply by 2.57 = Rs.25816 x2 = 51732 it will be fixed at 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE LEVEL 6, STAGE 14 your pay was at Rs.52,000/2 = YOUR NEW NOTIONAL PENSION from 1./1/16 is Rs.26,000/-. The difference of amount Rs.184/- and D.R. for that amount from 1/7/16 as applicable rates until now will be settled in a couple of months to your bank.

  167. Sir,Ref.your message dt. 2nd july2017at 11.04 p.m Please read my correct comment on 2nd July, 2017 at 10.06p.m. for your kind n/a.. Retairment on 31-10-20 15 Pay Scale 9300-34800 basic pay Rs.10045 which fixed on 6th c.p.c Jan, 20 16 Rs. 25816 Grade pay Rs.4200. Example-10045×2.5 -_ 25816.

  168. I have retired in the year 2003 (31_03_2003) at the basic of Rs 12600 in the scale of 10000_325_15200.After serving for 29 years. My pension has been in the year 2016 as per orders of government as now 50% of last basic is the pension.At present I am getting Rs 32382.00 from 1_1_2016.Now what will be my pension as per orders.

  169. ABDUL HAI on 2/7

    You mentioned as two basic pay as RS.10045+2400 & 25616 +4200, please give one last pay or your PENSION.

  170. Abdul LAISH on 2/7

    Your Family PENSION after your death RS.18,390 + D.R as applicable at that time to your spouse or eligible depends.

  171. Sir, I retired on 31_10_2015 on the post of Scientific Assistant(Govt. of India) on my pay band was Rs. 9300_34800 , Basic Pay Rs.10045 Grade Pay Rs. 4200. 6th C.P.C. my Basic Pay Rs.25816 and Grade Pay Rs.4200 . Date of birth 19_10_1955. Thanks Sir,

  172. Mr.ABDUL LAISH on 2/7

    With your adding RS.5400+17850=23240×2.57=59727/2=RS.29,864/- I think you are getting from 1/1/16 now & as per 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE LEVEL 10,stage 5 it will fix at 61300/2 = RS.30,650/-of your NEW. NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/16.The difference of amount + D.R. from 1/7/16 as applicable rates till the settlement in a couple of months you will get as arrears.

  173. To Mr M.K Kumar,

    I have retired on 31st Dec 2010 as Hon. Flying Officer.

    My entry pay is – ₹17,850
    Grade pay – ₹5400
    Pay band 3 – ₹ 15600- 39100

    Can you please let me know what would be my revised pension and family pension as per notional pension post 7th CPC?

    Many Thanks,
    Retd. HFO Abdul Laish

  174. KUMAR R – on 1/7

    This is to inform you that your father’s last Basic pay only is required for calculations with the scale of pay (without any allowances( Anyhow since the 7th CPC minimum family pension is Rs.9000/-plus usual allowances applicable as from 1/7/16 ) now she is getting means no change in her family pension.

  175. GEORGEKUTTY PM – 1/7

    As per your last pay was Rs.1760,so your pay was fixed in 5th CPC as 1760+D.A.3500+I.R. I=100+I.R. II 10%=176=40% fitment = 6240 it will be fixed at 6th CPC as 6250 as in scale 4500 – 7000 at 6250 + GP 2800 = 14425 in 7th CPC as 14425 x 2.57 = 37072 it will be fixed as MATRIX TABLE level 5,stage 10 at Rs.38100/2 = Rs.19,050 + additional pension for completing 80 years as Rs.1910 total Rs.21,460/- from 1/1/2016.The difference of arrears of pension and applicable D.R. from 1/7/16 until credited to your bank settlement it will take a couple of months.Please submit your AADHAR,PAN,TELEPHONE Nos.Email ID if and if any address change family pensioners name to,submit the details to your ex-employer.

  176. Sir, my retirement date was 01-09-1990 FN. My basic pay at the time of retirement was Rs.1760. Scale of pay was 1350-2200. Now the pension is calculated as opsion 2nd only. Please let me know what is the pension as per 1st opsion entitled to me as 7th CPC. Thanks.

  177. Kumar sir

    My father last pay as on 01-01-2013 is 12800 including DA and medical

    My father Date of death is 10-01-2013.

    My mother got an family pension now 9000/- as a basic .Let me know the status of any national fixation is there?

  178. I retired form service wef 01 April 2008 from the Rank of Nb Subedar . My total service was 24 years and 6 Months. My disability Basic pension Rs 2502/_ pm. What is the rate of disability pension under OROP scheme. May I also request you to kindly intimate present disability pension of 7th pay commission.

  179. HEMANT – on 30/6

    This is to inform you before revision method of multiple 2.57 formulae that before 1/1/16 her family pension may be Rs.5000 and her husband’s salary in the 5th CPC pay fixed as 3875 and in the 6 CPC it may be 9108 of GP 1900 and in the 7th CPC Rs.23800, level 2 her family pension was fixed in previously in the method of 2.57 i.e.12500 then now her NEW FAMILY PENSION may be Rs.12,850/- from 1/1/16 onwards.The difference of pension with applicable rates will get arrears in a couple of months.Actually, her scale of pay required, I approximately calculated as you produced with these details.

  180. ABDUL HAI – on 1/7

    Please mention your GP in the 6th CPC.There are more GP in the Scale 9300 – 34800 on the basis of the GP matrix table only the fixation will be fixed your pension as on 1.1.16.


    This is to inform Mr.T.S.Ramurth added his d.a.his last pay was only Rs.9700 (not 14500 as mentioned, he has added da.)as per formula x 1.86 = 13042 + 4800 = 22842 x 2.57 = 58704 it will be fixed in the 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE LEVEL 8 (GP 4800) STAGE 9 at 60400/2=30,200/-as NEW NOTIONAL PENSION as on 1/1/16::Rs.30,200/- only.Please correct it.

  182. KUMAR.R. on 1/7

    This to inform you your mother has got the minimum pension of 9000/- in the 7th CPC, so her case no change in the fixation of NOTIONAL PENSION as on 1/1/2016. Anyhow, you give your father’s last pay and pension.drawn and his date of death on the basis it may change her pension.

  183. I would like to know from my pension amount Rs 10382/- is cut towards commutation , I retired frm service on 31 Oct 2013 & joined in 26 Sept 1979, I was in basic Rs51.910/= with grade pay of Rs 8700/- ,please let me know when this commutation cut will end

  184. Hi sir,
    My mother got a family pension as on 01.01.2016 is 3500 after revision she got 3500*2.57=9000/- basic.What is the national fixation pension sir pl inform anybody knows?


