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DoPT stands for "Department of Personnel and Training". It is very important division in the government department.

The ministry is presently under the control of honourable Prime minister and which is assisted by honourable minister of the state.

Role of DoPT (Department of Personnel and Training)

The role of the Department of Personnel & Training can be conceptually divided into two parts. It is responsible for recruitment, regulation of service conditions, posting/transfers, deputation of personnel as well as other related issues. These works are regularly monitored by DoPT.

Realising that improvement in the working and living conditions of the employees and their families leads to efficiency and high morale, the Department supports various welfare programmes.

In order to bring out the development and services for central government employees, DoPT often releases set of rules and regulations in the form of office memorandum, orders, circulars, notifications. Our govtempdairy posts and updates these orders every day for the betterment and welfare of central government employees.