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  1. I want to know weather pre 2016 ex servicemen are entitled for MSP and X group payment or they have to wait for new date. If yes when they will get these.


  3. My wife was working as pgt teacher in Govt school. Her date of birth was 20-12-1944.&she died on 27-10 -1999 during the service.Her was in the scale of 5500–175-9000.At that time her basic pay was 7775..As per revised O.M datef 3-11-2017 on account of death the pension is revisevd, Plesed advise me how much family pension I will be getting. Please reply&thanks.

    • You will get as per the civil central government Pensioners rule the family revised NOTIONAL PENSION from 1/1/2016 ₹ 14,700 + D.R. 2% from 1/1/16, 4% from 1/1/17 & 5% from 1/7/17.

      • Sir, my mother’s family pension basic is rs5575. My father last basic pay at the time of death was rs11150 in 2012. Kindly plz tell me wat will be her revised pension and arrears as I am not able to calculate the arrears amount. And I more doubt sir…. After revising the 7cpc basic family pension will the previous hiked Dr amount in the pension will be carried forward to 7cpc family pension or not.? Plz kindly reply sir

          • As per your father’s last pay of Rs.11,150/-and pension was Rs.5575/- in the 6th pay commission eligible pension from 1/1/2016 is 5575 x 2.57 = 14320 it will be fixed in matrix table of Rs.14,400 + applicable Dearness Relief. from 7/16, 2%, from 1/17 4% & from 7/17 5%. His pension of Rs.14,400/-it will be given to you up to the age of 67 years of your father as his pension and you called as enhanced pension. After the 68th years of your father you will get as family pension of Rs.9,000/-only + D.R. If you already received the amount of Rs.14,320 from 1/1/16, now you will get arrears of Rs.80 + D.R. applicable rates per month from 1/1/16 to until the settlement month.

            • Dear sir my brother In BSF he expired in 1992 as a Constable , un married , my mother getting pension at present as on date 30/07/2018 pension 9000. DA 360 can you pls tell us, after revised 7th cpc

              thanking you
              lakshmi kantham

              • D.R. 7% of ₹ 360/- and minimum Pension of ₹ 9000/- it seems as per the revised 7th CPC from 1/1/2016 only.

  4. Can any one quote the rule position on not to recover commutation from the enhanced family pension – Thirupathi Reddy Mallela cell 9247277277 or 9640277277

  5. Dear Sir/Madam I father was in central govt. employee (BARC) he was expired after retirement and my mother is getting pension as a family pension. she is getting total amount Rs. 17955. Pension Basic Amount is Rs. 17903 and DA Rs. 693. please let me know how much she will get the pension as per 7th Pay Commission Revision of pension

  6. when will ministry of expenditure release official fitment table for the retirees. What we see in internet are non official calculators will MOE be kind enough to publish the official fitment table. If already released, can we be made known where we can download from.

  7. juner 19, 2017 -H.S.BHOGAL – READ DATE OF RETIREMENT FEB. 1981
    THANKS —

  8. My father retired on 1999.expired on 2007. My mother bp is 5085. according to 7th cpc and on notional pay base now what she will get.

  9. I retired on 31/10/2012 in PB3(15600-39100)with GPof Rs 5400.My peension was Rs 16265/=as per sixth pay commision.What will be my revised pension as Govt of India orders dated 12/05/2017.

  10. MY BASIC PENSION AS ON 31-01-2017 IS 10,405.00 AND GRADE PAY WAS 4,600.00.

  11. My father retired in Feb 1984.inlast basic 278/pm.He was expired in feb 1997. My mother is family pensioner. Her basic is 9000/pm Her age is 83 years .So she got 20% extra.
    Detail Basic pension 9000/
    20% extra. 1800/
    DA. 0432
    Medical allows 0500
    Total. 11732/
    Pl.tell me is there any change in this new pension formula .
    Thank you
    Uday saraf pune 33

  12. I retired on 30-09-2012 and my basic pension was fixed at 26735/- and w.e.f 01-01-2016 it was fixed after multiplying by 2.57. As per latest order for 8700 GP the factor will be 2.67. Will my basic pension will also be fixed with 2.67 factor or this benefit is not extended to pensioners.

  13. The IOR of Level-13 of Civil Pay Matrix is enhanced from 2.57 to 2.67. Accordingly, the Civil Pay Matrix mentioned in para 6 of the Resolution No.1-2/2016-IC dated the 25th July, 2016 is revised by Resolution dated the 16th May, 2017 published in the Gazette. A press note dated 23 rd May,2017 from the Ministry of finance explained the modifications in the 7 CPC recommendations approved by the cabinet on 3rd May,2017. .

    In view of this modification of 7 CPC Civilian Pay Matrix I request you to publish a new Pension Calculator incorporating these changes at an early date. This will enable to carry out fitments of pensions for large number of pensioners quickly and uniformly. Please do the needful..

  14. My basic pension as per 6th pay commission Rs 11662.00. Retired during 1-1-1996.
    What is my revised 7 th pay commission as per order 12 May 2017

  15. For Ex Serivicemen the pension was revised wef 01.07.2014 as OROP on the old available Basic. at that point of time. Arrears in 4 equal half yearly method. Last one more 1/4 is pending. But meanwhile the Basic was revised wef 01.01.2006 and Basic was revised.Again. vide 568/2016 on 13.10.2016. So earlier revision should have been null and void and new OROP based on Basic as per 01.01.2006. So, the present calculation what ever is appears to be arithmetically not correct. Example my earlier basic was 5401 converted to 7550 in OROP. Thereafter my basic was fixed as 6420 so the OROP should be based on 6420 and not on 5301. Accordingly further revision of 7th CPC should be on revision first made in OROP.

  16. Pension as on 01.01.2016 was Rs.
    33532 what will it be as per 7th Pay Commission order 12th May 2017.

    Ramesh Madan

  17. My. Basic pension 5895 pay band 9300-34800 GP 4200 pl let me know 7th pay commission fixation

  18. Rajender chawla 10.5.17 ………. kindly let me know what will be my pension after 7th cpc .I retired on 31 .10 .1994 at basic payrs 4250 in the pay scale 3000..100 3500 125 4500
    .the issue of people may take long time as it took more than NINE years for 6th cpc.

    SCALE 15600-39100 GP 5400

  20. As I had been retired dated on 31/12/1997 in pay scale ₹ 2200—4000 and as per 6 cpc revised pay band ₹ 15600–39100 and grade pay ₹ 5400(groupA) and my basic pension fixed ₹ 10500 wef 1/1/2006, asper 7 cpc my basi pension is₹ 26985 which is presently I am getting instead of ₹ 28050.Kindly conside.

  21. Sir Army soldier after reports of 7th pay commission receiving minimum. Pension 16000 thousand per month and. One HC/GD of armed forces now receiving latest penssion 13600 only viz rank of armed forces down from army soldier due to I am a penssioner of CRPF.

  22. Sir,
    I son of EX. 735840-L,
    SGT.LATE. Randhir Singh. My father retired on 31Dec2015 and expired on 04dec2016.i want to know how much pension my mother got . And All other benfits of widow and minor childerenschildren’s

  23. saab,

    I Navin singh chouhan ,Ex L/s retired in Jan.2003.and my pension account is in Dena Bank Khandwa (MP) ,I am still waiting of my arrears of 33 yrs. delinking pension.
    Can u help me for the same that Dena bank why not paying ?
    like me so many veterans having there account in Dena Bank.

  24. I was retried from army wef 1st feb 2008 by rank nk and i have 40 % disability. Bank paid 24416 rs as arres but i want to know how much pension acutually incrised.

  25. How many make 20% disability pension ? and How to paid disability pension every month or quartly pls send me reply.. 7727010674 ya 7023845855 call me.

  26. any LDC wants to come delhi from Jaipur and Ajmer. if any LDC is intrested pls contact me at my mob no 8285760704, 9413555188

  27. When all records of central govt pensioner are recorded on Pension PYment orders Issued by Director Accounts of all the department Date of Retirement And last Pay drawn on the date of Retirement And from which grade retired and qualifying service for sanctioning of Pension that is clear from PPOall things how chairman pension an commuter is unable to regulate Option 1 for revision of Pension of PRE2016 pensioners there fore Irequest to revise pension of all Pre2016 pensioners on option 1 and 2 approved By 7th Pay commission and Govt By Notify in Fidget notification on 1 Sept 2016 Ian also A retired pensioner from depttof Post India

  28. Fixing pension at minimum level notional pay in the matrix is not recommended by 7th pay commission.How come you are working out even arrears on these lines with out adding increments earned at the time of retirement. Please clarify.

  29. Why option II calculation is indicated without adding increments in the last grade retired?
    Please clarify.

  30. I have retired on superannuation on 30-6-2015.My basic pay including grade pay was RS.22420/-..What would be my revised pension as on 1-7-2015.

    2.Further i have earned.10 increment in 6th CPC I.e from 1-1-2006 to July’2014 .Please write my pension eligibility as per latest decision

  31. At present Junior Havildar of Army Group Y with 25 years of service is getting More pension ,then Senior Sergent of Indian Air Force of same Group Y with 33 years of service .

  32. Please let me know whether Option 2 be opted by pensioners for fixing the basic pay? If yes, when and how to choose?

  33. Sir, I retired on 01 Apr 2015 after completion of my 30 years service as a Sub Clk. My present basic pension is 11970/- and get net pension is 20948/-pm as per my latest pension (Nov 16). Pl confirm my new pension as per 7 CPC.

  34. sir am i srrved in arty my no is 1258961. ex hav(opr). total service 15.6 yers.sir let me know what in my 7 th pay penson now days my dedail folloews thank you sir

  35. My 6th cpc pension was 14960
    pension drawn from Jan to Jul (6 cpc) was 33660 (125% DP)
    pension as per 7th cpc is 38448-this is being drawn every month from Aug 2016..

    But, as per calculator, it should be 50% of 78800 as per option 1 (for level 12.).; then it should be; 39400. and arrears up to Jul 2016 should be: 5740×7= 40,180.
    Can I claim he difference now?
    What about the increments earned at the time of retirement (31-1-1996), as per 7th CPC Recommendation? Kindly advise.


    Respected Sir / Madam,

    1. I, have transferred to pension establishment wef 30 Apr 2015 on fulfil the terms and condition, after completion of 31 Years & 8 Months of service in the Army. My Basic pension for the Rank of Hony Lt is Rs. 15465/- per month.

