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What is Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS)?

The MACP Scheme for Central Civilian Government Employees is in supersession of earlier ACP Scheme. Under the MACP Scheme three financial Up-gradations are allowed on completion of 10, 20, 30 years of regular service, counted from the direct entry grade. The MACPS envisages merely placement in the immediate next higher grade pay as given in Section I, Part —A of the first schedule of the CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2008, in case no promotion has been earned by the employee during this period.





From which date the MACPS is effective?

The MACPS is effective w.e.f. 01.09.2008 or on completion of 10, 20 & 30 years of continuous Regular service, whichever is later. Financial up gradation will also be admissible whenever a person has spent 10 years continuously in the same grade pay. (Para 9 of OM dated 19/5/2009)


Who are entitled for financial up gradation under the MACPS?

The MACPS is applicable to all Central Government Civilian Employees.


What norms are required to be  fulfilled while granting the benefits under MACPS

The financial up gradation would be on nonfunctional basis subject to fitness in the hierarchy of pay band and grade pay within PB- 1. Thereafter, only the benchmark of Good’ would be applicable till the grade pay of Rs.6600 in PB-3. The benchmark will be ‘Very Good’ for financial up gradation to the grade pay of Rs.7600 and above. However, where the financial up gradation under the MACPS also happen to be in the promotional grade and benchmark for promotion is Power than the benchmark for granting the benefits under MACPS as mentioned in para 17 of the Scheme, the benchmark for promotion shall apply to MACP also. OM. No. 35034I312008-Estt(D) dated 01/11/2010


Whether Pay Band would be changed at the time of grant of financial up gradation under



OM No. 35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) dated 09/09/20 10


Whether the  promotions in same grade would be counted for the purpose of MACPS?

The financial up-gradation under the MACPS is in the immediate next higher grade pay in the hierarchy of recommended revised pay bands and grade pay as given in CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008. However if the promotional hierarchy as per recruitment rules is such that promotions are earned in the same grade pay then the same shall be counted for the purpose of MACPS.


How will the benefits of ACP be granted if due between 01.01.2006 and 31.08.2008

The revised pay structure has been changed w.e.f. 01.01.2006 and the benefits of ACPS have been allowed till 31.08.2008. Hence, the

benefits of revised pay structure would be allowed for the purpose of ACPS. (OM No. 35034/3/2008-Estt. dated 9.9.2010).


Whether adhoc appointment would be counted towards qualifying service for MACPS

No. Only continuous regular service is counted towards qualifying service for the purpose of MACPS. The regular service shall commence from the date of joining of a post in direct entry

grade on a regular basis. ( Para 9 of the MACPS)


Whether State Government service shall be reckoned for the

purpose of MACPS


No. Only regular service rendered in the Central Government’s Department/Office is to be counted for the purpose of MACPS, as the Scheme is applicable to the Central Government Civilian Employees only. ( MACPS , Para 10)


What are the periods included in the regular service?

All period spent on deputation/foreign service, study leave and all other kind of leave, duly sanctioned by the competent authority shall be included in the regular service. ( Para 11, MACPS)


How is the MACPS to be extended to the employees of

Autonomous and Statutory Bodies.

Procedure prescribed in OM No.35034/3/2010- Estt(D), Dated 03/08/2010 would be followed by the administrative  ministries/Departments concerned for extension of the MACPS to the employees of Autonomous and Statutory Bodies under their control.



Whether the cases of grant of financial up gradation allowed

under the ACPS between 01.09.2008 and 19.05.2009, the date of

issue of the Scheme are be reviewed?

Yes. Since the benefits of ACPS have been discontinued w.e.f. 01.09.2008, the cases settled between 01.09.2008 and 19.05.2009, in

terms of previous ACP Scheme shall be reviewed.


Whether the past continuous regular service in another Govt.

Deptt. in a post carrying same grade pay prior to regular appointment in a new  Deptt. without a break shall be counted

towards qualifying regular service for the purpose of


Yes. (Para 9, MACPS)


Upto what grade pay the benefits MACPS under the is allowed?