  185. To
    Shri M.K. Kumar Sir,
    Namaskar. Thank you for the reply. I will convey Shri T S Ramamurthy after you reply me my second query as below: At the time of his retirement, he had two pay components (i) Basic Pay and (ii) Dearness Pay and then these two were added to make his Basic Pay for retirement. As far as I remember, for working employees when New Basic Pay for 6CPC was calculated, only 5CPC Basic Pay was taken into account for multiplying by 1.86, Dearness Pay was not multiplied for working employees. Please confirm if for him both Basic and Dearness pay would b multiplied by 1.86. Your reply will help me to convey him the correct picture. I will advise him to send both Adhar and PAN card along with his change of address as suggested by you. But e-mail id may not be feasible for him as he is Computer-not-knowing person. Please read my initial letter. In his department working employees had been granted upgraded Grade pay Rs 4800.00. Will this not be applicable to him? Very sorry for disturbing you.
    Sincerely yours,
    Subodh Chandra Rout
    01 July 2017 12:00 AM.

    Other knowledgeable persons may add guidance please.
    Sincerely yours.
    Subodh Chandra Rout
    01 July 2017 12:00 AM.

  186. I Retired on the post of Scientific Assistant on 31_10_2015. Retaired on basic pay Rs.10045. Pay Band Rs.9300_34800. 6th C.P.C. Basic pay Rs.25816. Date of birth 19_10_1955 .What my basic pension will be on 7th pay commission. Thanks.

  187. Sir I Retired on 31_10_2015. on the post of Scientific Assistant. Retired on my basic pay Rs.10045/-.. 6th CPC my basic Pay Rs.25816. What .basic pension will be on 7th,C.P.C_, My date of birth 19_10_1955

  188. SUBODH CHANDRA ROUT on 29/6

    As per pay scales of Mr.T.S.ramurthy, he should be given grade pay as Rs.4600/- (not Rs.4200) 14500 x 1.86 = 26970 + 4600 = 31570 x 2.57 = 81135 it should be fixed matrix level 7, stage 22 will be 83600/2 = 41,800/-.
    Sorry to inform you as per his change of grade pay his NEW NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/16: Rs.41,800/- please correct it.

  189. HELLO SIR,

  190. Dear SUBODH CHANDRA ROUT on 29/6

    As per the details of Mr.T.S.Ramamurthy: Since his last pay as per formula 14500 x 1.86 =26970 + GP 4200 = 31170 x 2,57 = 80107.. 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE level 7, stage 29 he will fixed NEW NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/16 is Rs.81,200/-.Differences in the amount from 1./1/16 and D.R.from 1/7/16 to until the settlement will get arrears.He might have now getting medical allowance Rs.500/- it will be doubled as Rs.1000/= from the month of pension on July,17, The Revision of pension will take a couple of months.If he as not given his AADHAR, PAN, TELEPHONE Nos.& if any email id, if change of residential address to his ex=employer he has to submit the details immediately.


    Revision of NEW NOTIONAL PENSION order letter will come to your address from your Pay & Accounts Office through your ex-employer. Copy to your bank through CPAO you can paste that letter in your PPO. With your login on in site of CPAO, your details will be available. It will take a couple of moths. If you want your bank details you can take the xerox copies of bank pass book.Have you given your details of AADHAR, PAN, TELEPHONE NOs. & email id to your ex-employer if not give them.Arrears from 1/1/16 it will be credited to your bank account.

  192. My ppo no 4568503497 dt.28/8/2003 is not updated by my pension paying ban- Punjab National Bank, Anushakti Nagar Branch, Mumbai since september 2013, when i will get updated new ppo/

  193. How much time will take to get new pension Calculator – pension ant its an arrears as per order dated 12/06/2017?


    As per your last basic pay: 35600 x 2.57 = 91492 it will be fixed at MATRIX TABLE level 9, stage 20 at 93000/2 = Rs.46500/- NEW NOTIONAL PENSION.from 1/7/16. From 1/1/16 to 30/6/16 you will get a difference of basic pay: 93000 – 82400 = 10,600 + other usual allowances you will get arrears for 6 months, from your office, then your pension arrears Rs.46500 – 45746 = 754 + applicable till the period of settlement you will get arrears.from Bank.

  195. Sirs,
    My friend Shri T.S. Ramamurthy had retired on 30.04.2005. His retirement details are as below:
    Post held: Field Officer Technical
    Scale of pay was: Rs 6500-200-10500
    DOB: 15.04.1945
    DOJ: 18.03.1970
    Superannuation on: 30.04.2005
    Service length: 35 yrs 01 months 14 days.
    01.07.2004 to 31.01.2005: 9500 + 4750 =14250 14250X7=99750
    01.02.2005 to 30.04.2005: 9700 + 4850 = 14550 14550X3=43650
    Average PAY: 14340 Last Month Pay 14500
    Medical Allowance: Rs 100.00
    Further to add that the Field officers in his department were granted an UPGRADED GRADE PAY: of Rs 4800.00 per month by a special order w.e.f. 01.01.2006.
    Kindly enlighten me to convey him what would be his pension effecting from 01.01.2016 as per Govt. Order dated 12.05.2017.
    Shri T.S. Ramamurthy is not a Computer-cum Internet knowing person. As such he has requested me to get the correct details so that he can be aware of his Pension Status.
    An early reply will be highly appreciated with thanks and gratefulness.
    Sincerely yours,
    29 June 2017 08:33 AM

  196. Sir mai 31st dec16 ko retirement huwa as haw acp rank se mughe Abhi 6th cpc se pansion 10500 mil raha hai aur Abhi arrier bhi nehi Mila kya hamko ye kub milega aur Kya milega please helpful

  197. I retired on 30/06/2016. My basic pension was fixed at₹41200. What will be the new basic pension after revision. (Basic ₹30200/-+GP-₹5400/- at the time of retirement)

  198. I retired on 31.10.2004 as Section Officer from M/o Rural Development New Delhi in the scale 6500-200-10500 and earned two increments. My pension was fixed 9790 in 6th cpc against the corresponding scale of 9300 PB 4200,PB 4600 and PB 4800. The PAO has fixed my pension in new scale in 9300+4200 whereas My pension be fixed in 9300+4600. I should be given more pension if the fixation is done in according to the new scale. I will get more in 7th CPC also if I am correct

  199. Have u ever heard of demotions in rank after retirement ? In Sir Modi Govt it is possible rather it has happened.. I retired as principal of a senior secondary school. My pay scale was 3000-4500. CPC revised it to grade pay of Rs 7600 but my pension has been fixed in the grade pay of Rs 6600 meant for Vice Principals. Why this demotion ? I need response. J D Gupta

  200. Anand Giduthuri – 27/6

    Basic pay means only Basic + if (Grade pay) no more any allowances, The D..A.will be added in the next pay commission only, that will be treated next pay commission as basic pay.