    2. It is intimated that the Arrears and Revised Pension @ Rs. 16090/- (Basic) against OROP has been credited in my pension account during the month of Jul 2016, but the same has also been recovered on 30 Aug 2016. I have visited the CPPC Delhi on 01 Sep 2016 to know the reason for the said recoveries. The dealing staff of CPPC Delhi replied that the pensioners whose are retiree after 01 Jul 2014 are not eligible for arrears and revised pension against OROP vide circular No 555 dated 04 Feb 2016.

    3. I want to apprise that arrears and revised pension against OROP to retirees pre 01 Jul 2014 has been released by the CPPC as per circular No 555 dated 04 Feb 2016 and retiree after 04 Feb 2016 are getting the PPO as per revised (Pension) Table of OROP. So,we ask the Govt, what is the guilty of Retirees post 01 Jul 2014, whose are not entitled for the OROP. The retirees post 01 Jul 2014 are getting less pension to pre retiree in the same Rank and same Service, than how can say OROP.

    4. In view of above, all concerned are requested to raise the voice and do the needful to issue necessary instruction / direction by the Govt to release the arrears and revised pension against OROP in respect of retirees post 01 Jul 2014 at the earliest.

    with warm Regards,

    From Subedar Major Clerk (SD) and Honorary Capt Rajbir Singh

  37. I RETIRED ON 31/12/1995, THAT TIME iWAS STAGNATTED FOR 6 YRS, DRAWING INCREMENTS EVERY TWO YEARS Iretired as an zeteed officer in the scale 2000-3500 drawing rs 3800/- at the time of retirement.
    VTH PAY COMMISSION FIXED ME @ 7500-12000 AND Rs 5528/-vith pay commission fixed basic pension 12495/-

  38. Salary different is lot between servings & pensionoers. Commodities rates increase da y to day. Some pension increase necessary.

  39. hope army pensioner will get their pension as per revised rates and as per 7th pay commission report as early as possible?dhanyad

  40. in 7th cpc option 1&2,the option- 1 is not clear my basic pension is 34305 PB-4 GP 10000 increment level 14 the pension should be greater than option -2 multiply by 2.57 different website show different result what is the appropriate calculation. pl let me know

  41. Sir my father basic in 6 pc is 6700 what is the basic pay in 7 pc please give information on mail id ( u regards kaleem

  42. Ever thing is electronically given wide publicity for what? calculators are also not correct. Whenever see their is no software modle. So far most of the department has not even rationalize pensions from 1.1.2006 what to talk of 7th CPC. Orders are only on computer.

  43. I retired in July 2015.My last basic with grade pay was grade pay was 5400 and i was in pay band 9300-34800.can you tell me what will be my new pension and arrears.

  44. My retirement Jun ,30. 2016 my basic pen 8040 pB 5200 to 20200 .so 7thy cpc in how much my pension $ arrears plus send me

  45. Sir, I retired in Nov’2015 in Rly Service in scale of 9300-34800 my grade pay was 4800/- at the time of retirement. BP+GP was Rs. 29940/- the Basic pension was made 14970/- kinxly let me know about my new pension in 7th CPC & arrears also. Thanking you.

  46. Sir, I will be retired from service on 31 December 2016 . As per information given by our office ,the new order for post 2016 has not released by the pension Department . Sir I would like to know when will release the order, there for I can expect the matter please.

  47. Sir I retire in Ocotober 2009 in scale 15600-39100 my Grade pay was 7600 at the time of retirement BP+GP was 36310( 28710+7600) the basic Pension was 18155 kindly let me know about my pension in 7CPC and arrears Thank you very much

  48. R/Sir, As per 7th cpc, my basic pay is rs. 78500. As per 6th cpc, my grade is rs. 15600-39100 with grade pay rs. 6600. What would be my pension suppose I retire on 31.12.2016 ? Please guide me accordingly.

  49. Sir what is family pensioner that who are retaired before 1996 and basic pay 3999 rs in 7th pay cpc please told me..

  50. as per your calculation pension of Subedar group ‘Y’ increase @ 3926/pm and your worked out the arrears as 3926×7= 27482, how ever it should be Rs (3926+5985) 9911×7 = 69377 because Rs 5985/pm Govt has already deducted from our pension which we have drawn wef Jan 16 to Jul 16 Pl re- check. Because the amounted which was commuted at the time of pension can not be deducted twice.

  51. I retired in group B (gazetted) on the scale Rs.7500-12000 & last pay drawn by me was Rs..8750. having drawn 5 increments. I think.I’m entied to grade pay Rs.5400 in PB.2 (notional scale).Kindly enlighten me what would be my pension as per 7 th CPC ?

  52. sir I have retired from rail service on29/02/2016 in gradepay 9300 to 34800 in payband 4800/. my basic pay including payband and gradepay was 26450/ what would be my pension asper7th pay commission.

  53. What about arrears which was announced by PM for OROP only one installment has been recived what about remain. or Kaya yeh be jumla hi tha

  54. What is pension as on date means 7th pay commission for Havildar Group B 18/5 years service what is basic pension in 7th pay commission

  55. Sir I an service with indien army(eme)for 22yrs 28days and retaire 31.03.2011 after 7thpaycommission not issue for any type of arrears and not increase of régular pansion sir please sec and Anwar for this thanks

  56. Sir I an servons with indien army(eme)for 22yrs 28days and refaire 31.03.2011 after7thpaycommission not issueforanytype of arrears and not increase of régulariser pansion sir please sec and Anwar for this thanks

  57. Sir i an army service 22yrs 28days and retires 31.03.2011 after7thpaycommission arrearsis mot issue and mot incrieas of régulariser pension sir Anwar For this please respoand

  58. Sir,
    My father worked as Post Master in Postal Department and Served for 41 Years & retired in 2005 now he is 71 years. Before the 7th Pay commission effect he was getting INR 9,114 now it is increased by INR 2300. but as per the online calculator , he supposed to get INR 23,000 (Approx).
    do you have any answer for this. please respond

  59. My mother ARUNA BANERJEE w/o ABANI BANRJEE had not received any arrear and consolidated pension under 7th cpc when she get the benifits of 7th cpc and what will be her consolidated pension. She gets Rs 11024 as pension on 1st Sept 2016

  60. I don’t have received any arrears or new pension on 31st August 2016 as per central Government orders. What to do now?

  61. Sir my name is Richhpal singh and I retired on Hawaldar jan. 1999 from itbp grade pay 2400 and Revised basic pension is 3500 6th cpc and please tell me my new pension and totel arrier also according to 7th cpc

  62. Sir My Father was Retierd Railway Pensioner he was deid last year my mother recieve family pension total 7500. my father was retired on 31-3-1994 and his basic pension was 2000 and pay garde 2000-3200 so please tell that what was the new familiy pension and arries after 7th pay commision

  63. I had retired from Railway Services on 31-01-2016. My last pay was Rs.20,900/-.+ Rs.4,600/- (GP). What will be my settlement dues and pension ?

  64. I retired as AMC Col on 28 Feb 2006 after serving for 34-1/2 years.
    My pension & areas of prop may pl be calculated as on 01 Jan 16 .
    Also pension & arears of pension as on 01 Sep 16 ( as per 7th pay commission .

  65. Res. Sir,
    Will you please check my pension as I received on 31st August 2016.
    I retired on VRS in Aug 2011 from cen. govt. pay 9300-34800 (4600).
    I recd my pension in July 2016 21803 (11515*125+med.500)-commtt. 4606
    tot recd 21803. Now I think I should get 25488 as 11515*2.57=29594-4606+medical all fixed 500 so =25488 but bank cred 25300 and arr 25604. is it ok pl. Thanks

  66. Sir my name upendra ..and my service pension is 5230 and disiblity pension 1755 and my total pension add to Da in 6th CPC 13580 ..please tell me how much my new pension in 7th CPC and my total arrier also.

  67. sir, my father retired in 2002 and died in 2006. My mother is getting family pension with basic 3500 and a total of 7875 Rs including all allowances. Please tell the amount my mother get after the implementation of 7th pay commission

  68. sir my name is umesh kumar and i was retired on 31 march 2016 with basic pay of 11970 completing 30 years of service . And i got a computation amount of 5985. So now i want to know my arrears amount and basic pay after 7th pay commission

  69. Retired on 30-6-2012:
    Basic pay Rs 62580
    PB-4 (37400-67000) GP Rs 9000
    Pension Rs 31290
    Please tell me what will be my pension on 1-1-2016

  70. My pension on 1-1-16 was Rs. 13876 & hence I should get 35662 Rs. pension as per your calculator. However, I have received message from SBI that my revised pension is Rs. 29717 & after adding medical allowance of 500 & others Rs 8916, I have got 39133 Rs. this month.
    My question is WHY MY PENSION IS ONLY Rs. 29717 INSTEAD OF Rs. . 35662? Can some one explain me please or address this issue of WRONG CALCULATION OF PENSION.

  71. Dear Pensioners,

    All were eagerly waiting for revised pension and arrears this month. Unfortunately, we got the old rate of pension only. Anyway, do not worry, will get next month. I think there may be delay in processing.

  72. Dear Family Pensioners,

    A number of family pensioners have asked that their basic pension was 3000, 3050, 3400, and so on and what is the new family pension. As per 7th CPC, those who are getting basic pension upto Rs 3500/- will now get Rs 9000/-. Col MK Mukherji has simply and clearly mentioned about the revised pension formula on 15 Aug 2016, Please read his post and clear your doubts. I sincerely request you to try to know your basic pension amount, percentage of dearness relief(DR) on basic pension, total pension, amount of commutation deducted from total pension and income tax deducted at source (TDS) if any by Pension Disbursing Bank in future so that you can confirm that you are getting correct pension. Thanks and be aware of the details of your pension.

  73. Col MK Mukherji Sahab, Namaste !

    After so many days of Gazette Notification made on implementation of 7th CPC, you have brought out the facts about the revised pension without any confusion. This will be more than sufficient for the confused pensioners. I have also tried to reply a number of pensioners doubts. I have seen that most of service pensioners(high graders) and family pensioners of both defence and civil service do not know about their basic pension and rate of DR., I appreciate and thank you for the reply to the needy persons. Jai Hind Sir!

  74. sir my father retired in 1998 and died in 2015. my mother is getting family pension with basic 3500 and A TOTAL of 7875 RS including all allowances. please tell the amount my mother get after the implementation of 7pay commission.

