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  1. My husband retired on 31.5.1998. Death on 23.1.2016. Drawing state pension
    Basic as on 1.1.2016 is 9600
    My family pension is 4800

    What will be 6th pay revision as per karnataka Govt

    Pls reply

  2. My . retirement date was 30 Oct 2000. My pension was calculated at Rs.4040/- in the scale of 8000-13500/- and consequent upon the acceptance of 6th CPC my pension was raised to 9136/- But asper the guidelines contained in the 6th CPC my pension should have been half of the Basic pay plus Grade pay of the corresponding scale, which come to Rs.10,500/-, which should have been raised at Rs.26985/- (10500 x 2.57 = 26985) in the 7th CPC. Kindly advise my as to how can I get my pension revised at this stage.

    • It seems your question from the 6th CPC pension will be 50% of total basic pay including Grade Pay. You mention half of basic pay plus full GP. Rs. 9136 seems to be included D.R. Any how as you submitted the scale of in 5th CPC your revised minimum pension if in PB 2 level 9 in 7th CPC will be Rs.26500 or if in PB3 (Group A entry) it will be in level 10 is Rs.28,050/. Further this is to inform you that in the 5th CPC in the basic pay plus 50% dearness pay was included, (i.e. D.P. was included in basic pay from 6th CPC. total 50% of basic pay is treated as pension.

  3. My dad took voluntary pension from Indian railways as RPF on 31/11/2000. His last pay was 4135 in the scale of(3200-4900).He is getting a total amount of only Rs 12,138 including other allowances. Is’nt he getting too less? Please guide us regarding this matter. Thank you.

    • Yes. As per his last basic pay mentioned he should eligible to get basic pension as Rs.12,600/-p.m. from 1/1/2016 plus applicable allowances.Check up from bank due to the 7th CPC arrears paid in this financial year he might have been recovered Income-Tax. If not contact ex-employer/PAO.


  5. Mr. M. K. Kumar Sir good evening. My total service 6.5 years. Invalid out from service 31.12.1989..and iam service in army my regiment is MRC (The Madras regimental center) my trade infantry GD. rank Sepoy. Iam getting in disability pension 20% 1.1.90 to 4/2004. Now service element only. My basic pension is 6015. Sir my request is new national pay matrix pension is how much. Thank you so much.

  6. mere father shri badriprashad shastri shri mahatma dudha dhari inter collage nagla bishnu agra me asistent teacher ke post par date 1/07/1948 se lagatar service karte hue date 30/06/1980 ko retired hue pravious 14 years se enke vikalang son ko family vikalang pension nahi de gye he please enke son famile pension dene ke krapa kare

  7. Sir i inform you my joining date of army 20 sep 2003 i retir in disability ground 17 aug 2004 my present service pension is basic 9000 my disability pension is 1755 sir plese clarify my pension my ex no 15207444h ppo no D/010052/2005

  8. Mr M.k.kumar sir good evening. Pls tell me 7th cpc calculator is 2.57 or 2.86 ? I’m army pensinor D. Of ret 31.12.1989.

    • Now the calculation is by 2.57 and fixed at the MATRIX TABLES as per 6th CPC GP and your last pay in your scales drawn. After the calculation it will be 50% is called as REVISED NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/2016.

  9. Sir how to fix notional pay and pension with non practice allowance of pre 2016 pensioner (doctors) . Please help with any example

  10. T.S.NANGRANI -on 9/8

    After retirement increment cannot be granted, That rule was applicable for the 6th CPC retirees, since the increments for them from June.You might have got the last increment from June,94 to May,95 As per your last pay Now your 7th CPC NOTIONAL PENSION is Rs.22,450 + (20% of Rs.4490 attaining the age of 80%) from 1/1/16 onwards + D.R. as applicable from 1/7/16 onwards

  11. I retired from railway service on 31-05-1995 as office superindent grade Rs.2000-3200. Increment was due from 01-06-1995 but due to retirement same was not drawn and settlement made on the last pay as on 31-05-1995. Can I get Notional Increment Benefit for settlement purpose so that I can get retrement benefits on Rs. 2240?

  12. TARun – on 4/8

    Since your father was retired in 7th CPC, so he will not get grade pay at 1/3/2017. Hence give correct his last pay. He might have got one or two increments in 7th CPC, so it is difficult to calculate pension.

    • My basiccpp pay at the timr of retirement was 7950 on the pay scale of rs. 5500_9000.i retired on 26 feb per six pay commission my badis was fixed
      On thr 7th cpv it was fixed at 23093. Now ater refixingon of my basic was w4600 as per cpc order dt 26 april 2028badic fixed at 24600. Now i wany to know after modification og recent cpc ehat will be my bavic pay

      • As per your last pay of Rs.7950 your modified NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/2016 is Rs.24,500/- plus D.R. as applicable rates and if Fixed Medical Allowance of Rs.1000/- from 7/2017.

  13. Sir,
    My father retired voluntarily on 1-3-2017 after serving for 32 years and 6 months in NDMC. The basic and grade pay at the time of retirement were 21550 and 4800 respectively. Can I know how much pension he’ll get without the benefit of 7th pay commission.

  14. Sir my commission in the Indian Navy of retirement 30 Oct 1989.w
    I retired as cdr (ts) sir what is my present pension

  15. K.V.R.KRISHNA RAO – on 22/7

    Sir, This is to inform you that your scale was upgraded only in the 5th CPC from 1/1/96, but you retired on 30/6/94 so your last pay and your 4th CPC scale was not in the concordance table No.28 level 8 (GP 4800). So your pay comes only in Table 26, level 7, (GP 4600) your Notional Pension from 1/1/16 Rs.28450 and from 1/6/16 on completion of 80years additional pension of 20% of Rs.5680 total comes to Rs.34,130.Family pension Rs.17070.

  16. I request mr.M.K.Kumar once again go through the question risesd by me on 15/7 /17 and his reply the fixation of Pention and family Pention . as on 1-1-17 . I retired on 30-6-1994 and last pay drawn 3050 and pay scale 4th, CPC 2375-75-3200-EB-100-3500.In 5th CPC the govt. upgraded the post of chief Editor FDand the scale is also fixed S-14 7500-250-12000 instead you mentioned 7450-225-11500. Accordingly in 6th, cpc PB II,9300-34800 Grade 4800,and index 9 and leval 8 to be used .which comes Pension 30200 . AD . Pension 20% Rs.6040, compleated 80 years on 9-6-2016. (Date of birth. 9-6-1936. The family Pension to be 18,120 instead of 17070 as you mentioned.. I request pl. check once again.

  17. ARUN PANDEY – on 19/7

    We could not conclude with your figures submitted by your father’s pension and your mother’s family pension, (I think it could be including D.A.) We require your father’s last pay (without D.A.)with his scale of pay in which CPC is required and his retirement date, month & year.If already your mothers family pension was revised after 1/1/2016 it will not be changed now.

  18. My father died on 27/10/2013.My mother’s family pension was 13200 on starting.before 1.1.2016 pension was 15500 after 7th CPC it is now 18235. What will be her family pension after revision

  19. ar RAN MEH – ON 16/7

    As per your last retirement pay was Rs.4,950 in the scale of 4500-150-5700 in the 4th CPC will be fixed level 13 (123100-215900) so your NEW NOTIONAL PENSION Rs.61,550 + 10% additional for completing 80 year Rs.6155 Total Rs.67,705from 1/1/2016 + D.R. from 1/7/16 as applicable until the settled in a couple of months as arrears.The family pension will be Rs.36,930/- for your spouse/dependents if any.

  20. I retired on 30/9/1990 My date of birth is Sept 8 1932 I was holding Indian Statistical Service Scale commencing from 4500 My basic pay at retirement was 4950 I held that post for more than 3 years My basic pension as on 1-1-2006 was fixed ad 23050
    What will be my pension with 2nd increase orders?in May 2017
    I will be grateful for reply

  21. K.V.RKRISHNA RAO -on 15/7

    Since your last pay was 3050, your grade pay was fixed 4600 as 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE LEVEL 7 as per Concordance table your NOTIONAL PENSION will be from 1/1/16Rs.28450,& from 1/6/16 ₹28450 + 10% 2840 + 1/7/16 also applicable D.R until settlement in a couple of months as arrears . Family pension ₹ 17070. Your pay was fixed in 5th CPC was ₹7450-225-11500,6th CPC PB 9300-34800 GP was 4600 not 4800.

  22. , I retired as Chief Editor, Films Division on 30-06-1994 , 4th, CPC Last Pay 3050 in the Pay Scale Rs. 2375-75-3200-EB-100-3500.