  201. Thank you Mr. Kumar

    Last pay means Basic + DA or only Basic.
    We will check in our PPO

    Thank you



    As per furnished details, your father’s last pay may be Rs.5998/- you can see his PPO BOOK. From 1/1/2016 your mother’s NEW NOTIONAL FAMILY PENSION may be Rs.20,530/- Difference of arrears of pension from 1/1/16 and D.R.fom 1/7/16 up till now you may get after fixation.

  204. Hello Sir,

    My mother getting family pension as per 7 cpc basic 9237 +da + medical allowance 500.

    As per 6 cpc she got family pension 3594 + da + medical allowance

    My father died on 24/may/2003.
    His pay scale is s7 — 4000 – 100 – 6000
    His DOB is 23/Sep/1953
    i don’t know about his pay on retirement.

    Can you kindly suggest me is there any increase in my mothers family pension.
    We did not know what is the exact increase/decrease.

  205. SUBHASH on 25/6

    Please mention the retirement date, month and year of your spouse’s scale of pay witTH GRADE.Then only your family pension will be on 31/1/2016.

  206. SURINDER on 25/6

    I think your pension is as the 6h CPC method is 11996 x 2 is your last pay, so your last pay was 23990 x 2.57 = 61654 as per 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE level 8, stage 10 your NEW NOTIONAL PENSION ” 62200/2 = Rs.31100/- minus commutation amount of Rs.4798/ w.e.f.1/1/2016.For the difference of pension from 1/1/16 and D.R.from 1/7/16 up till the calculations completes you will get it.

  207. This to inform you that my calculations are as per the URL attached those require details they can log on that site and verify them: for detailed calculations required. and

  208. I retired on 28-02-1993 with Last Pay of .4700 in the scale 3700-125-4700-150-5000. My basic pension on 01-01-2016 is 14960..

    What will be my new revised pension according to DOP & FW order dated 12-05-2017.

    Thanks & regards.

  209. Kumar sir,
    Thank you for the comment.I wish,hope and pray the calculation should be as you did.According to me it will be based on the last pay drawn not on the last pension drawn.

  210. Sirs,Please go through my first two comments of 24.6.2017..I am not after my pension amount.I calculated it on the first day itself using the formula {(LPD X1.87)+ GP}X2.57.The result thus obtained is adjusted according to the pay matrix and took 50% of that amount to get the pension(RS.21150) I found it is correct..My present pension is 17347(option 1)..My question is the authenticity of the 7th cpc notional pension ready reckoner PB ii GP 4200.According to that my present pension comes between 16970 and 17470(First two columns of the reckoner..The corresponding 7cpc pay is given as 44900 and pension as 22450 and Family pension as 13470.I need only a clarification on which method they are going to adopt to work out the pension.The pension ready reckoner or the formula.In my case there is a difference of Rs.1300.

  211. date of birth 13?07/1952 date of retirement 31/07/2012pay band4800 retirement pension 11995 40 percent commute 4798 scale 9300=34800 please please revise pension calculate is there any benefit thanks


    As per your pay details, your last pay was 6350+6350 12700 x 1.86 = 27822 + GP 4200 = 27822 rounded to 27830 x 2.57 = 71524 NEW NOTIONAL PENSION FIXED AS 7TH CPC MATRIX TABLE level 6, stage 72100/2 =Rs. 36,050/-.(Now you are getting pension 6750 x 2.57 = 17348/- the difference of pension from 1/1/16 and D.R.from 1/7/16 to uptill the fixation time taken.

    Mr.Rajainghumurugesan – Sir He said not in the 6th CPC, he retired in 8/2002 i.e. 5th CPC please.

  213. Thank you for arriving at my new pension,In arriving at my new pension , I have taken into account my band pay along with my basic pay. I hope this is the correct method

  214. Hi, my mother gets family pension is 5556but after applying 2.57 is 14279.but what is the benefits of modifications at the time of retirement. Basic pay was 18520 6cpc plus da 16 percentage.tell is there any benefits regarding the pension modifications

  215. My basic pension is less than my junior both we retired in same day but my basic pay Rs. 13860 grade pay 2800 and notional pay fixed at 35900 and pension Rs 17950.
    My junior basic pay 13750 with grade pay Rs. 2400 basic pay Rs. 36400 in 7 cpc and pension Rs. 18250.
    Please whether this mistake occurred or what would be the formula please explain.

    I have less Rs. 300 than my jr grade why pse.


  216. Date of Birth 2.March.1952,,Date of retirement,9,.Aug.2002(VR),Pay Band 5000-150-8000.,Pay commission 5,Pay on retirement 6350,Pension as on 1.1.2016 Rs.6750.Sorry sir,I do not know the family pension.I hope the above details are as you instructed..
    Thank you


    Sorry for my calculation, now you have mentioned your GP, 4200 so your previous pension was 17347, (not 6750) x 2.57 = 44581 it will be fixed at to 44900/2 = 22,450 is correct.

  218. JOHN KORUTHU 24/6

    Actually your pension x 2 or (retirement pay) x 2.57 = 7th cpc. So your pension 6750(13500) x 2.57 = 17347 you will be as per the 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE level 1, stage 1 ( GP of 1800) minimum 18000/2 = Rs.9,000/-.I think you have seen the column amount mentioned as pension, (not retirement pay).

    • John Koruthu
      i need following all details

      Date of birth
      Retirement on
      Select the pay band (4th 5th 6th)
      Select the pay commission
      Pay on retirement
      Pension as on 1/1/2016 Before revision
      Family Pension as on 1/1/2016

  219. In continuation to my previous comment on pension calculation I wish to give the example of my pension.My basic pension 6th cpc was Rs.6750.As per option 2 of 7th cpc my basic pension is Rs. 17347.According to notional pension calculation it is 21150.But as per the ready reckoner on notional pension it is Rs.22450.(govtempdiary notional pension ready reckoner from,16970 to 17470 the 7th cpc pay is Rs.44900 and the pension is 22450)I request you to kindly clarify this point.

  220. P.SHUBHA 24/6

    I have worked for your family pension since the minimum pension is Rs.9000/- so you may get Rs.11,095 or Rs.11,970/- from 1/1/2016.