  75. sir i am retire31may2012 my disability basic 1995Rs and commuRS998 what will be my board pension 01/01/2016

  76. Sir my father expaid 2011.30.11 so my my mother pention basic 6360.and da add total 14889 solary so new pention tel me how should be my mother after new 7th pay commotion

  77. I retired on 31.7.2004 after completing 33yrs service. My last basic was 10088 (includes 50% DA) My pension fixed at Rs4992/- wef 1.8.2004.I want to know fitment at 6th pay and 7th pay. Kindly post me soon.

  78. sir my father retired in 1993 and died in 2011. my mother is getting family pension with basic 3500 and A TOTAL of 7875 RS including all allowances. please tell the amount my mother get after the implementation of 7pay commission.

  79. Sir i retired from army on 30 jun2004 my basic is rs 3810 and da as per authorized now my pesion basic rs 6665 of service pension and rs 2000 of disability medical board pension . sir what is my new 7th cpc pension and arear.

  80. I know from reliable sources that my pension is reduce from 20202/- to 17070/- as my 6cpc basic pension 10920/-. How is it possible ln this regard. I taken vrs from my service on 1-4-2016.

  81. Sir, i am gng to retire on oct.31 2016 my basic pay in 7th cpc is 52000 what is my pension, graduaty, and commutation pl.

  82. I retired voluntry from CAPF wef 01/02/2012. My Basic Pension Rs. 11770/-, C.V.P Rs. 4708/-, Availed 6 Inc. of 6th CPC upto Jan 2012. What is the benifit of revised pension as per option 2. I was drawing G.Pay Rs. 4800/- under P.B -2. Please inform me.

  83. I am retired on31/1/2007and my pension is fixed rs 15475 in 6th pay commission intimate my pension payable to me as per 7th pay commision

  84. Sir I want to know my mother pension for 7th CPC .basic pension is 14389 DA 17989 .the DA will also include in pension

  85. Retired date 30 Nov 1998
    basic pension-7170 DA-125% in Group Y Service 22 years Rank Naik. Please tell me what will be my pension after 7th cpc….

  86. I took vrs from post department on 5.4.2016. basic pension rs 10740, commutation and gratuity was calculated according to 6th pay commision. How much I get as basic pension, commutation and gratuity according to 7th pay commision?

  87. I retired under vrs on 11-5-1987. Now basic pension 3936/- med 500 D.A. 4920/- TOTAL: 9356/-.

    WHAT WUOLD BEMY PENSION ASPER 7TH pay commission ?

  88. Respected sir,
    My basic pension is now Rs13210 , what will we my pension after 7 pay. I got retired in 2010 from 415 field ambulance AMC … And when will we get this 7 pay.
    Thanks in advance

  89. Sir,i retired on 01-10-2013,and my last drawn pay was 9300+GP 4200 and basic pension was fixed at 8125 and after commutation at 4875.please let me know what will be my basic pension as per 7 cpc

  90. Please furnish my new pension as l taken VRS from my service & my basic pension is 10920. Date of VRS is 1-4-2016.

  91. I taken vrs on 1-4-2016 &my basic pension is10920 please intimate my new pension for fixation after 7cpc.

  92. Respected sir,

    My father retired from Airport authority of India and he now get 6600 pension after commute his pension. Can u please tell me how much pension he will get after 7CPC.

  93. Respected sir, my basic pension5025/asper6th paycommision, and da6282/retaired as h/c,,Gd,from,cisf, at2007 I don’t know how many increments add with, let me know my new pension as per 7th,cpc please

  94. I retiredfrom crpf on 1st march and then commutation and gratuity was caculate to 6thpay commision as per 7th commision how much will i get as arear of commutation and gratuity approxmately my basic 6750 penstion commutation his 2900 in 6thpay commision on that my basic pay his 10750 +2800.

  95. I retired on 1993. My basic pension was fixed in 6th CPC at 6616 and my total pension credited for the month of JULY’ 16 was 18365. What will be my pension (Basic) on 1-1-2016? I am 82 years old retired from dept.of post office.

    Thanks& Regards.

  96. Sir,i retired on 30-11-2007,and my last drawn pay was 38790+GP 8700 and basic pension was fixed at 23745 and after commutation at 14247.please let me know what will be my basic pension as per 7 cpc

  97. Hi go evening sir I am going to retiring in the month of December 2016 present my basic pay in 6th cpc 30360/- in 7th cpc it is going to fix 78500/- in the grade pay is 6600/- so please give me the how much benefit i am going to get and what is the pension basic . thanks

  98. No thought has been given for service and rank and file for grant of revised pension. Such a disparity was never seen in the past inspite of making OROP a point of manifesto the present government relied upon babus sitting in their offices still having nodes of elected members…..No increments have been considered as recommended for service between 17 years and 25.5 years looking flimsy. What is OROP when a 17 years service personal and 25.5 years service personal gets same pension.
    even Lower ranks have been granted more than their superiors. Havildar Group X gets more pension than Nb sub Group Y and also Subedar Group Y. Is it same in officers cadre also for technical and no technical groups Would have better if Havildars of Group X have been promoted to higher ranks like TS (NK) at their retirements

  99. Respected sir, my Mother family basic pension is 4678 on 6th CPC,so tell me how much pension fix on 7 the CPC with DA.

  100. will armed forces pensioners get revised pension on 1 sep 2016? Thre is no orders from PCDA or DESW. Please clarify

  101. I retired on 31.05.2016. My basic was 33160+6600=39760. My basic pension is fixed at Rs.19880/-. My commuted portion is Rs.7952/-. Net pension is Rs.11928. I was drawing salary with GP 6600/-. Now I am drawing total pension with DA Rs.36778/-. What will I get in 7th CPC.

  102. 7 cpc Pension-Dear all Pre-2016 retired friends-I have seen your various posts with regard to most hot subject ie how much will be your pension wef Jan’16. I have gone through various govt communication & news paper articles & also implementation order. Actually it appeared to me very simple & there is no confusion at this stage unless the govt modifies the current entitlement.Just try to understand that your fresh entitlement wef 01-01-16 shall be pension on date x 2.57 – commuted value=New pension. Suppose your commuted portion has been restored then your pension will be Pension on date X 2.57=New Pension.For eg Pension on date is 10,000.00 New pension will be 10,000.00 x 2.57=25,700.00. Since you are entitled one DA from July’16 so you can also add another 2% (ie likely DA) to your pension. Hope this will suffice for the time being. Regds to all-MK

  103. My basic pension is Rs 11420/-. My revised pension @ 2.57 is Rs 29350/+. Commutation value of Rs 4568/- has already deducted from pension of Jan 2016 to Jul ,2016. Pl let me know arrears of pension.

  104. I am retired on 31 Jan 2014. My BP is 10775/- GP 4200/- pb 9300-34000. What is my new pension as per 7th cpc

  105. Sir, I am retired on 31 Jan 2014 my basic pension is 10775, grade pay 4200 and pay band 9300-34000. Now I want to mey new pension as per 7th cpc

  106. I have retired from service on 30-6-16 CAPF my basic pay pension while retiring was 8880 and total amount after deduction commutatin is 16428 what will be my latest pension after 7thpaycommission.

  107. Hony Lt Mohan Singh Sir, Your calculation is 100% correct. You will get 2% DA from Jul 2016 after announcement by Govt in Sep 2016.ok sir.

  108. Mrs Smrithi , since your family pension has been fixed as Rs 4050/-, you will get Rs 10409/- from 01 Jan 2016 as per 7th CPC. This amount of pension you will get in this month and arrears from Jan to Jul 2016 also you will get this month.

  109. Mr Rajamanikkam, Your revised pension will be Rs 30725/- and after deducting commuted portion of Rs 4782, you will get Rs 25,943/- . ok.

  110. Mr. N Parameswaran, You will get Rs 9000/- as pension in this month(Aug 2016) and arrears for Jan to Jul 2016 will also be granted in this month only. Ok.

  111. Dear Bipul, Your mother will get Rs 9000/- as family pension from 01-01-2016 as per 7th CPC. For the month of Jan to Jun 2016, no DA. From Jul 2016 DA will be granted after announcement by Govt. OK.

  112. i retired from army on 1st may and then commutation and gratuity was calculated according to 6th pay commission . As per 7th pay commission , how much will i get as arear of commutation and gratuity approxmately

  113. i retired from army on 1st may and then commutation and gratuity was calculated according to 6th pay commission . As per 7th pay commission , how much will i get as arear of commutation and gratuity

  114. Sir after my retirement my bp was fixed Rs. 7540 and DA is Rs 9426 so what will be my revised pensio please?

  115. My mother army family pension Rs.3500/- and she get family pension before 1/6/2016 and how will get family pension.

  116. Date of Retirement 31 March,1992
    Central civil Services
    in sixth pay commission pay band Rs. 15600-39100+ G.P. 6600, my basic pension was Rs.11331/- commutation Rs.555/- p.m. at the age of 80 years in 2012. My basic pension increased to Rs. 13598/-.What will be my Basic pension in 7th CPC ?

  117. I am retired from railway sevice on 31.01.2016 as chief office superintendent.I am exciting to know about my Pension,Gratuity & commutation value in 7th pay commission. My detail particulars are as follows:-Basic pay:-24260(at the time of my retirement)Pay band:9300-34800,Grade pay:-4600

  118. ANUP SINGH says
    July 23, 2016 at 9:20 pm
    Sir, I am retired on 31.07.2016. I am exciting to know about my ‘PENSION’, ‘GRATUITY’ and ‘COMMUTED VALUE'(40%) in the 7th Pay Commission. My details are following: 1. My Band Pay + Grade Pay (15870+4200)=20070. Thank you –

  119. I have retired from service on invalidation after 14 years of service with effect from 1.1.1983. At present my basic pension is 3500/- what will be the arrears of pension from 1.1.1983 to date. (2) what will be my pension with effect from 1.1.2016.

  120. I have retired from CRPF as civilian wef 1.1.1983. My present basic pension is 3500/-. Please let me know my revised pension wef 1.1.2016 after considering persons retired before 1.1.2006. I also request pension calculation wef 1.1.1983 to date.

  121. Sir, I took VRS w.e.f. 31.01.2016 with Basic Pension of Rs.7045/- in the Grade Pay of Rs.2800/- drawing six increments. As per 7 pc what would be my basic pension and its DA

  122. Sir, I am retire as on 30 June 2009 that time my basic pay 18750/_ and Grade pay 4600. In pay scale 9300- 34800. Please let me know what is the fix of my pension in 7th pay commission.

  123. My mother family pension Rs.3500/- and she get family pension before 1/6/2016 and how will get family pension.

  124. I had retired on 15 jul 2014 from Indian Air Force as a sergeant. my basic pension while retiring was 8350 and total amount after deducting commutation is 14587. what will be my latest pension after 7th pay commission.