The benefits of MACPS are being up-to HAG  scale of Rs.67000-79000/. (DOPT’s O.M.No.35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) Dated 24.12.2010)



How the cases of prer-  vised pay scales (Rs.5000-8000 &

Rs.5500-9000 and Rs.6500-10500 & Rs.7450-11500) merged

w.e.f. 01.01.2006 are to be decided under MACPS?

The cases would be regulated in accordance with para 5 of Annexure-l of MACPS. The Ministries/ Departments are expected to re organize cadres and frame common RRs for the

post in merged scales.



Whether ‘Non-functional Scale’ of Rs.8000-13500 (revised to grade pay of Rs.5400 in P8-3) would be viewed as one financial up gradation for the purpose of MACPS.


Yes, in terms of para 8.1 of Annexure-l of MACPS dated 19.05.2009.



Whether ‘time bound promotion’ scheme including ‘in-situ

promotion scheme can run concurrently with MACPS.


No. (Para 13 of MACPS)


Whether Staff Car Driver Scheme can run concurrently with MACPS


DOPT vide O:M. No.35011/03/2008- Estt.(D),30/07/2010 has extended the benefits of MACPS to Staff Car Drivers as a fall back






Whether the placement of erstwhile Gr. D employees as Staff Car

Driver, ordinary grade, would count as a promotion?

No. The model RRs for Staff Car Drivers provide  deputation/absorption as a method of appointment for erstwhile Gr. D employees . The placement as staff Car Driver is not in the hierarchy hence the same would not be counted as promotion under MACPS. The regular service for the MACPS would be from the date of appointment as Staff Car Driver.


Whether designation,  classification or higher  status would change on

account of financial  upgradation under


There shall be no change in the designation, classification or higher status on grant of financial upgradation under MACPS, as the upgradation under the Scheme is purely personal and merely placement in the next higher grade pay. (Para 16 of Annexure-l of MACPS refers)


If a financial upgradation under the MACPS is deferred due to the

reason of the employees being unfit’ or due to departmental proceedings, etc. whether this would have consequential effect on the subsequent financial upgradation.

Yes, this would have consequential effect on the subsequent financial upgradation, which would also get deferred to the extent of delay in grant of financial upgradation. (MACPS, Para 15)


Whether the stepping up of pay would be admissible if a junior is getting more pay than the senior on account senior on account of grant of financial upgradation under  MACPS.

No stepping up of pay in the band or grade pay would be admissible with regard to junior getting more pay than the of pay fixation under MACPS. (Para 10 of CM dated 19/5/2009)


Whether the regular service rendered by an employee if declared

surplus in his/her organisation and appointed in the same

grade pay or lower grade pay shall be counted towards the regular

service in a new organization for the purpose of MACPS

Yes. (refer para 23 of Annexure-l of MACPS)


In case of transfer including unilateral transfer own request, whether regular service rendered in previous organisation/office shall be counted along with the  regular service in the new organization for the purpose of MACPS.

Yes. OM  dated 01/11/2010

No. 35034/3/2008-Estt(D)


If a regular promotion has been offered but was refused by the employees before becoming entitled to a financial upgradation under the MACPS, whether financial upgradation shall be allowed to such a  Government servant.


If a regular promotion has been offered but was refused by the Government employee before becoming entitled to a financial upgradation, no financial upgradation shall be allowed and as such an employee has not been stagnated due to lack of opportunities. If, however, financial upgradation has been allowed due to stagnation and the employees subsequently refuse the promotion, it shall not be a ground to withdraw the financial upgradation. He shall, however, not be eligible to be considered for further financial upgradation till he agrees to be considered for promotion again and the next financial upgradation shall also be deferred to the extent of period of debarment due to the refusal. (Para 25 of MACPS)


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  1. mkaur says

    i join service on 17.4.1986 i got 1st acp in august 1999 pay scale of 4000-6000 and protmotion as udc on may,2004 now my g.p is 2400 iam completed 20-years on april,2006 now in macp what is my next g.p from which date



  3. Anupam Giri says

    Extra-ordinary Leave without MC, which is duly sanctioned, will be counted in Regular Service i/c/w financial upgradation under MACP ?