    In 5th, CPC the Pay Scale of Chief Editor post upgraded and Fixed in the Pay Scale of Rs. 7500-250-12000

    In the 6th CPC the Pay Scale of Chief Editor Films Division Rs. 9300-34800. Grade Pay 4800.

    On 1-1-2006. (6th,CPC) My Basic Pension Fixed Rs. 10,386 and Family Pension Rs. 5085.

    On 1-1-2016(7th, CPC) My Basic Pay Fixed by my Bank Rs.26,693 and additional Pension of Rs. 5339 from 1-1-2016 , since I compleated 80 years 0n 9-th, June 2016 (My date of birth 9-6-1936.

    Sir, Pl. caliculate My Basic Pension and Additional Pension as on 1-1-2016 and Family Pension Optional, 1 and 2.

  23. SHREE RAM YADAVA – on 12/7

    As per LPD your scale was not 1200-375-16500, it should be 1200-375-1800 then only your last pay was 16875, if it is correct than 16875 X 1.86 + GP 7600 =. 31388 X 2.57 =. 100199 it will be fixed in level 12, Stage 10 fixed at 102800/2 = RS.51,400/- from 1/1/16 as NEW NOTIONAL PENSION. The difference of pension now you have taken minus will be settled with ina couple of months.

  24. Sir, I was retired on 31/8/2003 from cntr govt service at LPD rs 16875 at 23.5 yes QS. in the scale rs 12000-375-16500 ,S-21 my pension was fixed at mum rs 14600 from 1/1/2006 (6th cpc) in scale 15600-39100 + 7600 gp. My pension is not revised till to day and getting old 6th cpc.. Now pl let me know what will be the basic pension and arrears since1/1/2016. Thanks

  25. Sir I was retired from army wef 30 Nov 2013 as a sub maj. My pension was fixed Rs 12365. I had not opted for commutation. What will be my revised pension?

  26. VINAY NANDA – on 3/7

    As per your payment details, you are retired in the 5th CPC,as per the formula for 5th CPC retirees : Your last pay Rs.10975 x 1.86 = 20414 + 6th CPC grade pay Rs.6000 = 26414 x 2.57 (7th CPC) = 67884 as per the 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE LEVEL 11, STAGE 2 fixed at 69700/2 = Rs.34,850/-as NEW NOTIONAL PENSION Rs.34,850/-from 1/1/16. The difference of new pension with D.R. from 1/7/16 as applicable you will get arrears. The settlement will take a couple of months.
    Please update your AADHAR, PAN, TELEPHONE id, correspondence address to your ex-employer so that your fixation letter will reach to you.

  27. Sir my basic pay is 37000 and and I am retired on 31 Aug 2017 what about my pension and communation as Hav ranked

  28. My pension as per 6thCPC was 12600/.under pay band 15600-39100 with grade pay as 6600/.At the time of retirement my last drawn salary was Rs10975/. What would be my pension after 7th CPC.

  29. I am retied Army pendioner. I retied as Naik rank.My basic pension is Rs 18000. My pension as on date is 19653.00. What increase I will get from July 2017 as hike of revised pension.

  30. IA KADAPATTI – ON 26/6

    Since your pension last retirement pay was Rs.36250 x2 =72500 x 2.57 = 186325 as per 7th CPC MATRIX TABLE you will be fixed at level 11, stage 6 (GP 6000) YOUR NOTIONAL PENSION is 191000/2 = Rs.95,500.- from your retirement or from 1/1/2016.

  31. My Basic pension as per 6th CPC was Rs.36250 and Grade Pay,Rs.6600.What will be my revised pension? I have availed commutation.

  32. The above calculator. Is not applicable to cases where upgradation has taken place. As per 6th cpc notification ,in such cases ,the upgraded grade pay has to be taken .for fixing the pay. Thanks. B. Appi reddy, guntur.

  33. My pension as on 1.1.2016 was rs 67770 from which commuted of rs 12050 and my retirement date is 31.8.2013 . At that time my basic was rs. 60240 and scale 37400_67000 PB 10000. Now my pension , what would be fixed and which beneficiary for me.

  34. My basic pension on 1.1.2016 is RS.12600. what would be my new pension according to new order..Please let me know.

  35. my pension difference as per 7th pay commssion ce is comes to 1300. is the Govt is going to pay the difference with arrears and when.

  36. In pb 2,the grade pay should be brought to 5400,for ACMas i have served as lecturer and also as ACM in the legal branch and retired in august 1996.i was selected as on aoofice on 30 % direct selection grade .I should have been given the grade of PB2 ,
    I have retired at 58 yrs of service and was not given the benefit of 60 ,years.
    I prayed for consideration to upgrade to PB2 with grade pay 5400..Prayed to SERly authorities,but no response to my pleas .

  37. My basic pension is 12540 with 4800 GP as per VI CPC. What will be my pension as per VII CPC?

  38. Gazette GSR 527(E) has revised the S 30 HAG scale as 67000-79000. The calculation is based on PB + grade pay which is not correct

  39. Should insist to fix the pay in the matrix taking the no of increments at the time scale when retirement and fix the pension at 50%.fitment table should be rejected
    For consuming the is very clear when careful study in the model calculations furnished with the order.

  40. My basic pension as per vii cpc fixed to 28656/- What would be my revised basic pension as per latest govt orders

  41. Has the “Arrears for 7 months from 1 Jan 2016 to 31 Jul 2016” been paid to government and autonomous body retirees yet?

  42. How is it different than what we are part presently? It is not clear what is the correct answer

    • My basic pay on 31,10,2006 (retired date) scale 9300. 37000 and grade pay 4800 pension on retirement was 11090 (railways) what’s the revised pension as per 7 cpc

  43. Under the revised formula 5th cpc pay drawn will bfixed as per fitment table&then multplying it by2.57 notional pay would b fixed as per 7th cpc Matrix table& 50% of that will b revised pension.pension.

  44. What is the formula which is modified for fixation of notional pay for pensioners on the basis of the PPO? Let me know that revised formulation please. Thanks.

  45. I retired on 31-08-2011 on superannuation. My basic pay was Rs21880in scale of 9300-34800 GP4600. What will be my revised basic pension?

  46. What will be the revised fitment factor for pre 2016 pensioWhat will be the revised fitment factor for pre 2016 pensioners

  47. As being heard that the new formula for the calculation of pension for those who retired prior to 2016 shall be calculated @ 2.82 instead of 2.57 is approved by the govt. of India or is speculation ?

  48. Sir let us know the formula for newension calculation so we should know our new pension we have been waiting since long now how much more time it will take to finalies the new pension

  49. Sir let us know the formula for newension calculation so we should know our new pension we have been waiting since long now how much more time it will take to finalies the new pension

  50. As per the calculation their showing my BP Rs. 10850 but I am getting BP Rs. 9000 only. So what should I do for it. In fact my service period was only 21 year. Is it possible to get @ 10850 BP ?

  51. Sir

    I am a retired from Border Security Force and drawing a pension 0f about 16500 pm.Sir what will be my pension amount under this pay

  52. Sir .
    I am a widow and drawing a family pension 0f about 64958 pm.Sir what will be my pension amount under this pay commission?


  53. My mother basic pension amount is 4450 and overall pension received 10880, it come under assam govt. Plz confirm how much amount will be enhance in my mother pension

  54. I am drawing pension of Rs. 38448 i.e. 14960×2.57.
    The Govt. has not yet announced the order to enhance the pension as perthe minimum corresponding level ( level 12 ) in 7th CPC, i.e. 50% of 78800 i.e. 39400.
    In fact, the number of increments earned are not considered for retirees as per option (i) of para 10.1.67 of CPC Recommendation.
    The Govt. may be asked to consider early action to sanction option (i). for all the of pre-2016 Retirees. s/d n.sivan..


  56. We have not received copy of order for fixation of Revised Pension Fixed as per 7th Pay Commission applying formula multiply with 2.57.

  57. My bank is paying basic pension as Rs 59239 and 59250, Pl intimate if separate orders are required by bank for paying Rs 59250

  58. What is the latest update of Pension
    Option 1 & Pension Option 3 ?
    Did Govt approved Option 1 & 3?
    Please let me know and oblige me.
    I will thankful if answer pl.
    Thanking You,
    Vijay Patel

  59. I,g jha a retd principal kvs New Delhi want to mention till date not recd pension a per 7cpc and also revised DA wef july 2016 neither as per 6 CPC or 7 CPC

  60. Since 2013 PPO is not furnished with monthly record with and till now no New PPO is issued . What makes it delay to provide new PPO o Is it Senior Staff in Pension department delaying on Central Ministry’s advice? Please See that New Pension as per VII CPC Calculator and Its Arrears is given at earliest !! If Orders are there, Then why delay ?