  221. kG VENKATESH on 24/6

    Since your pay was at the time of retirement was 51910 x 2.57 = 1,33,408/- as per the 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE level 13, stage 4 fixed at 1,34,500/2 = 67,250. From 1/1/2016 NOTIONAL NEW PENSION is RS.67,250/- (-) commutation Rs.10,382/-

  222. Madam, I retired on 31-10-2013 with basic pension of Rs 25955/, family pension as Rs 15573/- & Commutation as Rs 10,382/- . I was in pay band PB 4 grad pay as Rs 8700/= .At the time retirement my basic was Rs 51,910/-.Please let me what my new pension.

  223. I found that the the pension calculated on the pension calculator as shown above and the 7th cpc notional pension ready reckoner are different and shows about a difference of about Rs.1000.I will be thankful if you let us know which method is correct.

  224. I took V RS on 31/1/2003 My salary was including DA was 6900./month. I want to take my family pension at the age of 58 yes. What amount I will get after completing 58 yes. I joined in 1982 .plz.inform.

  225. KARAN SINGH KASHYAP on 23/6

    Sir, you have not mentioned GP, as per the scale of pay I have taken as 5400 if 5400 is correct your old pension 2.57 multiple formula was Rs.32614 then you will be fixed as per 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE level 7, stage 69200/2 = 34600. NEW PENSION from 1/1/2016 will be Rs.34,600/-.If the GP was not correct it will be changed.

  226. P.SHUBHA on 24/6

    Madam, Please let me know now you are getting the amount o family pension as per the 6th CPC( before 1/1/16) & after 1/1/16 and from which year.As you mention you can go to login in the site of CPAO or Pensioner;s Portal.My id is

  227. UNNI on 24/6

    Since your pay before retirement is Rs.20840/- as per 6th CPC it will be 10420, then 10420 x 2.57 = 26,780 now it will be fixed as per the 7th CPC matrix table, LEVEL 7, STAGE 7 at 53600/2 = 26800. In your case, the difference is only Rs.20/ 0nly for that amount you will get arrears with as applicable rates of D.R. w.e.f. 1/1/2016

  228. G.CCHATTOPADHAYAY on 24/6

    If your pension was as per 6th CPC: Rs.15205 then x 2.57 = 39077 now it will be fixed at the MATRIX TABLE LEVEL 11, stage 6: 78500/2 = Rs.39,250/- (-) commutation 6082 w..e.f 1/1/2016.

  229. SHARMA JAGDISHRAJ on 24/6

    I think Your Pension after retirement Rs.10,165,10165 x 2.57= 26124.. Then your NEW PENSION w.e.f.1/1/2016 will be fixed at Rs.26,800/- as at level 7, stage in the MATRIX TABLE.

  230. I retired from service 30 September 2008 in the grade of 4600 my pension is 10165 let me know what will fix in the 7th pay commission

  231. Kindly let me know the pay scale of superintending engineer (civilian Gr A Class 1 officer) posted as commander works engineer (CWE) in Military Engineering Services (MES) Govt of India in the 3rd & 4th pay commission. His last basic pay was Rs. 1900 in 3rd pay commission. He retired on 30 th Sept 1985.. His notional pay is Rs.4317 as per fitment formula in 4th pay commission fitment table as mentioned on website. We are not getting his service record .As the above information is in public domain kindly let me know the govt office or website to get pay scales so that I can use it for notional pay fixation on 01-01-1986 which is required to revise the minimum family pension of the widow of the officer.

  232. Sir
    My basic pay at the time of retirement on31/01/2011is Rs.23810+6600=30410.
    Commutation Rs.6082/-
    Basic pension 15205/-
    Pension fixed ass on 01/01/2016 39077/–6082/-
    What will my new pension.

  233. Myself retired on 30.11.2012. My baic pay was the pay band rs.9300_34800.00and gp.4600.00. Under the new order DT.12.5.2017what will be my revised pension as on 1.1.2016?

  234. I retired from the Army as Subedar (Hony Sub Maj) on 31.3.2013(AN) and was getting pension Rs 12690/- basic pension. Please calculate my pension w.e.f. 1.1.2016 applying latest modified 7 cpc formula.

  235. NARASINGA RAO 22/6

    Yesterday I sent, please correct as 188000/2 = Rs.69,000/- NEW PENSION as Rs.69,000/ w.e.f.1/1/2016.

  236. VEDAPATKASH 23/6

    Your pay will fixed as on 1/1/16 : 21670 + 4200 (if with increment) = 25810 x 2.57 = 66,486 fixed level 6 at stage 23 pay as Rs.68,000 + applicable allowances. From Pension as per MATRIX TABLE stage 24, 70000/2 = Rs.35000/-( If you increment was not added in your pay, the pay will be fixed as Rs.70,000/ at stage 24 and the pension will be fixed as at stage 25, 72100/2= Rs.36,050) .Arrears of pay & allowances from 1/1/16 and from 1/1/17 pension with D.R.(4%) as applicable will be to be paid.


    4 TO 5th fixation 4700+d.a.111% 5217+IR-I 100 + IR II 10% 470 = 40% fitment 1880 Total = 12367, FIXED PB 3 12000-375-15850 as 12375, in 6th CPC 12375 x 1.86 = 23018 adding GP 7600 = 30618. In 7th CPC 30618 X 2.57 = 78688 as per 7th MATRIX TABLE fixed at level 12,stage 1 = 78800/2 = 39400.NEW PENSION w.e.f.1/1/2016 : Rs.39,400/- plus completing 80 years additional pension 20%..Difference of pension amount plus applicable up till will be as arrears.

  238. Sir I discharged from airforce GP Y in 2007 & my scale was 4745-2373-2064=9182.commutation=1430. What is my new pension and how can I get new PPO .is there any e mail link. My e mail – sonyiaf@Gmail. com

  239. RAJEEV KUMAR – 23/6

    LAST PAY MEANS BASIC PAY+ Grade pay + d.a only. You r NEW PENSION W.E.F 1/1/2016 as per 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE LEVEL 5, STAGE 12 = 40,400/2 = RS.20,200/, difference in pension : RS.565/only..

  240. Sir I retired on 31.12.2016&getting pay Rs.21670+4200GP in pay scale 9300-34800 GP.4200 pay bend-2. What will be my pay on 1.1.2016 in 7th.cpc

  241. I had retired from DMI in the scale of 10000_325_15200 at the basic of 12600.00 in the year 2003(31_3_2003) What will be my pension as per orders dated 12_5_2017.

  242. I retired on 28-2-1993. My last pay was 4700 in the scale 3700-125-4700-150-5000. My basic pension on 1-1-2006 was 14960. What will be my revised pension according the new formula as per OM of DOP& FW dated 12-05-2017.?