  4. RC Vishwakarma says

    Respected Sir,

    I joined as Attendant in Central Govt. Autonums Body, IIT Kanpur in the Basic scale of Rs. 210-290.

    After completion of 8 years service get first Assessment from 1.4.1991 as an Attendant (same post) in the Basic Scale of Rs. 3050-4590 (Now revised in 6th pay commission revised 5200-20200 with GP Rs. 2000.00)

    After completion of nine and half years service get LDC post through open selection w.e.f. 25.10.2000 in the same pay scale of Rs. 3050-4590 (Same basic pay on the post of Attendant).

    I am still working in the same pay scale of Rs. 3050-4590 w.e.f. 1.4.1991 more than 20 years, but does not consider any assessment/upgradation.

    I have already completed 20 years service on 31.3.2011 in the same pay scale of Rs. 3050-4590. (Now revised in 6th pay commission revised 5200-20200 with GP Rs. 2000.00)

    Therefore I humbly request to you kindly give my query’s.
    Am I eligible for next upgradation under MACP Scheme.
    (Under MACP three upgradation will be award entire service?

    Please what is our next upgradation date?

    With kind regards,

    RC Vishwakama

  5. Asoke Sengupta says

    Joined in Railway in 1983 in scale 5000-8000/-. Promotion in next grade in 5500-9000/- which have merged with 5000-8000/. Promotion in next grade 2000 in scale 6500-10500/- GP4600/-. On 01.09.2009 GP changed to Rs.4800/-(1st MACP)
    Please tell me am I entitled to get next MACP in GP5400/-as I have already covered 10yrs. service from 2000.

  6. Mrs. Sahni says

    IJoined as LDC on Dec.1979, Changed the cadre & Promoted as Steno grade D in Nov.1981. In May 1985 promoted as PA. Granted personal insitue as PS in December 1999 and regularised as PS in February 2007. Please clarify after changing the cadre if I am eligible for MACP as I will covered 30 years of regular service in Steno Cadre.

  7. Mrs. Sahni says

    I had Joined as LDC on Dec.1979, Changed the cadre & Promoted as Steno grade D in Nov.1981. In May 1985 promoted as PA. Granted personal insitue as PS in December 1999 and regularised as PS in February 2007. Please clarify after changing the cadre if I am eligible for MACP as I will covered 30 years of regular service in Steno Cadre. Please clarify

  8. M Singh says

    I joined as LDC on 17.9.1977 promoted as UDC on 1.1.1986, promoted as Assistant Sept,1997. I am officiating ( on adhoc Basis) as Section Officer since 1.4.2008 and retiring in the year 2012

    My Junior also joined in 1977 in my Ministry. He was junior upto Assistant But he also got his pormotion on adhoc basis as Section officer in Sept. 2007 (on account of reversion) and retired in October 2009
    1. Kindly Tell me whether I will get/entitled the benefit of modified MACP as I completed 30 years of Service in 2007 and also completed ten year service as Assistant in 2007

    2 In 2nd case kingly kindly tell me whether, a case of stepping is made out with reference to Dopt rule Junior could not draw more pay then senior. In case it not, the junior would draw more pension also.

    Your kind advise is appreciated
    Yours faithfully
    Mahender Singh

  9. aravind kumar m says

    if any employee is losing financial benefits due to wrong options of pay fixation, can he opt for revision.

  10. mohd shameemuddin aziz says

    my regular service is from 24-1-1992 but some personal problem i have unthorized leave for 5 months it become eol. then i apply for study leave for 2 yrs from 1-10-1998 to 30-9-2000.the study leave was sanctioned on loss of pay i.e (EOL). but i discountinued study and joined on 28-8-1999. sir pl inform me my study leave can regular service include. thanks.

  11. Jitender Singh says


    Pl clarify, whether the emps recruited under direct recruitment’s by Command HQs without obtaining prior ‘NAC’ from Army HQ on their recruitment but have successfully completed their probationary period of 2 years and confirmed in service on approval of Command HQs, are eligible for the benefits of new MACP scheme?.