  61. I retd Nk jagrup Singh date of birath 20/04/1969 group y Qulifykng service 17.5year I am 31/12/2005 on service 01 /01/2006 start the old pension continues I no recivedthe new ppo 6cpc and no revived the new pension, gareuti arriear eny grant please send my new ppo 6cpc and all benifet

  62. My basic pension on 1/1/2016is 31590/-but I was in same grade since 2001 having 13 increments.Which option is more beneficial. Grade pay in 6thCPC was 8700/-

  63. My Basic pension w.e.f. 01/01/2016 is Rs.25255? What will be my dearness pay per month and how much will be my total arrears amount ?

  64. How much time Government will take to pay the new pension as per VII C.P.C. and its arrears ? Whwn we will get our Dearnespay as shown in the DOPT?

  65. As per latest pension received my basic pension 32023 and DA 641. The total pension comes of Rs 32664.00. commuted – Rs 5985.00. The pnsion shound be Rs 26679.00. But pension credited RS 25833.00 only. Request reconcile and intimate correct pension of myself.

  66. Sir I have retired on April 2014 from Indian agricultural research institute, new delhi till date I have not get the benefits of seventh pay commission. What is the delay in implementing it.

  67. when 7th pc will come into action?We all are waiting.My father was a retired army pensioner .We didn’t get any increment.How many years it will take for BJP govt to implement actually.

  68. when 7th pc will come into action?We all are waiting.My father was a retired army pensioner .We didn’t get any increment.How many years it will take for BJP govt to implement actually.

  69. Now I am drawi ng basic pensio n rs. 19527, da 391, but income tax RS. 2643/-debited from my pension. It is not correct. Pls clarify

  70. i am indian rly employee taking VR in the month of feb.2017 at present my basic pay is Rs.78800/- after implementation of 7th cpc. my is 4600/- in pay band 9300-34800/- please calculation method of pension and how much pension will fixed per month. thanking you .
    N.Babu Rao

  71. My Name is Sammanu Venkata Ramaiah Iam retired 2004.Before 7thpay commission my Basic Rs 7598.After7thpay commission my Basic Rs 19527.Difrence is Rs 2431. But 12months Arrears Total Rs29172.I received Arrears Rs 244o7.why are you calculate replay please.

  72. i have given VRS and accepted from 11.03.2017 . my date of birth is 11.09.1960 and i completed over all 34 years 5 months completed. In this from 1.1.1983 to 1.8.1988 period only half only count in my service since worked as Temporary status in construction dept. i am south central railway employee and now my basic pay + GP (74200+4600) = 78800. my designation is Chief Loco Inspector (Running supervisor). please calculate pension,gratuity, commutation , and leave salary( 300 days)
    Thanking you sir,
    yours sincerely
    N.Babu Rao.

  73. I am retired from ASC 31 Oct 2013, after 26 yrs as Acp Nb/sub, my basic payment 10029, as per orop circular no 555 is increased my basic payment is 376 Rs, total basic payment is 10405, 7th cpc ke mutabik badhakar ana chahiye lekin , 10029 basic payment ke mutabik he diya hai orop me increase nahi kiya hai. Jo mere saath ke mere batch same basic payment par retaired huye hain kuchh ke badhakar payment aaya,

  74. I got retirement on April 2014 and the pension basic pay is 11770 and gross pension is 26783 including 125% d.a please let me know what will be my pension basic pay and gross pension after the implement of 7th pay commission

  75. my father was assistant engineer in u.p P. W. D he died in 2003.he was going to retire in mother is getting pension of 23461.00 including 125%DA.what is her pension going to be after 7th salary commission. Please let me know.
    Yours sincerely,
    Ankur Saxena

  76. Why not above culculated pension as per VII CPC Calculator along with Arrears is being paid even after 12 Mons of 2016 ?

  77. Hello sir. I retired in November 2012. My basic pension is 10029. And total is 17500. Till now I don’t receive OROP OR 7TH CPC ARRERA. I Want to ask u when I receive all this arrear. My colleague get there OROP. BUT IAM NOT. HELP ME

  78. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for updated information. May I request you to let us know when the remaining arrears (Aug 16 to Nov 16) shall be paid and D.A increased from Jul 2016 whether adjusted or to be paid separately.

    With regards

    Yours Truly,

    Subedar (Retd)

  79. I am a retired section officer from CAO min of def and my basic pension 3945

    As o’er pension calculation my pension 17700 and arrears 1/1/26 to 1 /7/16 = 61292

    I am not getting pension as above

    In nov I got pensioner 22445 and arrearrs. 21014

    Whereas I shop oils get 17700_and arrears 62292

    Why the difference? I asked clarification from my bank they told as and when odds issued we implementing,

    Please clarify

  80. We are not getting satisfactory reply no we are getting any thin in writing? We are not even getting entries in our old PPO. How to know what is going on ???


  82. Good morning sir I am ex TS/Nk.complete 17 year service. Pension from 31/10/ one rank one pension is 7170.How much new 7th pay commission. My pension. & How much Arrear.
    I am Disability pension 20% Disability. How much new Disability pension 7th CPC.pls Reply soon my mail ID
    Thank you so very much

  83. sir whats my basic pay i retired on 30apr 1994 and full pension rank Hav Gp B length sevice 17 year 4 months thanks

  84. Sir,
    I am No 15361020P Naik Hanumant Vishwanath Sarvankar Corps of Signals retired on 01 Jan 2010.
    I have been not received OROP pension and ariars till date
    Request take necessary action.

  85. As per orders issued based on the Vth and VIth Pay Commission reports, pension should not be less than 50 % of the minimum of the corresponding revised scale. However, no such provision has been incorporated in the orders dated 4th August, 2016. As such many of the pensioners/family pensioners are drawing less pension than what they are entitled to.. Hope this will be rectified soon by issuing revised orders as was done on earlier occasions.

  86. Retd after 30 yrs 07 months in 2009.Pay Band 15600-39100 Gd Pay 6600. Basic 25780.Pension 12890 n Comtd 7734.Calculate 7th PC Pay.

  87. When there is no charge in orop and7th CPC pay and pension what is the use of repeating in net.time and energy waste.they will not do anything.better to concentrate on some other subjects.

  88. I totally disagreed to our trade union leaders role .Because they accepted the Govt proposal of implementation of pay commission report and next they consider the demands of JCM leaders.Now Govt totally ignored to trade union leaders on any decessions
    .The trade union leaders totally ignored the workers demand.and postpone the General strike.The BJP Govt is do not wants the workers and pensioners welfare.They are playing political cards with workers and pensioners.The past Govt at centre hiked 20% insalary and pension but the present Govt at centre decresed to 14%.which totally a part of misplace to workers and pensioners.I request to sri Shive Gopal Misra and Sri M .Raghivaya and M Sanjeeve reddy garu to call general strike so that the Govt may consider the pay and pension fitment upto 2.86%.

  89. Dear Sir, There was stagnation table in one of your news. I retired on 31.12.1995 in the grade Rs 2000-3500,stagnated for six(6) yrs drawing three stagnation increments from Rs3500 to 3800/-.nd basic pay on retirement was 3800/-.
    that is i have drawn 23 increments, ie 20 on normal course&3 on stagnation.
    Since you have a table for stagnation fixing pay in the 7th pay commission, tis current multiplying factor of 2.57 may not be the limit of fixing my pension..PPladvice m.k.haridas.

  90. Sir I am ex Ts/nk.from 15 Armed regiment. 31/10/2003
    One rank one pension this time.7170.+ Disability pension 750
    So how much my 7th CPC pension both pls help me
    15 Armd Regiment.
    Record office
    Ahmed magar .MR.

  91. Sir, I am retired during Nov.2007 in the grade pay Rs.8700 under PB 37400-67000 and drawing Rs.26900/- as my pension. What willbe my pension and arrears under 7th pay commission.

  92. Sgt Ram jee singh
    My basic pension after orop is. 9055
    Date of enrollment is 22-4-1981
    Date of retirement is 30 – 4 -2001
    Total service is 20 year 8days

    What will be my basic pension sir ?

  93. I am retired 17aug 2004because I board out on trening period my ex no 15207444h retired time basic pension 1913 disability pension 775 at present time my basic pension 3500 disability pension 1755 so please send a calculation of 7th pay commission fory favour

  94. I am retired 17aug 2014 because I board out on trening period my ex no 15207444h retired time basic pension 1913 disability pension 775 at present time my basic pension 3500 disability pension 1755 so please send a calculation of 7th pay commission fory favour


  96. i have retired 31/12 /2015 now pension is hike
    nearly 32768 and my 6th cpc pension is 12750
    after commutation 40 percent that is 5100
    now my pension is 7650 my question is because
    my pension is hike and my retired on 31/12/2015
    one day before the 7th cpc can I get more commutation the 40 percent of new basic pension is 13107 pl ans

  97. I have retired in the year of 2001 March..My basic pension on ,6th Pay commission ls R’s.12600..The arrears Credited in my account Is ,Rs.32382. according to fixation of fitment formula 2.57.! If the another formula is applied my basic pension comes to more than ,33000. Shall I get the difference again?