  243. I retired on 30 nov 2013. I getting basic pension as on 31.12.2015 is 7640/pm. My new basic after multiplying by 2.57 is 19635. At the retirement i got 10280 basic 2800 grade pay and 2000 msp. I was in scale of 5200-20000. Please calculate my pension as per new formula

  244. What emulment will taken in pension calculater in colum pay on retirment. Basic pay, grade pay , msp and da also. Please clarify.


    ONE MORE THING: Moreover you are completing 80 years you are also an eligible additional 20% in your NEW PENSION.


    continuation : In the 7th CPC Rs.22,242 x 2.57 + Rs.57,162 as per 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE you will be fixed Level 6,at stage 58600 divided by 2 + Rs.29,300/-. So your NEW PENSION From 1/1/2016: Rs.29,,300/-, difference of amount plus per the rules you will get the arrears.


    Since your pay at 30/11/95 @ Rs.3500+D.A.5180+I IR 100 = II i.R. 10% of pay i.e. 350 + 40% fitment is Rs.1400 Total 9530 then you will be fixed 5th CPC in scale S-12 PB 2 Rs.6500-200-10500 Notional pay on 1/1/96 comes to Rs.9700 after 6th CPC 9700 X 1.86 = 18042 + GP 4200 (scale 9300-34800) = 22,242)

  248. I retired 0n 30/11/1995 with basic pay of Rs 3500, pay scale 2000-60-2300-75-3200-100-3500. how much will be my pension. what is the home work I have to do for getting my pension revised ?
    With regards

  249. NARASINGA RAO on 22/6/17

    Since you are retirement pay was 12275 x 2 =24550 x 1.86 = 45663 + GP 6600 =52263 X 2.57 = 134315 it will be fixed at 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE LEVEL 11, STAGE 24 = 138000/2 = Rs.67,000/- w.e.r.1/1/2016.

  250. I retired on 31 07 1987 basic pay of rs 12275 in the scale 10000/15200.what will be my pension as per orders dt 21may 17.
    I am drawg rs 35371 from 1 1 2016.

  251. It looks very strange that the records of 20 percent pensioners are not available for implementation of option 1 then how the new formula will be applied on them wherein more details are required .It is therefore suggested that option 1 may be reconsidered .

  252. HARISHCHANDRA 21/6/17

    NEW PENSION W.E.F 1/1/2016 RS.33,350/- as per 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE LEVEL11, INDEX 22.

  253. Mr.MALLA BRABHAKARA RAO – 22/6/17

    YOUR NEW PENSION W.E.F.1/1/16 RS.33,350/- as per 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE LEVEL11, INDEX 22.

  254. Sir,
    I have retired 0n 3-04-2003. with basic pay 10,975 (10000-15200) 3 increments iN 7TH PAY COMMISSION THEY FIXED MY BASIC PENSION AS 12600 X 2.57 32382.


  255. I had retired on 31_03_2003 from DMI in the scale of 3000_325_15200 at the basic of Rs 12600.00 I would like to know my pension as per orders of dates 12_05_2017

  256. I retired on 31st December,2014 with Basic pension of Rs17345/-.As per 2.57 formula, now it is Rs 44577/-.What will be in accordance with Notional pay fixitation scheme.

  257. I have retired on 31 Jan 2015 but till date I have not received OROP and revised pension please may I request you give me new rate of pension with OROP as early
    Thank you

  258. I retired as Senior Section Officer Accounts on 30.06.1988 with basic pay of Rs 2060 in 4th cpc. In 6th cpc my notional pay has been assumed as PB 9300 and GP 4200 but the GP of Sr Section Officer has been revised to 4800. I have been denied due to non functional as I was retired at that time.
    What is the corresponding pb and GP for me in 7 pc..
    What should be my pension now.

  259. My total pension before revision was Rs.11905 and by multiplying 2.57 it was Rs. 30596. Now as per latest pension table it is 30650 giving only the benefit of Rs.54 per month. Kindly justify it. I was retired on 31.3.2009.

  260. Mrs.Aruna Baruah -: Rs.16,080/- + D.R. w/e.r 1/1/2016. if it is level 6, her new family pension. until her death/remarriage. She may get arrears up to 6/17 Rs.10,948/- payable JULY, 2017 ONLY.

  261. Shri Krishnaji Gopal Khot – Please write complaint (in duplicate) to your ex-employer through your PAY & ACCIUNTS OFFICE they will be sending to CPAO. CPAO will ordered to bank. Further this is to inform you that 7th CPC NEW PENSION was not yet calculated it may be settled soon, now they given only pension x 2.57 formula 2.

  262. Mrs .Smriti Kana Guha Roy – W.e.f.1/1/2016 minimum pension :Rs.9,000/-for that d.r.2% from 1/7/16 & 4% from 1/1/17. You can minus amount taken from 1/1/16 to 31/6/17 that is your arrears.

  263. Sadhu Ram Teji – Your NEW PENSION w.e.f.1/1/2016 :
    rs.34,000/-, Family pension : 20,400/- Arrears as on 31/7/17 : Rs.15,540/-.

  264. The notional pay calculations for computation of pension is a futile exercise. The pension is simply of 50% of the entry pay in the respective pay scales excepting post-2006 pensioners as was the case in fifth and sixth pay commissions. No incremental increase has been considered as recommended by the 7th pay commission for computation of pension. Regrets !

  265. the multiplying factor is varying from 2.57 to 2.81 . however pension in the calculator multiplies by 2.57 only. pl. remove confusion

  266. I retired on 01 Apr 2017 my basic pension is as per 6th choc is 13105 and what is my new basic pension

  267. In your pension calculator,you have not consider amendment in multification factor for PB-IV scale Level-13 (Grade pay -8700/)from 2.57 to 2.67 and accordingly gazzate notified.Request to consider this factor also for calculation or a separate calculator to be design for PB-IV scale,grade pay 8700/

  268. Sir,
    I retired on 31/03/2011 as central Govt employee. At the time of retirement my Basic Pay was: 25800/- Pay Scale: 9300-34800-4800 (GP). D O B: 10/03/1951.. What will my new revised pension as per 7th CPC committee?

  269. I am getting pension Rs. 7875/- in every month and my basic pension is Rs.3500/- . I am a widow pensioners & my husband was retired in 01-04-1975 . My DOB is 06/09/1949.

    Please tall me what will be my new pension in 7th Pay commission, and which amount i will received the pension area amount.