  12. ajay kumarajay kumar says

    i have joined railway protection force as sub inspector and after training on 14.01.1996 my date of appointment declared on29.01.1997.i have promoted as ad-hoc inspector on 12.11.2006 grad pay rs 4600.our next promotion is assistant security commissioner grad pay rs promotion will be effect on1.8.2004 if my court case over.when i get acp and what will my grade pay under macp ?

  13. prasad says

    I have joined AIR in the year 1987 as LDC and got promotion in the year 1998 as UDC. In the year 2004 I took inter-zonal transfer and reverted as LDC and accordingly my pay got stagnated in LDC scale at 4590. Now I have completed 25 years of service and my Grade pay is Rs.2000/- only. Is it correct according to DOPT rules and clarifications. Please comment.

  14. umesh says

    I joined as Sub-Inspector in CISF(MHA) in 1987 and promoted to the rank of Inspector in 1996 in 6th CPC, I was put in Grade Pay of 4600/ and subsequently I was given Grade Pay of Rs.4800/ in Sept. 2008 under MACP. What is the latest progress at DOPT level to remove this anomaly as the MACP is less beneficial for us as we in CISF(MHA) are having delayed promotion and” hope to get the 3rd MACP benifits which we are supposed to get at 2nd ACP”

  15. sivakumar says

    As on date persons who got acp III on completion of 30years of service and granted Grade pay of 5400 are enjoing all entitlements that other promotees who are promoted to 5400/- like Air travel/TA DA etc.,Is there any new DOPT order resticting entitlements in r/o the officiLS WHO GOT Grade pay 5400/- under acp iii

  16. says

    I am a direct recruit Assistant since June 29, 1974. I was promoted as Section Officer in 1991. After completion of 24 years of service I was granted 2nd ACP in the pay scale of Rs.10,000-Rs.15,600 (Now PB-3 with a grade pay of Rs.6,600/-) with effect from 9.8.1999. I did not derive any benefit (notional or actual) from NFS which was introduced with effect from 03.10.2003, in which SOs with 4 years of service got pay scale of Rs.8,000-Rs.13,500. Hence, NFS is not applicable to me as I was drawing a higher pay (Rs.10,000/-) in a higher pay scale (Rs.10,000-Rs.15,600) from an earlier date (9.8.1999). Please confirm that I am eligible for 3rd MACP, effective from 01.09.2008, in the PB-3 of Rs.15,600-Rs.39,100 with a grade pay of Rs.7,600/- in terms of DOPT’s circular No.35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) dated 9.9.2010. Kindly clarify/reply early. Thanks,

  17. S.Mukhopadhyay says

    The date of enlistment in Railway Protection Force as Constable is 04.11.1995, the date of passed out from training June 1996 and the date of appointment is 26.08.1996 (Although our batch mates posted at other place was treated their appointment in June 1996). I have got promotion of Asstt. Sub Inspector on out of turn basis under Rule 72 of RPF Rules 1987 & joined as Asstt. Sub Inspector from 27.07.2007. I have not got any ACP or MACP till now. When shall I be entitled for MACP ?

  18. Bhagvan singh says

    Sir i m employee of CPMF want to differ my date of granting 1st MACPS up to two years i.e date of upgradation of post. Due to upgradation of post order issued by the dept after issue of macps order.

  19. Honorary Naib Subedar Vijai Kumar says

    I, No 2879637W Honorary Naib Subedar Vijai Kumar have served in Army in Group ‘Y’ as Infantry soldier and retired on 31 October 2006 (A/N) with an Exemplary character. Please intimate me I am eligible for MACP and alos intimate which type of benefit are entitled to me on acceptance of MACP (MODIFIED ASSURED CAREER PROGRESSION SCHEME ). Best regards, Vijai Kumar

  20. surender kumar dagar says

    i had joined delhi police dept. on 14-01-2003 as a constable (executive) and technically resigned from the service on 23-06-2009 (A/N) as i had been selected in delhi prison dept. as an assistant superintendent and joined this dept. on 24-06-2009 (F/N) in a higher pay scale. now am i eligible for MACP…?