  98. Dear Sir,
    I’ve retired on 31 July 2000 with basic Rs.1696 (general) & Rs.465 (disability).
    Presently getting Rs.7550 (general) & Rs.906 (disability) after implementation of OROP.
    Kindly tell me what will be my basic for general & disability after implementation of 7CPC?

  99. Dear Sir,
    I am retired 30/04/2006 as a sepoy rank.In my prop basic is 6783. Pl intimate in my pension of 7th cpc and basic

  100. Dear Sir,
    What about option ll at level 14?
    What will be the pension fixed as on 01/01/2016 wrt option ll?
    Whether it is Rs 78800/- or Rs 81150/-
    Request intimate me sir.

  101. I am retired from army as Sep rank my basic pay 6783 rs as on orop table. please tell me my 7th cpc basic and total pension plz.

  102. Dear sir,

    I am retired on 30 Nov 2007 on Medical ground.

    My basic Pay is = 6485

    & Disability Basic Pay is = 1946

    Pl intimate What will be the Pension as per 7 CPC . .

  103. I retired on 30 April 2016. my Basic Pension as per 6th CPC is Rs 11345/-what will be the my Pension as per 7CPC.

  104. When second installments of OROP shall be paid. Increased pension and arrears on it w.e.f. Jan 2016 to Sep 2016 may kindly be paid to the veterans. Thanking you in anticipation.

  105. My original/basic pension is Rs.11370.Date of retirement 1-12-2007.Pay band 15600-39100 plus Grade Pay Rs.5400. Pl calculate and inform

  106. My original/basic pension is Rs.113770. Dateof retirement band 15600-39100 plus grade pay Rs.5400.I have beenpaid Rs.26673 for Aug.2016. i think there is some mistake. pl.check and inform

  107. Sir if Hony Lt and Capt getting the officer pension than why not Hony Sub Maj . Please justify the reason . Then what is use of hony . ple fwd my point to higher auth.

  108. I would like to know the current scale and the scale as per the 6th CPC for JTO(junior technical officer) in Naval Headquarters. Has it been revised from 4200 to 4600 since 4200 is the scale

  109. Sir,

    1. Concerned authorities is not taking interest to clear/issue of general policy letter to PSA/PDA to make equal pension to Honorary Naib Subedars in accordance to para 5.1.62 of 6th CPC recommendation and Govt orders dated 12 Jun 2009 where making a bridge of gap in service pension as pre-2006 and post-2006 retirees from the date of implementation of decision of 6th CPC.

    2. There is no differences in pay scale of X Gp and Y Gp of Havildars granted Honorary Naib Subedars in Army except X Gp pay of Rs 1400/- pm in pay and X Gp Rs 700/- pm in pension but it can be seen that the stage of pension tabled/shown in Table 7 of OROP (Cir No 555 dated 03 Feb 2016) is not matched with the title of justification.

    3. The concerned auth is requested to reread the figures made by you by removing your black goggles all the retirees either pre-2006 or post-2006 are equal and one and there is differences in between pre and post so as to prevent unnecessary queries from the effected pensioners.

    4. With regard and good wishes for your act of kindness.

  110. Demoralization to clerical cadre in fixation of pay and pension by orop/7th cpc recommendations since Jan 2006 i.e after 6th cpc. Earlier staff duty and general duty clerks were belongs to group B and other technical/tradesman including fighting force were belongs to C, D and E Groups. Subsequently all the groups merged into Y group and technical trades to X group where all the clerical staff thrown to a span and hence there is no gap in pay and pension except responsibilities to themselves..Perhaps the reason of discrepancies in functioning/clerical mistakes are being happened in higher offices including O/O Ministries. Taking into consideration of pin point risk and responsibilities of the clerical staff separate pay scale and pension including reasonable facilities most be established so as to make them in concentrate in clerical work besides free from tension of their pay and pension. Otherwise you can see even rectify the mistaken in table 7 of OROP issued on 03 Feb 2016.

  111. It is requested to ANAMOLIES COMMISSION kindly take cognizance & appropriate remedial measures regarding those Central Government Employees who retired on 31st of May 2013 & who were unlucky because of One month Gap that is June Month & Central Govt Employees who retire in July are able to get One Increment more with their pension & the pension of Central Govt Employee who retire in May month receive less pension & those who are rertI ring in July are able to receive enhanced pension . It is injustice for those employees who retire in May Month I request that Central Government should ameliorate the sufferings of retired Central Govt Employees . Thanking you in anticipation.

  112. the grade pay of hsg1 officials PRE2006 has not been changed in the seventh pay commission
    while post 2016 officials have been placed with rs4600/ the pre 2006 hsg1 officials have been placed with 4200/ in the department of posts
    thus glaring disparity in grade pay which needs to be set right
    hope expeditious action would be taken set right this anomaly.disparity

  113. This pay commission is not for general central govt. employees. So there are no joy and satisfection among the employees. This govt. Should go for ever in this moment. Aachche din anewala hai. Achche din kavi nehi ayegi. Jhuta bat bolne ke liye usko nobel dena chahie.

  114. Sir
    Please note that the Govt. made it a good gesture, for pensioners in any calculation. the fraction of a rupee should be rounded of to next higher Rupee (even if it is one Paise)” especially on additional .pension and dearness relief ‘Refer the notifications in this regard. and make your calculator accordingly. Thanks .

  115. I am retired HSG II cadre in Postal Department. My basic pay as per 6th pay commission 6750 at the time of retirement I received 2 increments. I want to know what is the my basic pay as per 7th pay commission recommandation sir.

  116. I have retired on 28.02.2o1o from indian navy. My present pension basic as per OROP is rs. 7170 and disability pension basic is rs. 1290. At present i am getting rs.15636 in hand montly deducting commuation of rs. 3404. How much i will get after 7th cpc implementation in hand and what are the basic of both pensions.

  117. sir I have taken VRS on October 2012 is grade I my basic fixed as 10395/-, six increments in 6 th cpc. I HV received 23058/ 7 th CPC pension. our basic to to multiple d from figment of 2.57 it is not correct pl give me the correct figure sir.( I am physically challenged person)

  118. sir
    my basic pension is Rs.8923 as per Vth pay commission. my age is 87 year. I was getting 30% more than the basic pension + 125% DA.What will be my basic pension as 7th pay commission.

  119. sir, My father joined the Army in 1973 and died in year of 1983 as rank of L/NK. Now my mother is getting the Rs 3500 of basic family pension as per six cpc. Is this correct and as of now after orop implementation what will be the NEW family pension.

  120. Sir
    I have retired in 2002. My present basic pension is Rs 5961/_ as per V th pay commission. What will be my basic pension as per 6 th pay well as 7th pay commission

    Kindly clarify.

  121. I have retired as on August 2002. My present basic pension is 5961/_. Commutation pension is Rs 1254/(_as per 5th pay commission) what is my present Basic pay
    as per 7th pay commission.

  122. My pension as per 5th pay commission is Rs 5961 and commutation pension is 1254.My present total pension which I am getting from the Bank is Rs. 15480/_

    Kindly let me know the total amount of pension as per 7.7th pay commission.

    Date of retirement 1.8.2002
    Initial basic pension Rs 3135/_
    Com.Pension **Rs 1254/_
    present B Pension is Rs 5961/_
    What is my B. Pension as per 7th pay commission

    Kindly let me know

  123. My pension as per 5th pay commission is Rs 5961 and commutation pension is 1254.My present total pension which I am getting from the Bank is Rs. 15480/_

    Kindly let me know the total amount of pension as per 7.7th pay commission.

  124. My basic pension is 10565/- a s on 1-1-2016 what would be my future pension and how much I would be benefited.

  125. Date of retirement:31-12-2003.Pay scale 5500-175-9000/- basic pay at time of retirement was 7600/and average pay was Rs.7530/- .Pension fixed 3765/- including commutation
    Now what will be my pension on 01-01-2006 as per 7th CPC also on 01-01-2016

  126. Sir, my basic pay is 28750 as on 31/12/15 and after getting my July increment on 1/7/16 basic is 29620. My Macp is due from 31/7/2016 from grade pay 4800 to 5400. What will be my basic as per 7 th pay commission and which option shall be preferable I.e. wef 1/1/2016 or from the date I get my MACP . I AM SSE/ BRIDGE/ N. RLY.