  270. I HAVEN:T GOT ANY REPLIES TO MY EARLIER QUERIES SENT THROUGH EMAILS > According to 5th Pay My basic Pension was 10550 + D.A. and I was getting total only 21000/- till december and then 31 December I received message of Basic Pension 25255- Commutation, As I see the VII CPC Report of Pension Calculation is not matching. My PPO is not updated by PNB, ANUSHAKTI NAGAR BRANCH since September, 2013.. Please go through the matter and see that pension authorities gives me justice and send me a letter in details . THANIKING YOU AN AWAITING FOR FAVOURABLE REPLY, .

  271. My date of birth is 01-07-1938.My retirement date is 01-07-1996 My 6th pay commission basic pension is rs 8151. What will be my revised pension as per 7th cpc

  272. Basic Pension of a Group B officer retired pre 2006 after putting in 4 years 8 months ( plus) in Gr.B cadre was revised from Rs 4330 (5 Cpc) to 9786 ( 6 CPC) & to 25151 as per 7 Cpc taking into a/c GP Rs4800 and another Gr. B officer with less than one year service in Gr B & junior to the former, &retired post 2006 was sanctioned pension taking GP @Rs.5400. It is apparently very discriminatory .I think ,it needs to be clarified / addressed.

  273. My date of retirement is 30.06.2013 Basic pension is 12540.commutation is 5016. Let me know the pension as per VII CPC.

  274. Thank you very much for providing a very good service.
    My Late husbands BP was notionaly fixed at 2825/ in 4th cpc scale 2000-3500..he retired in feb 1978..
    My Basic FP was 4887. On 1.1.16.before 7th cpc revision.
    It has been revised to 12560 from 7th cpc .
    My DOB is 20-2-1931.
    What could by basic FP as per new order.
    Kindly provide by email please

  275. I was retired VRS on 31 Jan 2012 pay band 2 and pay was 21030 with grade pay 5600 and pension was fixed 10515 but in pension calculator grade pay of 5600 not given which is not understood. and grade pay 5400 given. Please clarify.

  276. I retired on 31dec2003 in the scale 14300-400-18300 and I was drawing Rs 16300 in 5th cpc.
    My pension was fixed at 23050 being 50 % of minimum on the scale 37400( grade pay 8700) ie 46100.
    As per 7cpc my notional pay has to be fixed as though I was in service as on that date. Taking this into consideration my notional pay has to be fixed 48390 in 6 cpc and then in 7cpc at level 13 at 123100 plus 1 increment in that scale.
    Please make necessary changes in the calculator.

  277. I retd as Gp Capt from IAF on 31. 1.1995. My pre 1.1.2016 pension with OROP is 36130/-. The CG has accepted the recommendations of the empowered committee and sanctioned 2.67 multiplication factor for Colsand equivalents at level 13. Could you calculate my probable pension as per 7 cpc ?
    Gp Capt NK Maharishi.

  278. dear sir,
    The organization is doing a great service and I personally thank you for the nice effort.
    there was an order changing the grade pay 4200 to 4600. perhaps the calculator is using older value.
    Min of Finance dept of expenditure , implementation cell order no 1/1/2008-IC dated 13th Nov 2009

    Can you please look at that revise the calculator for ready use.

    • Dear Sarma,
      Thank you for your valuable comment. I have updated the calculator as per order no 1/1/2008-IC dated 13th Nov 2009. Apologies for the delayed update. Please verify and do kindly provide your feedback as it will be useful for all who is in need including myself.

  279. Retd on 30.11.2000 having put in a service of 4 years 7 months in Group B cadre of total service of 36 & a half year. Last pay Rs.8750 (5 CPC).Penion Rs 9786 .. Fmly.Pension Rs 5934. (before revn )as on 1.1.2016 .Kindly intimate the amount of pension admissible as per 6 CPC. & 7 CPC.

  280. Pension calculator updated on 21/5/2017 don’t consider fixing notional pay from 5cpc to 6cpc on the basis of fitment tables and bunching as pay was fixed in 6cpc and 7cpc after giving benefits of bunching

  281. dt of rtmt 31dec 2004 ,6 CPC basic 8330,at the time of rtmt basic pay was:5900,pension as on 01_1_2016 isb17194, before revision, 7cpc basic pension is 23999, rank NB sub ,premature retmnt after completing 22yr 3months.May I know what is my new revised pension? please tell me.

  282. This seems to be reliable calculator. Pl. make it through Pensioners portal so that it can be used by all offices for fixation of notional pay

  283. The date of retiremento is 31-5-2002, Pay scale in 5th cpc Rs 6500-10500—- Last pay drawn Rs 10500- Please intimate the notional pay as on 01-01-2016. The old lady is drawning family pension Rs 12198- wef 1-1-2016 under 7th CPC. Please also intimate the revised family pension wef 1-1-2016 vide notification 12-5-2017

  284. My pension 12615 at 1_7_2009, revised pension is 32421 as on 1 _1 what is the new revised pension as per paymatrix from 1_1_2016.

  285. I am a retired principal from a Delhi Govt Senior Secondary School. I retired in 1992 in the pay scale of Rs 3000-4500. This pay scale was revised/upgraded like scales of some other categories by 6 cpc. The upgraded pay scales were allowed to the working teachers & principals whereas the retirees were denied this benefit,inspite of the fact that the Apex Court has ruled in a case in 1982-83 that pensioners should not be divided into classes /groups on the basis of date of retirement. A recent OA 655/2010 supported by Delhi High Court & the Apex court directed the Govt to implement the revised benefits to all pre 2006 retirees. The Law ministry has opined that there is no option but to implement the court orders since it has become a legal finality. The Pension Department wants those who seek this benefit need to go to court for a fresh direction. Is it not increasing the load of the courts and an harassment to the pensioners? Is it not a denial of constitutional right under Articles 14 & 21 ( Equality before Law & Right to life )? The concerned authorities should look into this problem of the pensioers. Thanks.

  286. The notional pay method has reduced the no of increments at each successive notional pay fixation and finally the pensioners
    Get marginal increase in pension and the concept of OROP is buried.
    Kudos to the committee.

  287. Sir,
    My pension prior to 2006(6th CPC) was 8083 and my equivalent basic pay on retirement was 16125..Pension was revised in 2006 and my pension was fixed at 18224. My equivalent basic pay now should be 36448 considering the base year as 2006.. Also my equivalent basic pay 16125 prior to 2006 should have been 1625×[18224÷8063]=36446 based on 2006, base year. What is the logic in taking in taking my retirement basic pay for calculating pay in 2016. The basic pay of 2006 Ie; 36445 or 36448 should have been taken to multiply by 2.57 to arrive at 93671. This pay should pay should have been taken and fixed in the scale of 2016 and paid half of it as one choice. It is illogical to take base pay at retirement to base for calculation in 2016 without moderating it.