  125. Sir I have retired as CHELAR (Chief Petty Officer) ‘Y’ group in Jan 2015 from Indian Navy. My basic pension has been fixed Rs. 9465/_ . And medical basic pension Rs. 3407/_. Pay band 9300 – 34800 with Grade pay 4200. Pl. tell me sir what will be my both service pension and medical pension on 01 Jan 2016 as per 7th calc report.

  126. I took my VRS in August 2014 when my Basic was 26650 with GP 5400(15600-5400).Right now,what will be my pension in 7th CPC.

  127. My name is S.Arulmanickam. I retired on 31.8.2014 in the Pay scale of Rs. 9300-34800 (PB2-4800) in 6th CPC. My original pension is Rs.11955/- as on 1.9.2014. Reduced pension is Rs.7173/- (after deduction of commutted value). Please tell me what is the new pension in 7th pay commission and how much arrears I will get?
    Thanking you.

  128. Dear Sir,

    I retired on 31`-3-2005 while serving in the MES. My basic pension as per VI pay commission is Rs 8300/- Please intmate me my revised pension as per VIIth pay commission.


  129. Sir ,I retired on 30-06-2015 from Fly service. My basic pension fixed in 6th cpc 6460 go 2000
    What will be my total pension after7cpc

  130. There is an anomaly in the fixation of those who are retired on the 6th CPC and those who are retiring in 7 th CPC. The illustration below will explain the position.

    Pay of Mr.X at the time of retirement in Dec.2015 and pension.

    Pay in PB .3 : Rs.25000

    GP : Rs.5400

    Pension in 6th CPC Rs.15200

    Pension in 7 th CPC Rs.39064 say 39070

    Pay of Mr.Y retired in Jan 2016 and pension

    Pay in PB.3 of 6 th CPC Rs.25000

    GP in 6 th CPC Rs.5400

    Pay fixed in 7 th CPC Rs.80000

    Pension fixed Rs.40000

    in the first method it can be seen that two employees drawing same basic pay gets different pension ie., who retired in 6 th CPC gets a pension less Rs.930 than the other assuming he gets no benefit in the second option of pension.

    So there is a need for a pension matrix which should be half of pay matrix under various grade pay or to be fixed on last pay drawn on the pay matrix and then fix the pension (half of pay or as per eligibility) .A plain multiplication of pension x 2.57 will lead to anomaly .

  131. sir
    I have retired as Chief Petty Officer from Indian Navy Retired on 31.7.2000 My last drawn was 6525 with only 7 months in that rank
    Now I am getting pension for previous rank (Petty Officer) kindly clarify whether will I eligible for Chief Petty Officer pension

  132. My name is Amrit,I am Retired person of railway and retired on 28.02.2013,and my payscale is-9300-34800and G.P-4200.
    I want to know my pension according to 7th cpc and as well as arrear.

  133. sir,my husband expire on 8.1.1996,my pay is fixed 4050 in 6cpc.i would like to know my pay in 7cpc,my husband earn 20 increment in his service life.

  134. Retired date-01-10-2010..and my
    Basic pay 6070 or grade pay 2800 in crpf rank- HC/GD pay scale .(5200-20200) GP-2800.please tell me how should be my pension after 7th CPC

  135. Dear Sir
    I have gone through through all the comments & liked it. I want to share my doubts with you regarding increments,pay etc.Sorry I am clueless about pay calculations etc. I want your guidance

  136. Dear Sir
    I have gone through all comments , it is very useful,I would like to share my doubts regarding increments , pay, arrears etc ,claim them.How?


  138. Retired on 30-6-1990. At present drawing Rs 16090 and. Rs 1931 as service and disability pension respectively. Kindly tell me what will be my pension in 7th CPC wef 1.1.2016. THanks a lot.

  139. I am retired on 31 Mar 2014. my pension revised as per one rank one pension. my basic pension as per one rank one pension is 12690/- Pl confirm whether I entitled for 7th pay commission revised pension

  140. I retired on 01 Apr 2014. My pension has been revised on 01 Jul 2014 as one rank one pension. please confirm that my pension will be revised as per 7th pay commission or not?7th pay commission

  141. Sir, I am retire as on 31st january 2013 that time my basic pay 16550/_ and Grade pay 4200. In pay scale 9300- 34800. Please let me know what is the fix of my pension in 7th pay commission.

  142. If basic pension is 12500 in December 2015 and is retired in january 2006.Then what would be the pension for widow in 7th pay.

  143. Dear friends it is correction to my previous comment for fixing the pension for those are retiring after 1.1.2016.
    It is like
    First salary to be fixed in 7 CPC and it is like as given below
    *multiply present basic by 2.57
    ** As per GP fix your pay from pay matrix table.( if multiply value is different and not exactly the value those are given in pay matrix table than take the higher figure for fixing the & CPC basic)
    *** Half of the 7 CPC new basic will be pension in 7 CPC)

  144. Dear friends, I would like to clear few clarifications for pension calculation in 7CPC
    case 1
    Retired before 1.1.2016:
    Know your basic pension fixed (last basic pension/what you are getting now) and Grade pay in pay bands, also how many increments in last grade pay.
    than only correct pension for most of the pensioners can be calculated.
    Example for self: Retired on 30.11.2012, basic pension Rs. 33010 in band 4 with GP Rs. 8900. served five years in same GP mean 5 increments. commutation (40%) Rs. 13204. Mine pension will be calculated in two ways:
    a. Multiply the basic pension by 2.57
    b. fix myself in pay matrix of 7 CPC with 5 increments, than 50% of new basic will be mine other new pension. Out of these two pension which is higher will be my 7 CPC pension.
    Calculation for a. 33010 x 2.57=84836
    for b. as per my GP the my scale start in new pay matrix Rs. 131100 and with 5 increment the basic will Rs. 152000. The pension will be 50% of new basic mean Rs. 76000. Case a is higher so my new basic pension will be Rs. 84836.
    I hope this will solve the few doubts of pensioners.

  145. Why mostly govt servants are not mentioning their basic pension, grade pay and no of increments in last grade pay? only than correct pension can be calculated.

  146. Retired on 30.11.2011. pay band Rs.15,600-39,100. Grade pay Rs.6600/-. what will be my pension as per 7th CPC. please.

  147. I am a regulsr c govt employ from 4 nov 13 on technician A, what will be my full pay and net pay on 7 pay?

  148. The above calculator seems to have some errors.For example For actual pension of Rs 40000/ corresponding to the 6th CPC scale of Rs 80000(fixed), the Calculator does not bring out the correct figure of the 6 CPC pay and correct amount of 7 the CPC equivalent pay . Pension under one option is given as 0 . Another calculator ” with figure asper Cabinet approval” does not contain the the same error.It brings out figures under both option 1 and option 2.Govtempdiary may like to look into this

  149. i have retired during august 2006 my presnt basic pension is 10000 with out commutation what will be my pension in this 7th pay scale

  150. I have been retired from Army on 01 Apr 2015 with my basic pension Rs. 15600/-. As per 7th CPC my basic pension will 15600 x 2.57 = Rs 40092/-. Thereafter commutation Rs. 7800/- will be deducted from basic pension Rs. 40092 – 7800 = Rs. 32292/-. Net pension will 32292/-. Please do let me know whether it is correct.

  151. Sir, I am retired from Army on 01 march 2014. My pension basic was 7780. Commutation amount is 3980. 7 th CPC my new pension basic?

  152. My retirement date nov 17 . as per 7 cpc my basic is 64100.
    35 years service .
    9300 payband 6 cpc
    What will be my full pention at the time of retiremnt

  153. My mother family pension Rs.3500/- and she get family pension before 1/1/1996 and how will get family pension.

  154. Sir,i want to know about comute,what will be treat which is comuted during retirement.My monthly comute is 3613 in my total pension calculation.For example last pension i have received 13483 in my account and comute 3613 total pension is 17096… Pls tell me what about our comute amount…

  155. My retirement date is 31-05-2009. My basic pension is 13 7 70 in the pay band 9300-34800 and grade pay 5400.Kindly let me know the present pension as per 7th pay commission.

  156. I am drawing a basic pension of 36130. I was in PB 4 with a GP of 8700 and MSP of 6000. I retired on 30 June 2007 as Group Captain from Indian Air Force with 33 years of service. What will be my pension in 7th pay commission?

  157. I have retired from Air Force as Master Warrant Officer in GP X on 31 May 2008. My present basic pension is 13590/-.As per PPO my last pay drawn is 16180/-and Grade Pay is 4800/-and MSP 2000/-.Till now I have not got any OROP benefit.I would like to know how much I will get and my basic pension according to OROP,and what is the delay in implementing it to me.Thanking you.

  158. Retired on 31 Aug.2015 in pay band 2 . 9300-34800 grade pay 5400/ increment earned in present scale 8 .pay in band pay 23410 + 5400. Present pension 14405/-what will be my new pension .

  159. I retired as Chairman CBEC of the rank of Spl. Secretary on 31st May 2006 and was in the fixed pay of 80000/- So my pension was fixed at 50% that is . 40000/-with DA.
    What will be my new pension…? There is no scale of pay or in my case..

  160. The revised pension in respect of those pensioners who retired on or after 1.1.2006 (consolidated pension as on 1.1.2006 in the case of those retired prior to 1.1.2006) will be 2.57 times of existing basic pension. In other words, the hike will be 32 % of existing basic pension.

  161. Sir, I had retired from Army in the rank of Subedar on 30 Sep 2014. My pension not increased under OROP scheme till date. Where as all pensioners pre 01 Jul 2014 retirees are getting increased pension under OROP Scheme. I asked the reason from PCDA (Pension), Allahabad. They have intimated that no Govt Orders have been received for post retirees from 01 Jul 2014. Please intimate reason.

  162. SIR,My 6cpc Basic pennssion is Rs.9598 Howmuch i get in 7cpc .in which method matix or 6cpcx2.57 and total arreres up to june 2016.
    ihave to consider 26,000 or 24,667 as pention in 7cpc, pl.Reply.

  163. I am Principal Scientist with a grade pay of Rs. 10000. With 5 increments in this grade I get a pension of Rs.83600 while my colleague how could not get a promotion to Principal Scientist gets with a grade of Rs.8900 gets a pension of Rs. 108300. As a Senior Scientist he can not get more pension than a principal Scientist with a grade pay of Rs. 10000. How it will be regulated?