  127. Sir, my basic pay is 28750 as on 31/11/15 and after getting my July increment on 1/7/16 basic is 29620. My Macp is due from 31/7/2016 from grade pay 4800 to 5400. What will be my basic as per 7 th pay commission and which option shall be preferable I.e. wef 1/1/2016 or from the date I get my Macp

  128. I retired on 31 march 2016 at a basic pension of Rs38500 plus DA.Now what will be my basic pension wef 01/04/2016 after commutation

  129. sir, option given to retired people is no doubt a good step, but unless some modification made in the wording in some cases a senior gets less pension than his Junior just because he accepted some short term promotion. Practical problem in brief is :
    Date of apt to 6500–200-10500 grade………24\2\86
    date of promotion to 8000-275-13500……….31\3\2003
    date of VR(after more than 40Y Q,S’……………30\4\2003
    Pension as per sixth pay commission………….10684
    Now by applying 2.57 factor…………………………..27458
    if the option is applied 28050
    (as he did not draw any increment 50%
    0f minimum of equivalent grade )
    Had he continued in the old grade without
    (Because of 17 incitements he would have drawn
    in the absence of promotion) Thus he would be drawing less pension because he accepted promotion and otherwise his junior in lower grade would get more pension in spite of his juniority\inefficiency. This is no doubt an anomaly, and this can be avoided by allowing notional(not actually drawn) increments drawn in the promoted grade. Hope august committee would take this probable anomaly into consideration.

  130. Sir, In Army Hony rank granted to the rank of Naik, Havildar, Naib Subedar. But in Air Force Hony rank given only at the time of Superannuation retirement. I served for 32 Years in Air Force with dedicated service and I took pre-mature retirement since I did not get promotion in time due to sudden changes of promotion policy. I f I would have got promotion in time, I could have become MWO in 2005. Whereas, I took retirement in the rank of JWO only. Now I am suffering with the lower pension of JWO rank after serving 32 yrs. By seeing my service career definitely I should be given Hony rank of Warrant Officer for pensionery benefit. I was in promotion panel 2003-2004, 2004-05 & 2005-06 and still I did not get promotion till my retirement date 31 August 2005. Finally my name came at Sl No. 1 in promotion panel 2005-06 and it was a heartfelt time for me. Now I am 62 years old senior citizen. In OROP I am being considered only for 28 years service for pensionery benefit. Hence I am so much looser in this manner and anomalies in OROP fixation. Hence I may be granted to Hony Warrant Officer for pensionery benefit only and it will be a honour to me. Authorities may please be approached accordingly. I humbly and sincerely request Hon. PM Saheb, Hon. Defence Minister & other Highter authorities to mitigate this anomaly of OROP and I must be given suitable pension.

  131. The calculators are accurate.The entry zones are well defined. Good service to especially rural, old and retired people.

  132. I retired on 30 April 2015. My pension pay is 15905. Kindly tell me what will be my pension. I had put in 38 yrs 10 moths 10 days service . My basic pay at tye time of retirement was Rs 26410 +Rs 5400 as grade pay.

  133. I retd on 31-12-2003, with 2 increments from
    Pre revised S-30 Scale (22400-525-24500) prior to 6thCPC (1-1-2006) and then my basic pay was R23450

    Post 6thCPC(1-1-2006)
    Eqvt. HAG Scale(67000-79000)
    Annual Increament @3%
    Starting ——-67000
    Aft 1st Incr — 69010
    Aft 2nd Incr— 71080
    Aft 3rd Incr —73220
    Aft 4th Incr—75420

    As per Pay matrix for Level 15 of the 7thCPC the Scale is Starting at Rs 182200 (which is nearly =(actual Index 2.72×67000)
    At Starting—182200
    Aft 1st Incr—187700
    Aft 2nd Incr—193300
    Aft 3rd Incr—199100

    Now there are two methods of calculation under Option-1 as given below. I do not know which method is applicable.

    (A) Option-1 (Metod-1)

    First fix my notional pay including 2 increments in the post 6th CPC HAG Scale which works out to be =Rs71080
    Multiply it by actual index 2.72 instead of 2.57.
    Which is > 193300 in the pay matrix, So my notional pay in the next higher cell should be admissible as per para 5.1.28 of 7th CPC. Which is 199100
    So Pension = 50% of 199100=Rs99550

    (B) Option-1 (Metod-2)

    My Basic pay gets fixed up directly in the 7th CPC matrix with two increments in level 15 as per 10.1.67(i) of 7th CPC Report

    Now with 2 increments my Notional basic pay as per matrix is 193300
    Hence My pension is=50% of 193300= which is =9Rs 6650

    Kindly let me know which metod is correct and applicable.

    Inder Thakur Vishwakarma


  135. My Mother a Family Pensioner 83 years gets 20% of the basic. What are the benefits for Plus 80 pensioners in the 7th pay commission and how much will she get as pension and DA.

  136. I retired on 01 April 2013 and basic pension fixed as 12690/_ based on OROP. WHAT WILL BE THE REVISED PENSION ON 7 7th pay commissions

  137. Sir,

    Please clarify whether daily wages or causal labour on temporary basis is eligible for the seventh pay benefits.

  138. kya delinking og 33years service jo abhi defence ko nahi diya gaya haiyani pcda pen allhabad ne cercular issue abhi tak nahi kiya hai kya ye orop k basic pe prabhav dalega, aur y 7th cpc k basic pen per bhe effect padega? PENSIONER KO 7TH CPC KAB TAK MELEGA?

  139. My basic pension on 1st Jan.2016 was Rs9880 /what amount of mybasic pension would be on1st Jan 2016 after seventh pay commission fixation?

  140. Sir l retierd from Army on 28 Feb 2015. My basic pension is 14090.
    Date of enrollment : 16 Feb 1984
    Date of promotion : 03 Feb 2011 ( SUB MAJ )
    Date of retierment :28 Feb 2015
    Total service is 31 Years and 13 days.
    Sir what will be my basic Pension on 01 Jan 2016.

  141. Sir i am P Vijaikumar retired from army in july 2009, Now my monthly pension is 15500 and my basic pension is 7598, waht will be the hike after 7th pay commission,

  142. Sir.i retired from air force on 30/04/2001. Last month i have my orop basic pay is my pension willbe fixed in 7cpc.kindly inform ,if possible.

  143. As per above calculations my pension will be 41650 if commutation 40% it will be 25500 it is less then existing pension

  144. Can I get commutation difference if I retired in 2016 April and if it is my pension will be less then today pension

  145. My basic pay including gp is 42180.Gp 6600.I retired in may 2016.what will be my pension benefits.No iam drawing a pension of rs 39017.Will i get more of it.Kindly clarify.

  146. Sir my father was retired from Assam rifles in 1982 in the rank of
    Hony Lt his basic pension as per pension voucher of oct 2015 is
    11810/only. pl let me know the actual basic pension of Assam Rifles
    in the rank of Hony Lt.

    with regards. thank you.

  147. I were retired as PO after complition of 17 years service on 31st Aug 2005 from Indian Navy . Let me know how much pension I will get after implimention of 7th CPC .

  148. I retired in grade i sr.scale in the grade I. my last salary was drawn at Rs,11950. my basic pension was fixed as Rs,5975/-which was reduced to Rs,3685/- after commutation. I think it was in v pay commission in 1996.
    At present I am getting my pension at a basic rate of Rs,13505/-. May I know as to what option will be better for me and what be my new scale and arrears?

  149. Considering no of increments earned in the grade in which the employee had retired and fixing pay as per matrix table of 7th pay commission tent amounts fixing 7th pay commision pay with retrospective effect and not from Jan 2016. Example if the employee had earned 5 increments in the old grade(Retired grade), his pay will be at level 5 in the matrix table which will be as if the new pay is given with effect from the first year of his entry in the retired grade and not from the date he had retired thus giving effect of the new grade which means the employee had been given 5 increments although he had not worked and earned 5 increments in the 7th commission grade. This requires clarification about the correct pay he is eligible from Jan 2016

  150. Sir,

    I am retired after completion of 15 years service i .e. on 31 Dec 2000 as Havildar. Kindly inform me the total Pension including 20% Medical Category.

  151. My wife is drawing BP:22340+5600. She was appointed in Aug and she drawn her MACP also accordingly in August. She has only 17 months service left. Is there any benefit if she opt the fixation from 1/7/16 i.e. from the date of next increment. I am little bit confused. I am not able to give her a right suggestion. Please give us your valuable suggestion. she has not yet submitted her option and her office is pressing hard for its submission. Hope some one will help me definitely.