  288. Retired on 31/10/1995 basic pay 6700 pay scale 5100-6300 basic pension on 1/1/2016 is 24295 grade pay is 8900 I had earned 9 increments . What will be my basic pension

  289. Last basic pay drawn 5900,pension at the time of retirement 3392, date of retirement is 31 Dec 2004.Can you tell me what is my revised pension as on May 2017 ?

  290. I am excpl x go retd on 1/6/ basic pension 496/- as per orop and 7th CPC my present basic 21524/-. As per 12/5/2017 what is my my present basic pension?pl let me know if possible

  291. For calculation as per notional fixation multiplication factor is taken as 2.57 only whereas the pay matrix gives different for different levels. This is thus not of any benefit to pensioners!

  292. I am retired from Army on 31 Dec 2005 after 28 yrs of service as Sub in Y gp on 5th cpc scale 6600-170-9320 , last pay drawn 7960 DA 3980 & pension sanctioned Rs 6999. Revised pension 10532 OROP pension 12268 now gtd 31529 on basis of 12268 × 2.57. May I know my exact pension on basis of notional pay as per 7th cpc order dt 12 May 2017.

  293. Sir my papa retired on 30 -8 -1982 From AMC Naik B position.
    pApa passed away on 2014
    Mummy is getting papas pension
    Now she is getting around 11250.
    What will be her 7th pay pension

  294. iwas td on 30//06///206 1the pay band 1300 —— gp 4600 last pay drwan is s. 219000 on 1-01-2016 drawn 2468ibefore 7thcpc implimented iwant tokow the notional pay as on 1-1-2016 what i my new pention pl. tan

  295. I am retired on September 2014. At that time my basic pension was 29225 and family pension was 17565. I was in PB 4. Hence I request u calculate revised pension including DA for the autonomous body for May 2017.

  296. some correction to just i sent 5 minutes back. as per modified manner 64200÷2 comes to32000. thank you.

  297. dt of rtment 30. 6. 2003. scale. 5th pc. scale of pay. 6500-10500. dt of entry 1. 1. 1986. last pay darn. 10700. includes one stagnation increment. thus got 21stages. mutilation on 2nd method 30843. now bymodified manner 31100only. whereasmy 21stages if considers it will be 64200 as per matrix table. is it so?

  298. This is reliable calculator but then it need ti come through Mo p&PG(Pensioner portal) so that it may use by all HoD. for quick finalisation of fixation of notional pay under 7CPC

  299. I retired on 31.12.2005 in the Vth CPC scale of 12000-375-16500 ,with basic pay of. Rs. 15000.0n the day of retirement. Consequently, on the day of retirement I had 8 notional increments to my credit and I was placed in level 12 of the pay matrix (Grade Pay Rs.7600). But while calculating notional pay , I was assigned the notional pay linked to Level 6 of the 7th CPC as per the Calculator.Kindly explain the anomaly!

  300. The above ready pension calculator does not cover cases where pay scales have been upgraded subsequent to retirement. After 5cpc and 6 cpc a number of pay scales have been upgraded and higher pay bands were given. 6th cpc iiself has upgraded some prerevised pay bands.. As per Note 2 to Rule 7 of ccs(revised pay) rules 2008, in cases where upgradation took place, the pay has to be arrived at after adding the upgraded grade pay to the amount arrived by multiplying the existing basic pay with 1.86 rounded to the nearest.ten. Example 4 appended to the rules supports this. I believe that in such cases , the same procedure has to be adopted now. B.Appi Reddy,Guntur.

  301. I have drawn 10 increaments in the scale 14300-18300. At the time of my retirement my basic was of retirement 31/3/ 6th pc my last pay was 56430&pension28215.payband 37400-67000grade pay8700 level13
    Please clarify factor2.67 applicable for my revision.
    10 increment drawn wii be accunted or not

  302. iwas rtd on30//06//2006 rtd time my total pay basikplus da s21900 asper 7thcpc my notional pay how much my new pention is how match kindly inform by email , tanq rajasekara rao

  303. I am retired on 31 10 2015 my bsic pension Rs. 12535 and grady pay Rs. 4800 under 6th cpc what will my new revise pension after modifications of 7th cpc

  304. If this is simply a place for comments for which there is no reply or remedy it is futile to give comments. However i give my view. There was more straightforward method for fixation of pay/ pension in earlier occasions. In 5th CPC a new formulation was brought called bunching of pay which was appeared to fool the employee and squeeze his rightful benefits. In 7th CPC a term notional pay has been applied in without taking increments drawn by the pensioner.
    At the time of 5th CPC I was in the scale of 3700-5000 and my pay was inr 5000 top of the scale having drawn all ten increments. New scale was 12000-16500.. my pay was fixed at inr 13500 7 increments less of top of the new scale without giving any benefit
    of ten increments drawn in the old scale. I was not given any increment in compansation of 10 increments i had drawn either way one increment for every 3 increment drawn or by way. Of bunching of increments. Where as a person who drew 3 or 6 increment in the old scale gets one or two inrements by way of one increment for every increment drawn or by way of bunching. In both the fellows when normally fixed does not reach 12000 the minimum of the scale. In 7th CPC also the case is not otherwise; a man who is at the top of the scale will also be fixed at the half of the minimum pay of the scale. Scheme, notional pay.calculation without taking increments into consideration, and bunching of increments in 5th CPC fixation of pension calculation is alike in rendering loss to the individual.. I had not reached top of the scale a status which i had attained in 1996 even after almost 7 years of my further service, while i retired in sept. 2003.

  305. Dear sir
    I am a central civil family pensioner.
    My husbands 4th cpc pay was fixed at Rs.2825/-notionally at scale 2000-3500.(1.1.1986).
    Presently scale is written as 9300-34800 in ppo..
    0n 31.12.2015 my FP BASIC was was 4887.
    And from 1.1.2016 it has become 12560/-
    Would be grateful if you could let me know my FP as per DOPW order dtd.12.5.2017.

  306. There is no need for elaborate calculations. The pension of pre-2006 retirees will be 50 percent of the entry pay in respect of a particular pay scale corresponding to the 7th pay commission scales. It is wrong to say the notional pay when the increments earned in the previous scales of the retirees are not taken for computation of notional pay in respect of 7th pay commission scales.