  164. Sir, I am retiring on 31.07.2016. I am exciting to know about my ‘PENSION’, ‘GRATUITY’ and ‘COMMUTED VALUE'(40%) in the 7th Pay Commission. My details are following: 1. My Band Pay + Grade Pay (15870+4200)=20070. Thank you –

  165. Sir, I am retiring on 31.08.2016. I am exciting to know about my ‘PENSION’, ‘GRATUITY’ and ‘COMMUTED VALUE'(40%) in the 7th Pay Commission. My details are following: 1. My Band Pay + Grade Pay (16540+4600)=21140. 2. My increment month is July. I also want to know that there are any extra facilities in pension for person with disabilities. Thank you –

  166. My father retired on 2009, but the OROP is not implemented to him till now. but there are pensioners who already implemented with their OROP…kindly intimate why this delay in implemention of OROP and on what basis the implemention has been done…

  167. My mom’s family pension basic is Rs.7995/- , how would I know number of increments earned in service of my dad. Expired in feb 14 2009. He served for 28 yrs 9 months. Grade pay 4200

  168. The 6 th PC scale of Rs 80000/(fixed) has had no grade pay nor increments from 01012006.Justice demands that thepensioners under the grade as on 01012016 be granted 50%of corresponding 7th PC scale of Rs 225000/

  169. Sir, I retired from Army on 28 Feb 19191 (AN). As per OROP my basic pension Rs. 7693/- has been fixed. Please intimate my present basic pension as 7th pay commission.

  170. I retired on 31.03.2012 .Basic pension as per 6th CPC is 15650. grade pay is 6600. Pay band is 15600-39100.I got promotion in 2009. So no of increments I got is 3. kindly tell me what will be my pension in 7th CPC

  171. My father basic pay is 3500 he took vrs on the year 2005 and what he get the 7th cpc pension salary.

  172. my basic pension is 7300 and retd in July 2011. presently drawing 12900/- what will be my new pension as per 7 pay commission. still OROP is also not implemented to me. please advise.

  173. I took VRS on 04/08/2006 after serving for more than 33 yrs. I was in Pay band 37400-67000, with grade pay of Rs. 8900.00. My B.P. on the day of retirement was Rs. 55210.00; my pension was fixed @ Rs. 27605.00.

    What will be my pension after 7th CPC.

  174. I retired on 28-3-1993. My basic pay was 4700 in the scale of 3700-125-4700-150- 5000 at the time retirement. My basic pension was fixed in 6th CPC at 14960 and my total pension credited for the month of May 16 was 40392. What will be my pension (Basic) on 1-1-2016?

    Thanks& Regards.

  175. Main concern for pensioner is how to calculate commuted pension. Generally all employees have commutted their pension. While 7th pay commission have generalised the formulae by multiplying their old pension with factor 2.57 and suitable adjustment by their matrix table. Yet how much their new pension is commuted w e f Jan 2016. If 40%of new pension is commuted their take home pension is less than earlier pension. Also question arises also how much commuted pension will be given as a rear and paid the amount.
    Earlier the commuted formula for employees 33 yrs of service was as under:
    ( 40% of old pension ) *12*8.194

    It is hoped the same formula for new commuted pension will apply. The exact amount to be paid as commuted pension will be by deducting earlier commuted pension arrears. Readers may clear Any doubt to be clarified on my email I’d Jagpal

  176. My basic pension as on 01-12-2008 was 9220/-, on VRS, Grade pay 4600/- in the pay band 9300-34800, totol service rendered 36 years above.

  177. I retired on 30th June 2006 from CG civil service after more than 34 years f sevice. My basic pension was Rs 14280 with comuted amount Rs 5712.
    My basic pay was fixed in 6thcpc
    withRs28560 in pay band Rs9300-34800 and grade pay Rs5400.What will be my basic pension in 7th CPC.

  178. VII CPC pension calculator is not working.

    Basic pay in VI CPC Rs.8570/-
    Retired between 1-1-96 to 31-12-2006.
    Last pay scale Rs.5500-175-9000.
    Number of incriments 12.

    Will you pl. calculate my pension for VII CPC ?

  179. What is this? 7th CPC Pension calculator does not work. I fill my data, but does not expose result. Is this government website ?

    My basic pay wa Rs.10442/- in VI CPC.
    I retired between 1-1-96 and 31-12-2006.
    My last pay scale was S 12 6500-200-12500.
    Number of increments were 14

    Pl. calculate my pension in 7th CPC.

  180. How pension for pre2006 retired guardsand drivers pension will be fixed by giving 55% running allowance to maintain parity with post 2017 retirees.Please guide us.

  181. Sir i am retiring on 31.8.2017. I am exciting to know about my “Pension” and “Gratuity” in 7th pay commission. My details are following:-

    1/ My present Basic pay+Grade Pay (14380+4600) is 18980
    2/ Increment month is “Jul”

  182. what will be my pension in 7th paycommission for defence. I have retired as Hony Capt wef 01 jun 2016.

  183. sir, I retired in oct. 2015 PB IV. GP 10000. Pension was 33440 with 11 increment. what will be my pension on 1.1.16

  184. sir, I retired oct. 2015 in PB IV. GP 10000. Pension was 33440 with 11 increment. what will be my pension on 1.1.16

  185. I retired from service on 30th June 2010, after putting in more than 33 years service.Basic Pay on my retirement was Rs 55180+Rs 16295( N.P.A.)+Rs 10,000,Grade Pay .Basic pension fixed was Rs 40,738.Increment was due on 1st July.Pension commuted was Rs 16,295.
    What will be my Pension as on 1.1.2016
    i. Do I get any benefit of having completed 11months in scale and not getting increment
    ii Rate of D.A. on pension fixed as on 1.1.2016. Do we get D.A.announced on 1.1.2016 in the new scale.
    Thanks n Regards

  186. Sir,
    If a retiree completes service of 6-11 months after getting his last increment(before his retirement) are we going to consider one additional increment for that additional service period as a bonus point. This will be more beneficial for those who remain in the same grade for years together i.e. 6 years or even more.
    Please consider this point and do the needful.
    viz. A person retires on 31/03/2010 after remaining in the same grade for 6 years or more, and his last increment date was 01/06/2009- he completes about 10 months after getting his last increment( and was short of only 2 months for getting the next increment); are we going to add one more increment in his case?
    This is very crucial point and must be paid attention to.
    Pl. consider this point in positive sense.

  187. Retired date-01-06-2009..and my
    Basic pay 8310 or grade pay 2400 in crpf rank- HC/GD pay scale ..PB-1(5200-20200) GP-2400.please tell me how should be my pension after 7th CPC..

  188. My basic pension is 12685.
    I m retired on 30 June 2012.
    My retired pay band is 9300- 34900
    Grade pay 4800
    Please tell me about my pension according to 7 pay commission

  189. Bainisri Basumata says 3rd July 2016 I retired on 28.02.2011 after serving a net qualifying period of 34 years 5 months 28 days. My pay band was 9300 – 34800. My last pay and grade pay was 24840. My basic pension was fixed at 12655. Kindly inform what will be my pension on 7th pay commission. With regards.

  190. I am retired in 1999 march after complition of 23 years as a xgp sub my present basic pay after orop 11615. what is my basic psy as per 7thcpc

  191. I Retired in 1999 march as a xgp sub my present basic pay after orop 11615 what is my basic pay as per 7th cpc

  192. I have retired on 31-3-2016
    My pay scale was 37400-67000
    and grade pay 10,000 i.e. 68670
    pl. let me know my arrears as per 7PC
    and retirement benefits if any.

  193. sir i am retired on 1 May 2016 after 20 yrs & 5 days in ACP HAV rank so please detail of my new pension.

  194. I retired on 31.3.2016. what will be my pension. I completed 12 years of service on my superannuation.

  195. I’am Ravi C.V ,retired from army on 31st july 2005 . my rank of naik (TS) total service is 17 years .my basic pension before OROP was Rs 5665 after OROP is Rs 7170 now what is my new basic pension as per 7th pay commission

  196. I retired on 01 Jan 2011. My pension was fixed at Rs 12420/-. Now as per 7th CPC, how much will be my pension ?. I further want to know if any portion of amount of commutation which was deducted from originally sanctioned pension (ie Rs 12420/-), will it be deducted now on increased pension or not ?

  197. I retired on 30/9/12. MY basic pension was 6500/p.m in5200-20200 scale with grade pay 2800/ .Commutation was availed to tone of 40%.WHAT WILL BE MY PENSION as on 1/7/16.

  198. sir I am retd in defence in 2001 my basic pay 7170.currently 7pc my pension amount please sir

  199. Retired on 31-08-2009 in scale Rs.9300-34,800/- Grade pay subsequently revised as Rs. 4600 (after retirement). I was working in E.Rly. Fairlie place. Kolkata-70000l as Supdt.Typist. Pension drawn through Bank. According to Bank’s sms on 27th June’2016 Rs. 18,334 has been credited in my pension a/c. Kindly help me in getting the actual amount of pension including DA please.

  200. I am retired on 31-12-2008 in the grade pay of 760/- in the pay band 15600-39100 .Basi pay at the time of retirement 32610/- The pension was 16305/- After 40% Commutation 9783/- I would like to know my fixation in option I and option II. Thanks

  201. I have retired on 31-01-2015, my basic pension was fixed at Rs.10535/- out of which 40% was commuted and the balance was Rs. 6321/- and D.A. is given to me on Rs. 10535/- and drawing pension at Rs. 19,490/-.What will be my basic pension in seventh pay commission?

    With regards,


  202. I have retired on 31-01-2015, my basic pension was fixed at Rs.10535/- out of which 40% was commuted and the balance was Rs. 6321/- and D.A. is given to me on Rs. 10535/-.What will be my basic pension in seventh pay commission?

  203. I am retired UDC from Directorate of Field Publicitiy , Min. of Govt. of India ,Chandigarh on 31.10.2012. Pay scale was 9300-34800+4200 pay last drawn was Rs.18410.00. Present pension for June 2016 is Rs.17,030.00

  204. Dear Sirs,
    I am a family pensioner, Present pension 9600
    What is my new pension
    What is the other benefits.

    Jharna Guha Niyogi

  205. Sir, I retired from service in September last basic pay drawn was Rs.12575/-in pay scale 8000- 13500. As per vith cpc my pension was fixed Rs.14137/-. What wellbeing my my new pension as per 7the cpc?


  207. Do the calculation take into account that pension cannot be less than half of salary mentioned in par matrix at index 1 ?