  152. Sir, I joined the railway as CGII (Accounts Clerk) and got promotion as JAA in 1992 & as AA in 1995 and passed Appendix III-A Exam in 1999 and some person in railway joined in 1995 as JAA and promoted as AA in 1998 and passed Appendix III-A in 1999 and as per present rules in railway the person joined the railway later will be given benefit of MACP and placed under GP 5400/- whereas in all the time he is junior to me. How this matter will be resolved in Railway. Please tell me the way sir……………… Thisur Palli, Southern Railway

  153. VII CPC recommended 2 options( para 10.1.67. Option ii is by multiplying existing Pension (VI CPC) by 2.57. Option i is 50% of the notional Pay in the respective level in the Pay Matrix based on number of increments earned in that level while in service..T pensioner has to opt whichever is beneficial.
    Now, as per latest Memorandum, only option ii is is admissible.
    Under this, there is not much beneficial. For example, my basic pension under 6th CPC is 14,960 + DP of 125% ( 18,700) = 33,660.
    I belong to IV CPC regime. Now my pension will be fixed at 38,447 from 1.1.2016.I get the difference hardly 4747.The Govt. should at least continue the present DP till such time Option i is implemented; Also, this is to be done without any delay, in the interest of all the pre-2016 retirees.

  154. Sir, i retired in 1968 as fl/sgt. My basic as on 01/01/2006 was 5104. Now its 10220. I am 80+ what would be my new pension. Service tenure is 15 years. Presenty drawing 23k plus pension. Kindly let me know would be obliged

  155. sir i retayar 01/08/2015 army medical corps after 26year service grade pay 4200 acp /nb sub my basic pension 10029 please tell after OROP basic pension

  156. Sir
    Me bhagwan ram mera basic pay – 4000 he or ,pay scale 03250-085-04525 he or mera 7th pay commission me kitna pension hoga .

  157. Sir, I retire on 2002 with 25 years of service in the scale of 10000-325-15200…My last drawn basic is 10650, which is 1560-39100 Grade pay 6600 as far as 6th CPC..What will my basic Pension on the basis of 6th CPC.

  158. Sir, I retire on 2002 with 25 years of service in the scale of 10000-325-15200…My last drawn basic is 10650, which is 1560-39100 Grade pay 6600 as far as 6th cpc..What will my basic Pension on the basis of 6th cpc. What will be Pension in 7 CPC

  159. Sir,i m widow of ex basic pension is 4300and grade pay 1800 what is my new pension acc. to 7th pay commission.

  160. Sir,
    I’m 100% disabled exserviceman. Retire (IMB ) from territorial army.
    Date of discharge 12 Nov 2011
    service element – 6480
    disability element – 3888
    constant attendance allowance (CAA) – 4500
    muje 7th cpc me kitni pension milegi. Karpya sahi jankari dein

  161. Sir, I retired on 31.05.2016. At that time my basic pay was Rs.39760 (including GP of Rs.6600/-). I am drawing my basic pension of Rs.19980 (-) commuted pension i.e. Rs.7952/-. Net pension being drawn is Rs.11928 + DA @ 125% of Rs.24850/=Rs.36778/-. In the 7th pay scale my basic pension comes to Rs.51092/- (-) commuted portion i.e. Rs. 20436/-. Now it will be 51092 – 20436 = 30656/- (DA Zero percent). It shows that I am in loss. Presently I am drawing 36778 but in 7th pay commission it will be Rs.30656/-. Will my pension be increased to at par or not or at what stage I will be fixed. Kindly confirm.

  162. I am retired from Railway Service on 31-01-2016 as a Chief Office Suprientendent. I am very much excited to know about my pension, gratuity, and Coamuted value in seventh pay commision.
    My details particulars are as follows:
    Basic pay: 24,260/-(at the time of retirement)
    Pay band: 9300-34800
    Grade pay: 4600/-

  163. Babu Rajan
    Sir, my basic pay as on 01/01/2016 is Rs. 21430(16830+4600). Now I have promoted to next higher rank as on 19/02/2016 without pay fixation as I am getting MACP since 2009. What will be my pay according to 7th CPC and what option I have to opt

  164. why this revised calculator of pension after notification is not reflecting the details of calculations.

  165. No benefit for pre-1-1-2006 Pensioners.It is quite injustice done by govt.for pre-1-1-2006 pensioners.

  166. It is requested to change MACP implementation date from 1.9.2008 to 1.1.2006. Juniors ,Scale 93000-38100, Gr P. 4800 are getting Grade pay 6600 with 15600 -39100 scale, retired after 1.9.2008 whereas much seniors ,15600-39100 are getting Grade pay 5400, retired between 1.1.2006 to 31.8.2008. This is huge difference in pension.

  167. sir I am ex hav Jeetendra Jha retd from territorial army. My continue service is 17 years . please conform my 7th cpc pay.

  168. Le lo bhai jo Milta hai. Aaj kal pyar roti khao. FM saheeb desh kaise Congress mukat ho ga. Janta ki awaz samjhie aur BJP ko ubharie sir.

  169. Let lo bhai jo Malta hai. Aaj kal pyar roti khao. FM saheeb desh kaise Congress murat ho ga. Janta ki awaz samjhie aur BJP ko unharmed sir.

  170. I need two clarifications: 1) after applying 2.57 multiplying factor, my pension is short of fifty present of the relevant grade of CPC. Doesn’t this violate the court ruling that in no case pension shall be less than fifty percent of the starting basic pay in the new scale. 2) in the pension arrear calculator, pension due for my grade
    Rs. 37400/- plus grade pay Rs. 8700/- is shown as Rs. 59250/- which is exactly half of minimum basic pay in level 13 viz. Rs. 118500/-.

  171. Sir,my mother is get pension Rs_10537 in mouth July what is August pension by 7 cpc.sir my mother did not get orop arrior

  172. I retired iDec 1985 (3rd PC)
    I was working as Accounts officer in the pay scale of
    850-1200. And was drawing max of pay scale. My 6th pc
    Pension fixed at rupees 10645.
    What will be my 7pc pension in
    Under both options.

  173. I retired as superintendent of central excise in 31/5/1981. My v th CPC pension scale was fixed as 6500-10500 even though the scale was upgraded as 7500-12000 w.e.f 10/4 /2014. At the time of 6 th CPC ,my PAO fixed only 6500 GP4200. My efforts to get GP 4800 failed even though the GP of Supdt of cen E xcise is 4800. I suffer loss even in the 7th CPC
    Advice my correct GP & how to get it

  174. I have retired in august 2009. My basic pension is 7808. rupees. what will be my pension after 7th CPC.??

  175. I r satyanarayana, superanuated 31st March, 1950, when I was Administrative Officer (NFG) my grade pay Rs.5400
    before that I was Accounts Officer got increment on July 2006 in (6th CPC) and completed 4 years 1st September ater that I completed 4 years of service i.e. 1st September, 2006 then I got 2 increment in the grade pay of Rs.5400.
    Let me know my basic pension asper 7th cpc, now my basic pension is Rs.11330, whether I am going to get any pay fixation benefit or not on account of upgradation.
    In spite of my repeated request in the 6th cpc not extended.

  176. In Vth CPC, my increments were EIGHT in 14300 – 400 – 18300 scale when retired at pay of Rs. 17500. .

    In IVth CPC, my basic was Rs.5000/= as on 01=12=1995, in scale of 3000 – 100 – 3500 – 125 – 5000 and with DA = 5500, IR = 600 AND 40% basic = 2000, in Vth CPC I was placed accordingly at 15500/= (hence with 3 increments) as on 01=01=1996. Hence, at time of retirement at pay of Rs. 17500/= (as on 4th Jan., 2000) in 14300 – 400 – 18300 my increments BEING : eight. Corresondingly, in VIth CPC, my PB was 37400 – 67000 under Grade Pay 8700.

    However, in Vth and VIth CPCs, my pension of Rs. 6249 and Rs. 16414 having been linked to 33 years Qualifying Service, which hence merits decision of Ministry of Pension, Public Grievances and Pensioners’ Welfare as in OM No.38/37/08 – P&PW(A) dated 06thApril,2016, besides various OMs issued.

    I seek guidance.

  177. In IVth CPC, my basic was Rs.5000/= as on 01=12=1995, in scale of 3000 – 100 – 3500 – 125 – 5000 and with DA = 5500, IR = 600 AND 40% basic = 2000, in Vth CPC I was placed accordingly at 15500/= (hence with 3 increments) as on 01=01=1996. Hence, at time of retirement at pay of Rs. 17500/= (as on 4th Jan., 2000) in 14300 – 400 – 18300 my increments BEING : eight. Corresondingly, in VIth CPC, my PB was 37400 – 67000 under Grade Pay 8700.