  21. Atul Kumar Gupta says


    Sir, I am direct recruit as Scientific Assistant since March, 1983 in pay scale Rs.4500-7000 and subsequently promoted to Senior Scientific Assistant in January, 1994 in pay scale of Rs.5500-9000. After completion of 24 years of service I was granted ACP in March 2007 in the pay scale of Rs.6500-10500 (Now PB-2 with grade pay of Rs.4200/-) my GP was fixed Rs.4200/- from 01.01.2006. Vide DOPT Estt D section clarifications the benefit of ACP would be allowed in respect of isolated cases due between 01.01.2006 – 31.08.2008 where pre revised scales of 5000-8000, 5500-9000, 6500-10500, 7450-11500 have been merged into single grade pay of Rs.4200/- w.e.f. 01.01.2006. Please confirm that I am eligible for financial up gradation under the ACP and should be allowed grade pay of Rs.4600/- and 4800/- in PB-2 due between 01.01.2006 – 31.08.2008 in terms of para 5 of Annexure-I of MACP dated 19.05.2009. I was further promoted to a gazetted post of R.O. (Training) on January 15, 2010 in PB-2 pay scale of Rs. 9300-34800 with GP Rs.4600/-. What should be my Grade Pay at this level ? Now after completion of 30 years of service in the same organization what will be my Grade Pay in my 3rd ACP due in March 2013? Kindly reply quickly for the same. With Kind Regards
    Dr. Atul Kumar Gupta, MSc, PhD.

  22. Dr Poonam Lathar says


    I have joined in Feb 2013, as Manager(Marketing & Trade) at National Medicinal Plants Borad, Department of Ayush, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. The said post is a Class I, Group A, Gazetted post. The selection was made by UPSC, and it fall under PIII + 6600 grade pay. I did not get any clarity on the promotional plans/ next grade pay, for this post. Plesae advise if I will be entiled to get the next grade pay after 4/5 years which is applicable for Class I posts or not. If not, then after how much time I would get next graade pay.
    With kind regards
    Dr Poonam Lathar

  23. c.p.sharma says

    R/sir/madam, I joined inUniversity Of Hyderabad{central university} in march 1986 in pay scale of Rs.1400-2300{pre-revised,4rth pay commison}.I selected in next position in pay scale of Rs.5500-9000 in Jan.1990 through open selection. In April 1995,I got technical scale of Rs.6500-10500 in the same position.In 1.9.2009 my grade pay fixed in Rs.4600. Please tell my correct pay band and grade pay which are permissonable to me as per MACP rule.I will be very thankfull to you,if I get information in my mail in short time. thanking you, C.P.Sharma,Asst.Horticulturist.Hniversity Of Hyderabad

  24. says

    I have joined as postal assistant on 1.4.1987 in Rs.975-1660/- scale . I got promotion as Inspector on November 1995 in 1400-2300/- scale. In 6th CPC my scale is 9300-34200/-+ G.P.4600/-. I got 2nd MACP on 1.9.2008 in 9300-34200/-+ GP 4800/-.
    When will be my 3rd MACP ?

  25. mahesh says

    The official who had joined the on the post of LDC. lateron being appointed to the post Steno ‘D’. Thus changing the cader will allowed upgradtion under ACP scheme by ignoring the posts held by them in the different cader. Point of doubt is as to whether the previous post held/promotion got in different cadre shall be ignored or counted for grant of Macp to such officials.

  26. j t murthy says

    My date of appointment is 14/3/87 and received ACP wef 09/08/99 to grade pay of Rs.4200/-. I promoted (first promotion) to the Grade pay of Rs.4800/- directly on 17/4/2006 as passed SAS Part II exam. Since I have received only one promotion in entire service, I am eligible for MACP 2 wef 1/9/08 ( on completion of 20 years of service and only one promotion received). Please confirm it is correct or otherwise.

  27. RAMESH KUMAR says

    I was deferred for the 1st acp, whether i would be defferred for 2nd & 3rd macp. please reply on my e-mail

  28. shafiq ahmed says

    I am working in government organization in a post of driver and complete 10yrs of service I want to change my cader and shift to LDC post. Is there any rule for changing my cader if yes please reply on my mail id

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