  208. I retired on 31/7/15. MY basic pension was 18000/p.m in 15600-39000 scale with grade pay 7600/ .Commutation was availed to tone of 40%.WHAT WILL BE MY PENSION as on 1/7/16.
    rakesh grover

  209. Sir
    I was rtd on 31052005 as on nb sub my basic is 8934 on 6cpc with orop now what is my basic pay on 7 cpc

  210. i retired on 31 . 12 . 2007. At time of retirement my basic pay was Rs 25330 including Rs 5400/ grade pay, in the pay band of 15600-39100 and grade pay was 5400. My basic pension was Rs 12665 / commutation Rs 5066/ after commutation pension remains Rs 7599/ and D A Rs 15832/ ,thus i am getting total pension Rs 23431/. Pl let me know what will be my pension as per 7thC.P.C. report

  211. i retired on 31 . 12 . 2007. At time of retirement my basic pay was Rs 25330 including Rs 5400/ grade pay, in the pay band of 15600-39100 and grade pay was 5400. My basic pension was Rs 12665 / commutation Rs 5066/ after commutation pension remains Rs 7599/ and D A Rs 15832/ ,thus i am getting total pension Rs 23431/. Pl let me know what will be my pension as per 7thC.P.C. reort

  212. My retired in April 2013 in scale15600-39100 and my basic pension fixed at Rs20325 in grade pay Rs7600.What will be my pension as per7th cpc

  213. Sir
    My basic pension Rs 6065 as on 01/12/2010 after 22y6m service ,the PB was 5200-20200-2800
    PSE tell me my present pension and arrears fm 1/16 to 7/16 pse

  214. I am drawing unmarried daughter pension (as I am not married/unemployed) my basic is 4407/= plus DA and fixed med.allowance getting 10400/= what I will get after 7th p.c?

  215. I am a family pensioner my basic 5800 with DA 13050.grade pay 2400,after 7cpc what will be my pension

  216. Please multiply your basic pension by 2.57 you will get the amount of pension recommended by 7th cpc. There is a rumour that the figure of 2.57 may be revised upward to 2.70.

  217. I retired on superannuation w.e.f. 30.06.2012. I was drawing Rs. 22900 (18100+grade pay 4800)before I retired and my basic pension was fixed as Rs. 11450. What would be my basic pension in the 7th CPC. Will there be any change in the commuted value of pension amount that was already drawn?. Kindly reply is requested.

  218. Dear Sir, I am Shanmugham, retired from service on 30_01_2008.At the time of my retirement,as per the 6 cpc my pay band/ scale Rs.17010. Grade pay Rs.4600. Pension sanctioned Rs.10835.Average Pay.21478.I request you to kindly let me know the new pension and arrears please.
    Thank you with regards


  220. sir i am retaired as havildar y gp from artillery on 31st march 2001 now my basic pension is 7586 after implymentation of orop what will be my pension after 7th cpc no 8872447072

  221. Sir,
    The 7th pay commission for pensioners is very low multiplication factor 2.57 after decade it is not justified. Further in 6th pay commission multiplication factor 1.86 is not implemented though Union cabinet approval notified. If present govt. ignore justification by increasing multiplication factor 3.4 pensioner has to suffer and there is no change in full pension after 10 years

  222. I retired on 30th June 2006.My Basic Pension is ₹16835 and Grade Pay is 6600. What would be my pension?

  223. Sir
    I am retired 1 febba 2006 present. My basic pansio Rs 4675 ofter 7cpc how many basic pension

  224. I am S M Lakshmi Nirmala my husband died may 2006 now my family pension is 13000 gross i do not know the basic what would my pension after 7th cpc

  225. I am getting 13000 total idont know the basic pay iwant to know how much iwiil get according to 7th commission

  226. Sir.i am retired on 31 jan 2007. Rank sub maj hony lt. gp y. as per 6 cpc bp 15465 after orop 16090 .pay scale 15600-39100. gp 5400. total service 32 yrs. increment Nil.what is my pension after 7 cpc thanks


  228. Sir, I retired on 31/5/94 at the age of 58 years and 15 days. On 1/1/06 my basic pension was fixed at 22,270. I turned 80 years of age on 15/5/16 and increment of 20% is applicable to me because of age, which I have started getting paid partly in the pension payment of May 19, 2016. I was a Superintending Engineer in UP PWD in a Selection Grade ad had earned 3 increments in the selection grade. I am trying to find out what my revised pension will be on 1/1/16 and 1/6/16? Kindly assist me. Thank You.

  229. Sir me 623273K Excpl B Sehar instrument fillter GroupI , write to your good selves to kindly let em know my pension details along like basic pension and DA etc.

    thanking yoru SIR in anticipations.

  230. PAO-DGET of Min. Of Labour my Pension Disbursing Office fixed improperly my Basic Pension at Rs.5110 on the basis of lower scale of pay. Upon judicial order it was modified to Rs.5320 without following directions of CAT-order. Consequently upon 6CPC revised pension Rs.12024 does not conform to statutory provisions. I apprehend deprivation in 7CPC pension also.

  231. May i request pao(or)to give a entitlment pension chart in respect of jco or to releve from anxity and tension. To say nearly 80 percent ex servicemen are unaware of their entitlement. He couldnt findout any wrong fixation made by the disbursing authority.

  232. My Father retired on Sep-2012. His PPO got revised after that and as per the latest PPO his basic pension stands for Rs. 10385 with the revised GP of Rs. 4600 and 1 increment.

    Please tell me what will be his revised pension as per the 7th Pay commission process for CG pensioners.

  233. Govt standing committee has now recommended to increase the minimum pay of Rs 24,000 as against Rs 18000 recommended by the 7th Pay Commission . Will this affect the pensioners?

  234. sir my husband retierd on 30 april 2001 after serving 36 year at indian airforce as grp c civilian employee he died on2003 now Iam geting family pension rs 8375 and basic pay is rs 3500 what will be my new pension according 7cpc

  235. My father retierd on 30 Apr 2001 and after his death on 2003 my mother is withdrawing 3500 as basic and all total 8375 what will be her new basic pay and grand total

  236. In case of pew 1997 retire they get initial pension 1163 then 3518 and as per 6th CPC 8336 which again refix for 10701 wef 24.9.12 and as per OROP basic pension foxes 11150 Now as per 7th CPC pension be fixed on 11150 or 10710. It it again fix on 10701 then where is OROP please intimate basix pension as per 7th CPV for Sub Gp Y service 24.5 months

  237. SIR, I retired as Air Customs Superintendent I. G.I. Airport New Delhi
    on 30/09/1993 Presently my basic pension is Rs.10380/- and grade pay Rs.4200/- what will be the the amount of pension I will get as per 7th pay Commission

  238. I am retired as AIR CUSTOMS IGI AIRPORT New Delhi
    Presently my basic Pension is Rs.10380/- what amount pension I will get as per 7th Pay Commission

  239. test calculation from 12/2006 my kindly be supplied. My Pension is 10240. With Option 2 it is to revise at 40600 by considering my contin ued service as Asstt for 20 years thereby earning 20 increments.

  240. sir my basic pension in orop 12690 and how much pension we will be get in 7th pay commission.

  241. My husband is retired on 31-05-2003 and expire on 05-12-2005. I am getting family pension as per vi cpc basic Rs. 5628. What is my Basic Pension after vii CPC. Please tell.
    Thanking you.

  242. sir
    i am retd sa a lt mns from defences in 2002.
    that time my basic pension was Rs 3273+da
    thaen i got pesion 7398+da.
    i want to know how much i will get in orop &7th pay cpc
    please do need full
    how iwill com to know

  243. Sir,

    With regards i retired on 31 Dec 1999 as a Sgt x group how much arrears is calculated pls inform me and the amount per instalment.thanking you.

    P Mohanty

  244. I retired as subedar group y. my present pension is rd 12268 pm. kindly tell but will be my pension as 7cpc.

  245. I am Central Excise & Customs, Retred Tax Asstt as on dtd.31_01_2013. My Basic pension Rs. 6630/_ DA. My grade pay Rs 2400/_ please my new pension

  246. I retired on 01 Jun 2006 in group X as Subedar. My Basic pension is 13225. Please intimate how much my pension will be after 7th pay commission.

  247. Sir , my discharge date (VRS) is 31 Jul 2016. I have completed 16 years 06 months as Havaldar in Indian Army. My basic is 11380, GP- 2800, .After retire how much pension I will drawn?

  248. qualifying service now need new calculator based on last basic pay at the time of retirement.fitman table ie –50%of:-basicpay x1.86+gp is,correct or not above any one pls clarifyme. thank you.

  249. In the above calculations, the 40% commuted amount needed to be consider for final pension to receive in hand.

  250. gurjeet singh retired from army rank rect.10.10.1994
    sir my basic pension 3500/-and orop 5230
    so 7cpc my basic pension mention plz..

  251. My NAME IS P.V
    2011 AND MY BASIC PENSION IS ₹10550/- &

  252. I have retired on 31-10-2014, my basic pension was fixed at Rs.12605/-What will be my basic pension in seventh pay commission?

  253. Sir, That issue of delinking qualifying service 33yrs now how to refix all those pensioner who are bellow the 33yrs service new calculator & fitman table as per their 10 month avarage pay.My basic pay at the time retirement rs6060/-(avarage ten months) what is my pension revised fitman table ie 5200-20200+gp2400 -6060×1.86+2400 /2:-=rs6836/-pl tellme correct ornot &what is myrevised pension. thanks

  254. Sir. I took V.R.S. IN THE YEAR 25/04/2016. MY BASIC PAY WAS RS. 22800 under PAY grade RS.4600/- & PAY SCALE RS. 9300- 34800 average EMOLUMENT WAS FIXED AT RS 22492. WHAT WILL BE MY PENSION IN 7TH PAY. COMMISSION. Please reply.

  255. Sir,I Retired on feb 2009 and my basic pension is 9990 and pb 2 – 9300-34800 and gp 4200 my total service is 39 years now how much pension i get as 7th cpc recemendation.

  256. my pay band in 6CPC was Rs. 15600-39100 and GP was Rs.6600. drawn 3 increments upto July 2011 and retired on 31.12.2011.what will be my basic pension as per 7 CPC.

  257. Immediate payment would be based on 50% of the last drawn salary. Calculating point to point pay/pension on highest post and increment I think takes time. Merging of some scales in 6 CPC gave rise to a lot of confusion, should not carry over to next CPC.

  258. I retired on 30/9/94as SUB INSP got promotion only for three months and got only one increment in that scale whereas I served s ASSTT SUB INSP for 26 years as per recommondation of pay commission there will be very much difference in may pension. According to the calculation as proposed by pay commission my pension will Rs 18543/ whereas if I would not got promotion my pension would be 31400/-. From this it clear that there is net diffrence of Rs 12857/- would Govt is also considering this fact.