    However, in Vth and VIth CPCs, my pension of Rs. 6249 and Rs. 16414 having been linked to 33 years Qualifying Service, which hence merits decision of Ministry of Pension, Public Grievances and Pensioners’ Welfare as in OM No.38/37/08 – P&PW(A) dated 06thApril,2016, besides various OMs issued.

    I seek guidance.

  178. please clarify: In regard to option 1, the no of increments to be taken are,
    1) Actual no. of increments drawn in the retired scale of pay i.e increments drawn in promoted pay-scale
    2) Total no of increments working up to the last pay drawn, from the beginning of (promoted) scale.

  179. Ashok Sagajkar. Says I am drawing basic pension as per P P.O.Rs per 6 pay commission.I retired on1-2-2007 from state govt. Scale at the time of retirement.9300-34800 in the pay band Rs 4300. At thhe time of retirement my basic pay was Rs 15060 & grade pay was 4300. On the same post 22 years service.let me know my basic pension in 7 th pay commission .

  180. Sir,i m getting total 13483 pension per month ,presently ,my basic pension is 7598 ,i want to know what will be my exact pension credit in my account vide 7cpc

  181. The pension calculator does not address the case of employees who retired on Jan 31, 2006. The moot point here is whether they would get the same pension as that of their fellow employees who retired a month earlier i.e., on Dec 31, 2005 in the same grade with the same number of increments earned in the grade. If they get less on account of erroneous discounting of increments at the rate of one for each of two increments earned, it would create anomaly. I believe that administrative experts who are involved in fine tuning the approved recommendation would definitely look in to the issue.

  182. I have enquired about the The status of SNCO’of Army,Navy And Air Forces.Whether they are updated For The Part of treatment in impanelled hospital in Semi private Ward.please reply

  183. I have been retired from MAHAR REGIMENT during Aug 1985 with 30% disab ility pension in the rank of Hav/Clk. What will be my service pension,disability pension plus total in the 7th pay commission. I have attended 1971 Indo-Pak in remote areas. please let me know the details through mob no 9388905062.

  184. Let the salary/pension adjust asper the present policy(2.57). We may expect the varition amount as arrears in next year.

    abdulrazack ( Hon Capt)EME

  185. I have retired in 2009 and presently drawing basic pension at 10800. My GP is 4800/- and basic pay scale is 9600-39400. What would be my present pension

  186. I have retired in 2009 and presently drawing basic pension at 10800. My GP is 4800/- and basic pay scale is 9600-39400

  187. Dear Sir,
    My basic pension was 27350/- as on 01 Jan 16,out of which 10940/- commuted and net pension is 16410/-
    what is my pension now going to be fixed as on 01 jan’16

  188. Avtar Singh

    I retired in 2005 dept of Postal Army. I am fixed at 6968 basic pay as and med pay incl on 6th pay commission. When I was retired I am getting 2 incriments and now what will be my Pension as per 7th pay.

  189. i Namdeo Nanasaheb Ranaware Ex Petty officer Indian Navy Retired from Indian Navy w.e.f. 31/05/1997. today my basic Pension as per orop Rs 7598 total i have completed 15 yrs 04 month 18 days service . what is my new Basic of 7 Th Pay commission and pension of seventh pay commission and arrears of pay commission w,e,f. 01/ Jan /2016

  190. Sir my basic pension is 7000 and retirement dec2011 and total get pension now 11546 what will be pension as 7th pc?

  191. My last basic pay dawn Rs 22780 with 3 increments in 6th PC and for pension purpose 11390 working in railways. Retd in Oct. 2009. What is present fixation.

  192. I joyen. Indian Air force 5th March 1956 and retired on 31 Dec 1991 after completion of 35 years at present my pension is Rs 16160 after 7th pay commission what will be my pension pleased replay

  193. I had been retired from Army on 01.02.2007. Now my basic pay is 7762. What will be my pension on 7th pay commission?

  194. Sir i retired in mar 2000 from indian army and presently iam getting 17775 as pension what will b my pensioa according to cpc


  196. My original basic pay is Rs7523/ in 6 CPC.Retd in 1980.40% additional pension. Let me know my 7cpc basic Pl.

  197. I am ex navy , retired on 31/01/2009, on compltion of 15 yrs of service. Present basic drawing Rs 7550/ + 125 % DA. Once the 7 th CPC implemented , then what would be my new pension take home and what would be the new rate of DA ? Pl brief me exactly. And it will be implemented ?

  198. i m ex sgt dod is oct 2007 i didnot get orop benifit for that where i complain my bank is center bank of india.please guide me.

  199. Calculator is perfect. Portion of commutation of pension be minus from basic pension,net pension be there. Thanks.

  200. what has happened to increase in Pension after 80 years and further as recommended by 6th P.c. will this be discontinued now?

  201. Subedars granted Hony rank of Subedars Major after retirement,must be considered for some monetary benefits otherwise this an insult to this Hony rank. Govt must look into this case on priority basis.

  202. Hony Sub Major Mohanrajan

    please check regarding the payment of Hony Subedar Major. One superior Rank given by Ministry of defence, so finding the payment of Hony Rank of Subedar Major. All other Hony Rank payment made by concerned authority

  203. Sir,

    By not granting of pension benefits to Hony Sub Maj is dishonor of this rank. This anomaly be addressed at appropriate level by Defence Ministry as well as Service Headquarters. Pay commission is not bothered about this genuineness since there is no defence representative and have no knowledge of defence related ABC.

    Ex Hony Sub Maj Roop Singh Rathore
    Regt of Arty

  204. I was promoted to DS scale in Aug 1988 and retired in May 2003 in same post after 15 yrs. Please clarify whether I will get benefit of 14 increments for calculating pension as per 7th cpc?

  205. In the pension calculator, the number of increments would refer to the actual number of increment drawn after promotion or the number of increments from the minimum of the scale to the level of last pay drawn?

  206. Sir,please modify pension calculator fir those with grade pay of 8700 and above,since multiplicatio factor for them is more than 2.57,, thanks

  207. SANDU SINGH says that he surpriscd to see the arrears
    July 3, 2016 at 2:31 pm
    He has mistaken the pension drawn for new pension
    and new pension for pension drawn
    mob 9444145537

  208. Very good revised of pension but the Govt should not bent on the corporate sector. Without lower group, can corporate do anything. So justice should be equal for all.

  209. Sir,Hony rank pension is granted to TS Naik, Hony Hav and Hony N Sub but the same is not granted to Sub who gets Hony Sub Maj after retirement. I humbly and sincerely request Hon. PM sahib and Hon. Defence Minister to mitigate this anomaly.

  210. I retired in 1993 dept of Postal HSG II. I am fixed at 6750 basic pay as on6th pay commission. When I was retired I am getting 2 incriments and now what will be my Pension as per 7th pay.

  211. what is meant by increments earned at the retiring level? I have retired on 07.10.2011. please help

  212. i have retired on 29th Feb 2012 as Submajor Hony Lt after serving 22yrs & 05 months at the age of 40yrs,
    my basic pension is Rs 14330 & DA is Rs 17913.
    what will be my 7th cpc pension

  213. I retired from service on 30 June 2014. My pb is 37000_67000 gp 8700. Basic pension is 25955. Getting pension into bank monthly 48019. I have drawn 5 increments in the scale the time of retirement
    What pension i will be getting .

  214. Several time table 7 and 9 basic pay pay varation Rs 1150 has inticted but all are vain, it has remain you pl check this basic varition and correct it . Orop commission pl dont harm the ygroup subedars,

  215. Before fixation of 7th pay basic for y group subedars orop table 7 should be corrected and it should be equaal basic must be fixed,

  216. No one has father about table 7 and 9 in table 9 only subadars have given1150 more pension then table 7 y group subedars why the commission has purposly de graded then regular army in table 7 . Why this means regular army subadars all are not served in the army, commission has not properly care on table 7 and 9 specialy ygroup subadars have insulted, many more y group subadars are not known this cause if it should not be corrected All y group subedar equalint in army airforce and navy will be fight for our right till we got the variatio of Rs 1150 Variation parrity basic pay. if not corrected it we have to go for court for this un justic of orop for ygroup subadars equlant iin army airforce and navy

  217. My basic pension 7598(OROP). Retired date Mar 2009. Pay band 5200-20200. Please can you tell my 7th CPC pention.

  218. I retired in 30 June 2014
    My basic pension was 25950 and drawn y increment. Gp 8700 pb 37000_ 67000 what pension i would be getting. My pension crediting to bank is 48019.