  307. Date of retirement : 1-8-1997
    Last pay drawn : 6650 ( 5500-175-9000)
    Pension under 6 CPC : 7380
    Pension from 1-1-2017
    before N.P fixation : 18967

    In the Notional fixation of Pay under 6th CPC the calculator has taken Grade Pay as 4200 instead of 4600. Why this difference?

  308. I am having PB4 Level 13 scale,this has to be multiple by 2.67. So calculate my basic is to 50260*2.67=134194.2,say Rs 134194, this is to fixed in the Nonanal in the higher fix to Rs134500/-.then divided by 2= Rs67250/- basic pension has to come.

  309. I retired on 31-01-2013. My basic pension was 10405. And grade pay was 4600. Now my basic pension after pay commission is 26741, this includes commutation.
    What will be my new pension?
    Somebody told me it will be around 50000/-. Is this possible.

  310. Now, based on OROP I am getting basic pension of 43710/-and my final pension works out to 35850/- . Is it correct calculation. Or my basic pension should be 67,700/- as per notional. Please clarify

  311. For multiplication factors of above 2.57, my belief is that government should permit the multiplication factor of above 2.57 as available in the pay matrix to have realistic parity with the pay matrix accepted by the government. It means if 2.67 or 2.72 is the multiplication factor used for arriving the pay matrix scales, the same multiplication factor should be allowed for pay fixation for all such concerned employees and pensioners in those pay matrix scales.

  312. To find out the notional pay in sixth pay commission ,it is not enough to check whether grade pay is added or not.It is necessary to find out notional pay by comparing with pay fixation table. otherwise the idea of parity is lost., secondly for level 13 new multiplication factor is 2.67 for civil employees also.

  313. as i assesd fitment factrs 2.57,2.67,2.72 multiplied with PB+GP for PB -1, 2, 3, 4 and to fixed pay to calculate the BP& pension pre-2016 as per 7th cpc is very authantic for each pb .Therefore, UGC,ICAR&CSIR AND OTHER AUTO NOMOUS BODIES SHOULD ACEPT. SOME INTERNEL MODIFICATION BY THE DEPTT, TO MAINTAIN THE SENIORITY STATUS

  314. Sorry. In my comments the year of retirement typed wrongly as 30/4/1996 .instead of retirees on 30/4/1994.. pl read retirement as 30/4/1994 in my comments. Sorry for inconvenience. My other comments remain. Balasundaram

  315. The notional pay as on 1/1/2006 for the scale of 4500-150-5700 for retirees on 30/4/1996 with basic pay of rs 5250 shown in your calculator is less than the minimum of pay band4{37400)plus grade pay(8700). . .the notional pay has to be 46100 as on 1/1/2006. Secondly the revised pension from 1/1/2016 will be again pegged at 50% of the minimum of new matrix and people like me mentioned in above example get no benefit of 5 increments in the old scale. How then standing committee says this method is more beneficials than option 1 for persons like me. , especially when he pay matrix has been revised only on 16/5/2017 after DOP letter 12/5/17 (from 118500 to 123100)

    Balasundaram (retd Director)

  316. I have calculated my pension as per above formulae , it is arriving at Rs. 41352/- whereas if I multiply the OROP pension (as on 31 Dec 2016) by 2.57 as I am getting it is also arriving at Rs. 41,352/-. I do not hope if any PBOR is being benefitted. It may be effecting some of the higher rank officers. The same is thecase in disability pension. I feel I was benefitted in the Slab type of disability pension.

  317. “Pay on retirement” means only basic pay or basic pay plus grade pay in 6th pay commission?
    yes (pay band+ grade pay)

  318. what about, govt. notification enhanced 2.57 to 2.67 for level 13 in pay band PB-VI.Your calculation is not correct.Please clarified.

  319. In Railway Service what will be the Charge Allowance for promotion from Sr. Scale to JA Grade Officer on adhoc basis?

    My details on retirement –
    Date of retirement 30th June 2013
    Band Pay – 28900
    Grade Pay – 6600
    Charge All. – 1500
    Total – 37000
    Pension fixed – 18500
    What will be the new Pension?

  320. 7th CPC recommended option 1 was much better, difference is huge. I will be at a loss of around 10 k per month.

  321. There was no need to do the cumbersome Exercise to get the notional pay for computation of pension as per the approval. Fifty percent of the entry pay in the corresponding respective pay scale gives straight away the pension. It is otherwise a waiste of time.

  322. I would like to know whether the final calculation will be done by the respective banks or by the respective department?

  323. Rule 5(1)(36) {increasing the notional pay fixation applying the bunching rule} for the purpose of Pension revision-Is it not allowable/necessary? Pl. examine

  324. Mera appointment 33o_560/ 17.3.1975, 6CPC me g/pay 2800/ total service 40y 9.m 14days,without any break, jadi mera parmotion nahi hota to mera fitment 90000/se upar hota lekin permotion lekar 4800/ g/pay me netional pay 81200/ie 40600/ pension, plz enquire the matter,&do need ful action, thanks.

  325. EPFO under autonomous got 7th CPC but what about other autonomous bodies. central govt has not issued any order for autonomous bodies for implementation of 7th cpc . some depot has given pay protection for exservicemen but some depot is not giving why ?

  326. plz look in to NPS about central govt employees it is implemented since 2004 and for bank it is since 2010 why this is not good decision for central govt no pay protection for ex servicemen in central govt but it is there for bank employees high rate of interest for other employees but very less of interest for bank employees for housing loan and pay revision for bank after 5 years but 10 years for central govt please do good for all

  327. In calculator for fixation of revised pension in PB 2 there are six pay band. These needs to be specified

  328. Indeed very useful. How do we proceed to get the new pension fixed as per the revised formula? Will it be done by the pension cell of the concerned department or do we have to approach some other office. Your advise will be very useful especially to pensioners and family-pensioners who retired before 6th pay commission was implemented.

  329. The Calculator is wrong and just does not take into account the revised instructions. For S-30 scale, it shows the revised pay for s29, as it does not take into account the modification to scale issued inNov 2008.

    Even for s-29 it shows wrongly as the pension enhanced due to court case is not taken into account

  330. NICE – GETTING ALL THE DETAILS OF (Calculation)
    This option is far better than the option-1 given by the 7cpc with some tricks. The committee has done a good job to evolve this modified option
    not only that , many more pensioners will be benefited.
    Thank you – Mariappan M

  331. After calculation the same figure of Rs. 20034 is arrived, which I am already drawing w.e.f 01.01.2016, then there is no change in increase of pension..Poor method .

  332. The SO s were given 7500 grade pay in 6th Pc. I retired as SO in 2002. You did not reflect this grade pay change in your calculator. GP is shown as 4200. Can you rectify?

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