  259. Sir ihavecompleted 26years of services IAFas b.p7995orop what will be my7cpc b.p2016thankas exsgt.s.ganguly

  260. Sir,
    I am a family pensioner.presently my 6th pm basic is Rs.4887/- and + I get Rs.977/- Aproximately as 20% of basic for attaining the age of 80 yes + 119% DA + medical for nonCGHS. = total in bank Rs.13202/ .
    Sir, what could be my total family pension on implementing 7th pm birthday is 20-02-1931

  261. Sir,
    I am a family pensioner.presently my 6th pm basic is Rs.4887/- and + I get Rs.977/- Aproximately as 20% of basic for attaining the age of 80 yes + 119% DA + medical for nonCGHS. = total in bank Rs.13202/ .
    Sir, what could be my total family pension on implementing 7th pm recomendations

  262. Sir,I am service in army(MRC)invalid out from service 31.12.1989. my total service 6years 5month 5 days. I am getting service element only.because my disability is less then 19%. my basic pension is after orop 6015.sir please tell me after 7th CPC my pension is how much. my mobile no 7868036710. thanking you.

  263. sir,i am family pensioner(defence)drawing 8800/- basic+DA .How much it will be in 7th pay commission.

  264. Sir, I am invalid out from service 31.12.1989. And I am getting only service element after orop basic pension 6015. please tell me after 7th CPC my basic pension, and to tel pension is how much. Thank mobile no 78680 36710.

  265. Sir,
    I retired in January 2013 and my basic pay was 25,580/- in the pay scale of 9300-34800. What would now be my pension fixed in 7th CPC. Kindly advise if I have to opt for, if there is any option given.

  266. Sir,
    I retired in January 2013 and my basic pay was 25,580/- in the pay scale of 93-34800. What would now be my pension fixed in 7th CPC. Kindly advise if I have to opt for, if there is any option given.

  267. Sir,
    I retired on 29-2-2004 with the last Basic pay of Rs 7775 in the scale Rs 5500-175-9000.
    My last 10 months average pay was Rs 7740
    My basic pension for 25 yrs Q.S was fixed at Rs 6893

    In the 6 CPC the scale was Rs 9300-34800 with grade pay…4200

  268. Sir,
    I retired on 29-2-2004 with the last Basic pay of Rs 19550 in the scale Rs 16400-450-20900-500-22400.( This is UGC/AICTE scale)
    My last 10 months average pay was Rs 19190
    My basic pension for 25 yrs Q.S was fixed at Rs 7269
    Later I was allowed 30 yrs Q.S
    The B.Pension fixed at Rs 8723
    In the 6 CPC the scale was Rs 37400-67000 with GP of Rs 10000
    The pension wef 1-1-2006 was fixed at Rs 21546 for 30 yrs Q.S
    As per the revision delinking Q.S for pre 2006 pensiners my B.P will be Rs 23700.

    My doubt is how will my B.P be fixed as per 7 CPC in option-2 ( how will I calculate my increment in previous scale as this scale does not exist in 6 CPC) – the alternative one is Rs 14500-450-22400 with G.P of Rs 10000
    For my basic pay of 19550 in the old scale I have 7 increments in UGC scale or !!.22 increments in 6 CPC scale. Which o should I consider? Please advice.
    Thank you

  269. Sir
    I am ex servicemen retirement on 01 Apr 2006 at the time of pension basic Rs 6445 and improvement of basic OROp Rs 7693 and 7th CPC taken calculation of the pensionRs 6445 or Rs 7693

  270. Thnks for your calculator for which all are know their pension.My one question to you that pre-retire06. many orderissue by pwp &recently dt 6/4/16 delink 33yrs qualifing service now my pension revised as order before implemnt 16 pension. iretired on 31/5/2002 at basicpayrs.6100/-my pesion was2342/-after 6thpension 5294/- .what was my pension after revised preretiree06 of order dt 6/4/16.pls clarify

  271. I retd as subjects clerk gp B now Y my basic pension as per 8336 thereafter we’d 1.9.2012 improve and fixed 10701 and as per OROP fixed to 11150 what is my basic pension as per 7 cpc

  272. Sir may I know where we should read your reply.I could read only queries from different people asked from you.Thanks ishall wait for your positive response with suitable reply.

  273. I, Army No. 14230086y Hav Kankan Banerjee, retired from Army on 31 May 1995. I have received arrears for pension from Jan 2006 to 2012. But how much arrears will I get, I do not know. My group was A, service total 16.

  274. Sir I got my second acp in dec2011 in
    Gp 4600 and got one increment and retired in mar2012 for pay fixation in pay matrix ,for pensionery benefits increment on retiring level I have to count only one increment or the entire 6 th cpc 6 increment kindly clarify please

  275. I retired in July 2010 in the scale 9300-34800 with Gde pay of Rs.4800. In July my basic pay was Rs.24440 including Gde. Pay. In 2008 I got MAC promotion and was given Gde.Pay of Rs. Rs.4800 from 1.9.2008. As such, my Basic Pay was Rs.24440 including Gde.Pay. Could you please inform me through e-mail about my pension as per 7th CPC.

  276. There are several old sepoys in the army those who could not get any kind of promotion even they qualified. those who had retired after full filling the condition of
    service 17 and 18 years. I requist you to give them at list time scale promotion or waitage as possible i also requist you to take necessary actions.

  277. Hai sir, I retired from IAF on 31-07-2000,as Sgt. My scale was 4320 – 85 – 5595 and basic fixed with two increments I.e : 4490.
    Now I am drawing 14,133 every month.What will be the new OROP fixation?and what is my scale VII CPC basic pension ? And monthly how much will be my Pension?

  278. I have retired on 31.8.14 from ESIC, My basic pension Rs.11,025/-(Pay Band:9300-34800; GP:Rs.4600/-And after commutation, pension is: Rs.6,615/-). As per 7thpc, I am getting less pension.after commutation than what I was getting in 6thpc…which needs clarification…

  279. I was retired on 1997.At present my basic pension is Rs.8114/- What will be my basic pension on 1.1.2016.

  280. The new implimented orop’s calculation is totally wrong.According to my openion and
    requist check properly last 10 years.then easily can find the fault.

  281. Dear sir/mam
    I am medically board out from indian navy on 24th February 2014. In navy I was a artificer apprentice(AA) And now getting pension. My ppo no is 09/97/B/SE/0012/2014. My basic pension is 6235. Please tell me about my pension after 7th CPC.

  282. Hi my self D.ojha rtd . after 16yrs as sgt X groups in year 1990wef 01/12/1990. I have received orop frist arear let me know about my new orop basic and total pension. Also what will be the pension after 7pay commission.

  283. I got regiment as PO after completing 15 years active service in the Navy in july 1996 and am drawing service pension at the rate of 5301.kindly let me know what will be my basic/consolidated Pension as on today under OROP? Just let me know what will bemy enhanced Basic/Consolidated pension according to 7th CPC and from when it will come into force.

  284. I am a sepoy I have served in the army for 18 years, after full filling the conditions of service i have retired from service w.e.f.31st jan 1982.My medical category was’ Aye’
    all the 18 years of service as well as my charector was exemplary. My educational
    qualifications as passed sse 10th,1st mapreading and 1st grade in trade.
    but I am very sorry to state that I could not achieve any kind of rank due to there
    was no vacancies in my trade. I requist you to take possible action like sepoys.
    thanking you in anticipation.

  285. My pension was fixed at 9790 as 1.11.2004. the corresponding scale was 9300+4800. According to new ruling by HC my pension should be 50% 0f (9300+4800) 7050+ DR. As per calculator for pre-2006 it is 10022. I drawing less pension.Pl. inform by Email whether I am write in calculation or otherwise

  286. I have retired on 1-1-1994 on voluntary retirement. At that time the post I was holding had the grade 2200-75-2800-100-4000. When I retired I was given the basic pension of Rs. 1965/ before commutation. In the VIth CPC mine was fixed as 12630 as my basic and 5400 as Grade pay. What would have been my pension in the 7th CPC

  287. Respected Sir / Madam
    I Bijender Singh Retired from Indian Air Force on 31 Jul 2007 as a Sergeant from Group “Y” .
    Now I want to know the Detail of OROP and 7th CPC respectively each, the benifits.
    The fixation criteria of OROP pension and new Pension as per 7th CPC.
    I hope a positive response from you on my mail id-
    Thanking You and regards.

  288. I took voluntary retirement after serving for 21 1/2 years in April 1997. Would my pension be adjusted pro- rata based on no of years of service under option two?

    Hope to receive some response on email id

  289. my basic pension without commutation is 10000
    i have retired august 2006 what will be my revised pension

  290. In Tamil Nadu government the Pensioner’s spend major Medical expenses. The part of expenses barred by the Government. Hence these type of scheme implemented Central Government the aged people get some say of relief. Not only medical expenses but also the tamilnadu government has given Rs.50,000/- for Funeral expenses

  291. Sir I am ex-insp from Crpf I have vr wef 01.09.2011, my basic pension is 9500. As per 7th CPC how
    Much pension will be increase.

  292. I am balbir singh was retired in 1998 March & Did 22year job as hawldar now i am geting 14600 Pension per month.tell how much increament will given after 7th pay comission.

  293. GCChattopadhhyay says

    Ex Nb Sub/Clk Gurbachan Singh
    I am Invalidment of service due to disability 01/07/2007 my basic pension is 9110/- as per 6th pay commission and my disability pensionis 4100/-

    Pleas intaimate after OROP my basic pension and disability pension.

    Thanking you

    ExJC-693311P Nb Sub Clerk Gurbachan Singh

  294. M.R.Venkateswarulu
    i retired from Food and Nutrition Board, Min. of WCD. as Demonstration Officer
    Grade-I on 31.12.2016 with Pay scale Rs. 9300 – 34800 with Grade Pay Rs. 5400
    I served the Dept. for 35 years. Basic Pension fixed is Rs. 13955.and residual Pension is Rs. 8373. What would be my pension as per 7th pay commission.

  295. Earned 20% of the Basic Pension after compating 80 Years. How to calucate the
    Revised Pension. Is it 20% of the Revised Pension after 7th Pay commission.