  219. I am retired on 31/5/1993 And at present my basic pension is 8412 so what is my new pension as per 7th pay commission

  220. While selecting option-II , number of increment is being asked in present scale.I got 10 increment before 2006 and 10 increments from 2006 to 2014.I retired in March-2015. What will be the calculation of my pension as per option-II. Is there any chance of OROP for the Civilian Pensioners in VII CPC. My GP is 4600 and Basic Pension is 11605.

  221. Ia m retired on 01 Dec 2010 (Y Gp). Please intimate my revised pension. In addition OROP has not been received till date. Please clarify

  222. As of now one should multiply his basic pension as on 01.01.2016 with 2.57 . The figure will be the revised basic pension which can be further raised if 50% of the minimum pay of the corresponding level pay in matrix is more. As regards increments the decision is yet pending.

  223. At the time of my retirement my last basic oay was 7075 and I do not know how many increments I have earned.

  224. Dear Aspirant,

    I just heed to your 7th Pay commision calculator updated as shown with formula.

    As per formulated calculator, I filled up all desired information as asked in calculator, which is as under :

    7th Pay commission pension calculator updated
    1. Enter your basic pension as per 6th CPC: 11150 (individual)
    2. Select the period of retirement: Between 1.1.2006 to 31.12.2015 (as asked in the calculator)
    3. Select your Pay scale during retirement: 1640-60-2600-75-2900 : (as asked in the calculator) as per 5th CPC Pay scale and 6th CPC Pay scale is (9300-34800)and GP-4600
    4. Number of increment earned in the retiring level :5 (individual )

    7th Pay Commission Pension calculatror calculating as below :
    Initial Pension fixed under Seventh CPC (using a multiple of 2.57)
    28656 – Option 1
    You are at level: 1
    Minimum of the corresponding pay level in 7 CPC: 18000
    Notional Pay fixation based on 05 increment(s): 20900
    50 percent of the notional pay so arrived: 10450 – Option
    Pension amount admissible (higher of Option 1 and 2) : 10450

    The above calculation seems to be mistaken wrongly or unjustified with the pensioner.
    from the above calculation, it is suprised that how the minimum of corresponding pay level in 7th CPC is taken as Rs.18000/- whereas it is the minimum pay of Pay Band 1 (5200-20200) & Grade Pay- Rs.1800, which Entry Pay – Rs.7000 and rationalise entry pay (7000 * 2.57) = Rs.18000 instead of
    pay band 2 (9300-34800) with Grade Pay Rs.4600 and Current entry Pay Rs.17140 and rationalise entry Pay (Rs.17140 * 2.62) =44900
    1 Jan 2016 25088 10450 3568
    1 Feb 2016 25088 28656 3568
    1 Mar 2016 25088 28656 3568
    1 Apr 2016 25088 28656 3568
    1 May 2016 25088 28656 3568
    1 Jun 2016 25088 28656 3568
    Total 21408

    From the above arrears calculation, you will be surprised that in the month of Jan’2016, New pension (I.E) to be due pension as shown Rs.10450 and drawn pension is shown as Rs.25088 and the difference is shown (i.e) Rs.3568/-. even though due pension is less shown than the drawn pension. How it possible, if this formulated calculator is prevailing then, an mount of Rs.(25088- 10650) =Rs.14438 would be recovered from me for the month of Jan’2016.

    Thank you Sarkar,

    • Hello Sarkar, Thank you for pointing out and also sharing your observation. After examining, we did notice an error in our Jan-2016 calculation and has been fixed now. Please can you try again and let us know your views.

  225. I retired after 22 yrs of service in the rank of nb sub gp y. My bp is Rs 8735/- and pay scale is 5620-140-8140. What is the my pension as on 01 Jan 2016 ?

  226. I am to report that my initial basic pension Rs.5110 was incorrectly fixed by CSTARI.(DGE&T), Ministry of Labour, GOI. wef. 01 April, 2002. My appeal as well as representations u/s 6 of RTI. Act 2005 were futile. I had to seek justice from Hon’ble Central Administrative Tribunal at Kolkata Bench through OA.346 of 2008; It’s Orders and Directions for modification statutorily on said basic pension of Rs.5110 were not implemented truly and properly as directed by CAT. Consequently, revision of pension Rs.5110 to Rs.5320 was improper; And upon 6CPC to Rs.12024 is ridiculous. I, apprehend further injustice in 7CPC also if not cared.

  227. In pension calculator the amoount reflected whether after commutation or full. If the calculater show cash in hand then it will without deducting commuted amount please clarify

  228. My Basic Pension at retirement Apr’2012 was Rs.11345 after commuted Rs.6807 GP 4800 in P Scale 9300-34800. Intimate my present pension and arrears on 1st Jul.

  229. Don’t Be Too Ecstatic About It.It Is Merely .32%Increase In Your Basic Pay i.e From 2.25 (Basic+125%DA) To 2.57.Fitment Formula Is A Big Hoax,Comparatively,6thCPC Delivered Much Better
    Unfortunately,The Disparity Between Blue Collar And White Collar Is Widening With Each Commission Report

  230. Please clarify out of this two methods of pension calculation which is more beneficial to the pensioners.

  231. My Basic pension after retirement in Nov ’14 is RS 14360
    After commutation BP Rs8616/-
    Scale at Retirement: 9300-34000
    Grade pay: 5400/-
    What will be pension as per 7th CPC?

  232. My BP is 14735, GP 5400, pay scale 15600-39100. If that be so, my first option of 37869 is beneficial to me. But the calculator shows the adnissible pension as 30650 the higher option. But the fact remains the higher option is 37869. Why does it show like this? But it shows arrears to the tune of 28000 and odd. How? Further, the present pension shown is also wrong which should be 26876 and not 33154. Even adding the commuted portion also it comes below what is shown there. Pl enlighten me.

  233. Dear sir, Very much thanks for the uptodate informations in many forms and easy calculators to know the upcomings.It is a boon for the pensioners like me who are residing in villages.I could also help my friends by favouring the informations . They are also thankful for the good works being done by cgemployeesnews.Many many thanks .Cheerios. regads

  234. i am in receipt of family pension at 6984{basic}wef 9.1.2008.M y husband was getting his pension at rs.5094 in the scale of 6000-200-10500 wef 1.12.96.He passed away on 8.1.2008.Subsequently on the implementation of 6th pay commission his basic pension was revised to rs 11504 and i am being paid rs 6984 as family pension.From july 1996 til his retirement he was holding the post of Asst engr. ie for 20 yrs. what will be my present family pension?

  235. The MP,Ministers are increase their salary, pension and other benefits double but they do not thought about the lower paid workers.Originally only Rs.440/- is increase in entry grade.This is only Rs.44/- per year.This is the ground realities.This Govt. is only for the corporate sectors. They all exampled all tax facilities and other thinks, where as Govt. and Economists are crying to give the benefits of low paid worker who are mostly came from rural India.If this discrepancy continue, then so called Digital India became flop.

  236. Pension in both the options the maximum is allowed and not the minimum so calculator is totally incorrect

  237. My basic pension is changed after orop and 6th pay is rs 6374 and orop is 9750 then whi h basic is to be taken for calculation

  238. The pay band 15,600-39,100 with grade pay 7600 is not reflected in the calculation table

  239. The pension calculation as per cabinet approval is implemented from 1-1-2016. The D.A. 6% is not calculated when showing the arrears from Jan 2016. Kindly clarify.

  240. Am a retired Jt Secy and my pension works out to Rs 85095 whereas a Brig retd will get Rs 90000/_ aprox. What about thumb rule that no junior should draw mote than a senior.

  241. It is announced in the news papers that increase to pensioners is 23.55% ,where as the above calculation is work out to 14.21% only

  242. It is reported in news papers that increase to pensioners is 23.55%
    but the above calculation shows only 14.22%

  243. What about commuted amount?Above ready reckoner is in compleat as drawn pension does not tally in my case. If commuted amount is deducted then calculated amount is ok.

  244. It is not my sin to take birth on 30th June. I do not understand why this issue of increasements (only July) not addressed by the Commission. Should I only keep looking down/repenting for the one increasement I was declared as a sinner for the whole life after serving the full tenure of my life? Can someone make this digestible? Why no Logical reasons fits here? Whether mathematics failed?

  245. Strike is not the solution. It may create trouble and harasment for many. No one will take care of those people. Go for negotiation. Lot has been given by the government.

  246. You should demand to change date of increment from 1st july to 1st january in the 7th pay commisdion.

  247. Since the Govt has accepted the recommendation of the Pay Commission, people should accept in general and submit, their demand of any particular point which should be considered.

  248. While Selecting second option in the time period the third option of selecting post scale does not show in the drop down menu

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