  296. Hello sir/mam,
    My father joined as a LDC in Income tax deptt. in 1976 after clearing departmental exam he became inspector in income tax and in 1990 he was promoted as Income tax officer. In 2002 my father suffered from some kind of mental illness and he stopped going office,after some days he was alloted a post of tax recovery officer , he joined that post for some days but stopped going to office .Then in 2004 he was transferred to some other city as an ITO but his mental condition was not good and my family asked him to take VRS but in 2006 he was given compulsory retirement with pension approxx. 8000 Rs which was very low and today his pension is around 14000 rs. which very low for an IT officer. my father’s juniors get more pension than him why so?? what should we do know ?? we dont know about these things. why his pension is very low ?? can anyone help us ??
    It is written in ppo-
    last pay drawn =22000(approx)
    pay band= 9300-34100, 6th pc
    grade pay = 5400
    service years = 23yr (approx)
    please reply me on my email Id
    Thank you.

  297. Sir I retired from Indian Army on 1st Apr 2008 as a Hony Lt,as per 6th cpc my basic pension is 15465, what is my basic pension in 7 th cpc

  298. I retired from Ministry of Defence as F/M(G) on 31 July 1996.
    My present basic pension as per 6th CPC is 12,286/-with usual DA of 119%
    During retirement my basic pay was Rs 11,500/- in the scale of Rs 7450-225-11500
    with the grade pay of 4600.
    Kindly let me know what shall be my new basic in 7th CPC?

  299. I retired on 1st July 1996 as F/M (Gazetted) in the Ministry of Defence. My basic pension in 6th CPC is Rs12,286/- What shall be my new basic pension in the 7th CPC.?

  300. Sir now my pay is 9830 and grade pay 2400 as per 7th pay,my basic pay will be 32000,my retirement from Indian navy on step 2016 what will be my pension

  301. My basic pay is Rs 35070/-. grade pay was 8000/- and MSP 6000/- I retired on 01 February 2016.What will be calculation in 7th pay commission. please reply

  302. My basic pension as per orop 7550. I retired from indian navy on 30.09.2007. My payscale was 5200-20200 gp 2800. Earned increment 5. What will be my basic pension aftet 7cp

  303. My basic pension as per orop 7550. I retired from indian navy on 31.07.2008. My payscale was 5200-20200 gp 2800. Earned increment 5. What will be my basic pension aftet 7cp

  304. Dear Sir,
    I was retired form service on 31st Dec 2000, as Peety Officer form Navy.
    as per revised pension letter w.e.f. 1/7/2009 my basic pension is 4840.
    pl. let me know the what will be basic pension in OROP/7CPC.

  305. 6th CPC had clubbed two old scales 4100-5300 and 4500-5300 This resulted same pension for both in 6pc If it is possible to do justice now then 4500 scale may be given
    higher pension than 4100-5300

  306. I was retired on 30 th April 14 as a Officer Surveyor..& at the time of retirement my Basic Pension was 12,960 Gp 4800, what will be my new pension.

  307. Please clarify how to calculate number of increments as per option 2 for revision of pension as per 7th CPC recommendations.
    I retired on 31-5-2006 .
    I was granted 1 stagnation increment on1-1-2006 before fixation of my pay under vi cpc weft 1-1-2006.
    My basic pay at the time of retirement was 32980.
    My basic pension is 16490 as per vi CPC.
    Kindly calculate the number of incremeets earned for revision under option-2.

  308. When I took VRS my basic pay was 25990/- and my GP was 4800/-but after taking VRS my senior scale fixation letter has come as 15600-5400/-.and fixation would be from01/01/2012. Now am getting pension 23700/-After commuting 40%.Please calculate my 7th CPC pension.

  309. I retired on Vrs in August 2011 with basis pension 11515 50% of 23030 with. 4600 grade pay included in 23030′ now getting 20112 pension including 500 medical allowance. Now pl calculate my pension under 7 pay commisson report please.thanks

  310. my pension has been reduced from 3500 to 2033 being 14yrs 5month 28 days govt
    service in the grade of 1200-2040 while i technical resigned to join CAB in June 89
    and absorbed there immediately as direct recruit with the permission of my competent
    authority. . Is it correct to reduce my restored basic pension from 3500 to 2033 after 8 yrs of paying @ 3500 pm and then reduced to 2033+DR on 3500. Any
    one may calarify this decision taken by my previous office is correct. Now PDA is deducting Rs 1700 pm from pension for last 26 months

  311. I’m exserviceman retired on 01 feb 1996 in Nk(gd) rank after 17 yrs 05 months and 28 days of service.
    My basic pen is 5671/-as per 6cpc.
    Please info me my pension as per 7 th cpc.
    Thanking you.

  312. Sir My basic pension 8491 + Da 119% .Retired from 31.08.2005 as a Manager II ESIC. Please let me know my pension as per 7th pay commission.

  313. Janak Singh

    Sir I was retired on Nov 2011as ACP Nb Sub. My besic pention is 10029as per 6th CPC.Now what will be my besic pention in 7th CPC.

  314. I am an ex Hony Flt Lt, retired on 31 Jan 2012. There is no mention of Honorary Offrs scales/ pension in the contents.
    1. My present basic pension fixed is Rs. 17485/- which is more than a normal Hony Capt/Flt Lt because of my increments in previous ranks. In OROP recommendations also, I do not have any benefits due to the above higher fixation.
    I would like to know my new basic pension as per the 7th CPC as per my presently drawn pension.
    2. I am also drawing disability basic pension of Rs. 2070/- PM (life long). What will be my new disability basic pension as per 7th CPC.

  315. Sir, I retired from indian army . Retired on 31 Mar 2014. Retired rank Hony capt. My basic pension as per OROP Rs 16201. My GP Rs 5400. What should be my basic pension as per 7th commission pay recommendation.

  316. My basic pension 8100 +Da 119% .Retired from 31.01.2005 as a OS /1 from Railway service. Please let me know my pension as per 7th pay commission.

  317. I retired from Indian Army on 31July 2014 My Basic pension 11970 and 119% da pl Inform my pension orop and 7pay commission recommendation

  318. Sir, I retired from army on 01 Jul 2008 as Sub. my basic pension is 11970. What will be my basic pension after 7th CPC?

  319. Sir, I retired from army on 01 Jul 2009 as hony basic pension is 16090. What will be my basic pension after 7th CPC?

  320. 7th Pay Commission recomandations are applicable for post 2006 family pensioners..
    present my basic (family pension )is 4770 …pls tell me my basic in 7th pay commisiion

  321. I am retired govt of India group of Gazetted officer. Date of retirement 28-02-2005 as Director Ministry of MSME .
    My initial D.O.J govt of India services is 9th Oct,1963 and the services are without any break .
    kindly intimate as to how much will be my pension considering OROP also

  322. Sir,

    I am retired on 31/07/1999. That time my basic pension was 1647/-
    What is my new basic pension as per OROP.

  323. I am retired from Army after completing my 28 years service as Nb/sub on 1April 2012. Now my basic pension is 10675.

    What should my pension after 7th pay commission.

  324. I voluntary retired in1994 FM b.s.f as sub inspector now iam getting basic pension 5727 what should be basic pension in 7th CPC..

  325. Thanks for the arrangements for calculating pension as per 7th cpc. I am anxiously waiting for govt orders for revision of pension as per CAT judgement.

  326. Sir, Thanks for the Calculator to give true position for 7th CPC . Kindly ask the government to update the calculator for revision of pre-2006 pensioners on the basis of judicial pronouncements of CAT/Delhi High court Judgement dt:29/4/2013 and further in confirmation by SLP No.23055/2013 and No.36148-50/2013 giving compliance to office Memorandum No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 30th July 2015 as pension of all pre-2006 retirees needs to be revised as per Resolution dated 29-8-2008 as per fitment table annexed to OM No.1/1/2008-IC dated 30th August 2008 . It would facilitate the implementation of 7th CPC recommendations and will reduce the work of revision. A required master data should be available with the CPAO for implementation if not available uploading should be completed by the concerned PAOs of the concerned department without any delay.

  327. I retired on 31.12.2011 from Forest Survey Of India while my grade pay was Rs.6600/- which was effective from 01.02.2010 enjoyed two increaments and retired at pay ( pay at payband+ grade pay)=Rs.27490/-. What shall be my pension in 7th pay commision as on 01.01.2016?



  330. I retired on 31-03-2009.My last pay drawn basic was Rs 30190/- Basic pension was Rs 15095/- Pay band is 15600–39100 (6 PC) Grade Pay -6600/-

  331. My basic pension is 15230.00 on 01.01.2006. & i retired on 31.01.2004 what will be my revised basic pension.

  332. I voluntarily retired on 06 -10- 1993 in the pay scale of 4500-150-5700 + NPA 950 with average emoluments for pension of 6232.49. and a basic pension of 2409/-. 6th cpc fixed my basic pension as Rs: 17812/- with pay band 37400 – 67000 and grade pay 8700/- and I am presently drawing a total pension of 39009/-. What will be the pension following 7th. CPC?

  333. My basic pension at the stage 5567 i retd 01.01.2001 my pay scale and increment leval show please.

  334. I retired from army on completion 32yrs of service as a hony Lt on 1st jul 2009. My basic pension was R’s.15465/-pm. What will be my basic pension after 7th CPC?

  335. Mr. Harshad Mandani,
    Number of increments earned in the retiring scale = Basic pay drawn at the time of retirement – Min pay in the pay scale / Rate of increment
    But i do not know how they take care of otherpay like charge allowance, spl pay ort pers pay which at present is treated as part of basic pay for pension

  336. My basic pay is Rs/-12030. I retired on 31st August 2006.What will be calculation in 7th pay commission. please reply

  337. Asper last col. “Number of increments earned in the retiring level” This numbers are to count from starting of pay scale or fron the stage at which pay fixed on promotion in respective pay scale? This leads some ambuigity.

  338. Date of retirement 31/01/2011 basic pension 15205 in the scale15600-39100 band pay 23810 &gr.pay6600
    Earned increments calculated from 15600 plus 6600*3% to 30410 ie more than 10 &less than inform my pension as on 01/01/2016

  339. Pls my pension 31/1/2016
    I am come pension 31/10/2003
    My basic pension 5567.+ 119 % DA.
    So pls my orop pension & service much.

    My Disability pension 20%
    How much Disability pension is new.

    How much Arriars

    My pop no S/051447/3003
    15 Armd regiment .Ahemadnagar (M/R)

  340. Is it not necessary to deduct the commutation value after multiplying the present basic pension with 2.57?

  341. I retired from Indian Navy on 2 July 1973 after 15 years as yeoman of signal( now known as petty officer signal)
    During those days pay scale was very less.
    At present my basic pension is Rs.5200.
    What should be my basic pension as per 7th pay Commission recommendation.

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